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What Is Conjunction Lesson no 1 Basic English Grammar Ielts Grammar Preparation


What Is Conjunction Lesson no 1 Basic English Grammar Ielts Grammar Preparation

1-What is Conjunction?

Definition: A Conjunction is a word which simply combines sentences, and now and again words.Instances of Conjunction:

1-She should sob, or she will kick the bucket.

2-Two and two make four.

3-God made the nation and man made the town.

4-Our crowd is pretty much nothing, yet our hearts are extraordinary.

6-Two and two make four.

2-Some Conjunction are utilized two by two; as,

1-Neither-nor – It is neither helpful nor decorative.

2-Both-and – We both love and respect him

3-Either-or – Either accept the only choice available.

4-Not just But additionally – Not just he is silly, yet in addition stubborn.

5-Whether-or – I couldn’t care less whether you go or remain.

3-Conjunctions combine sentences and regularly make them increasingly smaller; along these lines,

So the man is poor however genuine is a contracted method for saying.

‘The man is poor however he is straightforward.

‘Akram and Arshad, are acceptable bowlers’ is a short method for saying

‘Akram is a decent bowler and Arshad is a decent bowler’.

4-Conjunctions must be deliberately recognized from Relative pronouns, Relative Adverbs and Prepositions, which are additionally interfacing words.

1. This is the house that Jack manufactured. (Relative Adverb)

2. This is where he was killed (Relative Adverb)

3. Take this and give that. (Combination)

Conjunctions Correlatives

Conjunctions which are in this manner utilized two by two are called Correlative Conjunctions or just Correlatives.

5-When Conjunctions are utilized as Correlatives, every one of the corresponded words ought to be set preceding the words to be associated; as,

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He visited Agra, yet in addition Delhi.

(Not) – He visited Agra, yet in addition Delhi.

6-We utilize many compound articulations as Conjunctions; these are called Compound Conjunctions.

Just as – Rama just as Govind was available there.

When – He removed his jacket when he went into the house.

As though – He looks as though he were exhausted.

All together that – The notification was distributed all together that all may know the realities.

On condition that – I will excuse you on condition that you don’t rehash the offense.

Regardless of whether – Such a demonstration would not be benevolent regardless of whether it were simply.

So that – He spared some bread so he ought not go hungry on the morrow.

Given that – You can obtain the book given that you return it soon.

As through – He strolls as if he is somewhat faltering.

Because of the fact that – I should decline your solicitation, in light of the fact that I trust it outlandish.

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