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What Is The Cost of PMP Training

The Cost of PMP Training

First of all, the cost of PMP Exam in the mainland is a unified price, USD 503, which is also open and transparent. What is the cost of PMP Training? Is there an accurate definition?


At the end of 2014, the PMI Conference announced that since 2015, the training cost of PMP Training Institutions should not be lower than the PMP Certification cost.

PMP Certification Cost

To take the PMP exam, you need to hand in the fee for registration and training. After you have passed the exam, the PMP re-certification fee should be handed in every three years. The training fee is given to the training institution. You only have to pay one time. If you fail to pass the exam, you have to pay the make-up exam fee.


PMP exam fee

The exam cost in general is around USD597. The make-up exam costs about USD382.

PMP Training Fee

The training cost varies according to the teacher resources and teaching methods of different institutions. The price ranges from USD300-USD688. There are offline training courses and remote training courses, the price gap between which is wide. The average price of online courses is under USD460 while offline courses may reach over the level. You can pay more attention to the activities launched by institutions that may offer some preferential.

PMP Re-certification Fee

Every three years, you should re-certificate the PMP. The three-year period starts from the exam date. The re-certification fee is USD150. Besides, re-certification requires 60 PDU. Because of these requirements, some institutions will ask students to participate in activities, and even ask them to purchase PDU.

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Among the three fees mentioned above, PMP test and re-certification fees are fixed. PMP course cost is different depending on different institutions’ requirements. Therefore, the total cost is around USD900-USD1,285 if you pass the exam one time successfully.



The following three points to help you choose PMP Test Training Costs in the market situation and how we should face it!


First of all, we should choose the authoritative PMP Certification Training Institutions. The training instructor is the most critical part. The good or bad teaching quality of instructor is directly related to whether the students can really learn the advanced management concept of PMP. What we learn from the scripted lectures is just the accumulation of theories. I believe that the trainees who once have received similar training will have a deep understanding of it.


Secondly, we should be concerned about the service concept of PMP Training Institutions. In such a competitive environment of PMP Training Market, the cost and profit are in line with the law of the market. No price, no goods. Those with quality and guarantee, which means the high price will have their value.


How much will the price account for when we choose PMP Certification Training Institutions? At present, the prices in the market are uneven. We want to choose the lowest, best and guaranteed institutions. But in fact, in the current market, it is difficult to achieve a win-win situation with low price and high quality. Therefore, the concept we need to change that our choice can’t be limited by the price.

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In short, on the issue of PMP training cost, don’t waste your time and choice because of a small amount of money. The training cost is directly proportional to the teaching quality and follow-up service. The key to learning PMP is to improve your Project Management Ability. Good training institutions can teach real knowledge and real ability which are not a matter of money. So the choice of training institutions is very important, and I hope you carefully choose the training institutions if you want to pass PMP Exam in 2015!

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