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What is the infinitive? Ielts Exams Preparation


What is the infinitive?Ielts Exams Preparation

What is the infinitive | Infinitives examples are given below,these examples are fully described for comprehensive understanding of how they factually work and its applied methodology.

Infinitives Used In Active Voice And Passive Voice

Active Voice —To love
Passive Voice —To be loved

Uses of the Infinitive

1-They want to leave.
I will go to buy.

2-As the Complement of a Verb; as,

His greatest pleasure is to write.
His custom is to drive.

3- As an Objective Complement; as,

I saw him go.
When the infinitive is thus used, like a Noun, it is called the Simple Infinitive.

4- The Infinitive is also used

When you need to enhance the purpose of previous verb,
He called to see my brother.

5- To qualify a Sentence; as,

He was petrified, so to speak.

To speak the truth, I really remember my talks.

6-To qualify an Adjective; as,

This medicine is pleasant to take.
Figs are good to eat.

7-As the Object of a transitive Verb; as

I do not mean to read.
He likes to play cards.
They really do love to write.

8-As the Object of a Preposition; as,

They have no option but to leave.
The write is great person to write.

9-The Infinitive, with or without adjuncts, may be used, like a Noun –
As the Subject of a Verb; as,

To err is human.

To find fault is easy.

10-To qualify a Noun; as,

You will have cause to repent.
This is not the time to play.

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