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When Messi became furious with a coach and an assistant


There is a lot of gossip that surrounds dressing rooms where some of the best players in the world are a part of. Lionel Messi is no exception. In fact, it has been alleged that he has been responsible for the sacking of many coaches. However, obviously there is no way to corroborate such information. Currently, 1xBet is a popular betting site that features all matches where Messi plays.

However, there is an episode that was confirmed by one of Messi’s teammates in the Argentine national squad. There was an occurrence when the player was absolutely furious with the coach of the team and his assistant. This was simply the symptom of a squad that was completely torn to pieces, and it was reflected in the poor performances delivered by the team. At 1xBet, which is a popular betting site, fans can take advantage of great wagering chances on the Argentine national side.

Preparation for the 2018 FIFA World Cup

It is always assumed that Argentina will qualify for each edition of the FIFA World Cup. However, there are a few qualifiers where the team has more difficulties than expected. The website can be visited at any moment to wager on said qualifiers.

Argentina was having a lot of problems on their road to the 2018 FIFA World Cup. In fact, the federation decided to replace the coach late in the qualifiers in order to finally secure a spot in the tournament. The new coaching staff was composed by:

  • Jorge Sampaoli as head coach;
  • Sebastián Beccacece as assistant coach;
  • and Jorge Desio as fitness coach.

Sampaoli was asked desperately by fans and media to become the coach of the Argentine squad, which is also available in the 1xBet site.

Cracks start to appear

Sampaoli’s tenure at the Argentina national team was a complete mess. In fact, their participation in the 2018 FIFA World Cup was a complete failure. Also, the relationship between players and coaches apparently had completely broken up. It is possible to make live betting sports on 1xBet website on all matches of the FIFA World Cup when celebrated.

A particular episode took place during a training session prior to a friendly. On that instance, Beccacece approached Messi and allegedly tried to “teach him how to shoot”. At the same time, he was also patting him on his back, in some kind of paternal gesture.
Messi didn’t like this at all. He didn’t say anything to Beccacece at the moment. However, he went to Sampaoli and asked him for such an episode to never happen again. He also demanded both Beccacece and Sampaoli to agree on what instructions to give, in order to avoid contradictions. On the 1xBet website, fans can discover lots of live sports betting options on the Argentinian national team.

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