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Words Used As Different Parts Of Speech Lesson No 1


Words Used As Different Parts Of Speech Lesson No 1

Following words used for as adverb,preposition,verb,ajdective ,noun,pronoun,interjection,conjunction:

Use of But

Adverb. — It is but (- only) wrong to prepare in IELTS exams with wrong methods.
Conjunction. — They worked hard, but did not do well in essay writing.
Relat. Pronoun. — There is no one but she prepares only for IELTS exams.
Preposition. — None but (= except) the 9 bands in IELTS deserve the government level sponsored immigration.

Use of Down

Verb. — Do well in IELTS academic exams.
Noun. — He has watched all facts and figures of ielts exams.
Preposition. — Really ielts preparation made me stand up for applying skilled base immigration.
Adjective. — IELTS examinar scolded very beautiful girl.
Adverb. — Up went the “Rilaph”.

Use of Either

Conjunction. — He must either work or starve.
Adjective. — Either bat is good enough.
Pronoun. — Ask either of them.

Use of Else

Adjective. — I have something else for you.
Adverb. — Shall we look anywhere else ?
Conjunction. — Make haste, else you will miss the train.

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Use of Enough

Noun. — I have had enough of this.
Adjective. — There is time enough and to spare.
Adverb. — You know well enough what I mean.

Use of About

Preposition. — There is Something pleasing about him.
Adverb. — They wandered about in sheepskins and goatskins.

Use of Above

Adjective. — Analyse the above sentence.
Preposition. — The moral law is above the civil.
Noun. — Our blessings come from above.
Adverb. — The heavens are above.

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Use of After

Conjunction. — We went away after they had left.
Adjective. — After many hours shall write an essy on him.
Preposition. — He takes after his father.
Adverb. — They did well in graph writing soon after.

Use of All

Adverb. — He did all but required bands did not come out of IELTS English Grammar.
Pronoun. — All spoke in his favour.
Noun. — He lost his all in speculation.
Adjective. — All exams of IELTS are difficult.

Use of Any

Adjective. — Are there any good score in English Grammar?
Adverb. — Is that any one who can do well in English paragraph writing?
Pronoun. — Does any of you know anything about it?

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