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Why Get an English Tutor in Singapore?


The younger generation in Singapore and its inherent deep rootedness in the ‘Singlish’ culture, social media, and dependency on video platforms for “information” find it difficult to master the proper use of the English language in school. This is ironic for a country where almost 99% of its citizens communicate in English rather than their mother tongue. However, many of the younger generation prefer to use slang English in their daily communication to the point that this can manifest in school in the student’s assignments and essays. Although in reality, learning the intricacies of English grammar can be difficult, all of the above mentioned does not help students master the English language. Thus, many parents are encouraged to find an English tutor in Singapore for their children.

The struggle with English is a bit different from the struggle with other subjects

As mentioned earlier, it is ironic that Singaporeans who communicate in English have to struggle to do well in their English subject in school. One of the main reasons probably is, unlike subjects like science and maths, with English, there is no right or wrong answer with the language exams. For instance, in maths, students are taught specific problems and formulas for geometry, algebra, etc. But, with English, the topics are wider-reaching and more general. A student may be good in algebra but poor in trigonometry. But a student can’t be strong in nouns but weak in pronouns.

Why is the English language so crucial for Singaporean students?

  • English is still the country’s main medium of communication
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Beginning in kindergarten up to university and through adult life, English is the sole medium of communication, teaching, and education in Singapore. This means that mastering English is a must for all citizens.

  • English is the key to learning other subjects

Most of the subjects in the Singapore education system require extensive and logical writing in English. This includes subjects like geography, psychology, literature, history, and economics.

  • English is mandatory in all exams

Students cannot move on to university in Singapore unless they pass their A-Level General Paper (GP) and O-Level English.

Some students do need an English tutor in Singapore

Students with a good command of the English language will help so much more especially at the secondary level. It may even give them a huge advantage in most of their subjects. Unfortunately, while some parents agree in getting a private tutor for maths or science subjects, some are reluctant to invest in private English tuition for their children. This is because some parents think that English is an easy subject compared to the sciences and numbers.

This thinking can be a costly mistake that may take years to uproot if allowed to fester starting at the elementary level. As children advance, parents might realise too late that their kids are unable to fully comprehend many topics and subjects because of poor background in the English subject at school. A strong learning of English aided by excellent private English tuition can give any student a huge advantage in school learning and for the future.

The advantages of getting private English tuition

  • One-to-one instruction – This focused attention of tutor-to-student brings value to all lessons that are often overlooked in a crowded classroom environment. The study and learning are at the student’s pace, with a focus also on strengthening weaknesses.
  • Adaptive pace – Each student is unique and should learn and gain at their own pace and time.
  • Individualised learning and maximum learning – Private English tuition is not a one-size-fits-all approach to learning similar to classrooms. It focuses more on the sections or topics that the student is struggling with. This achieves results and this can be seen in the gradual improvement in the student’s test scores and grades.
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The number one tuition agency in Singapore

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