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What are the TOEFL Essentials and Syllabus?

What are the TOEFL Essentials and Syllabus?

The test takes 90 minutes and will be available globally starting August 2021. It measures four communication skills that are essential in academic and non-academic settings, such as interviews and internships.

TOEFL Essentials includes a 5-minute personal statement that “allows test-takers to showcase their personalities to universities.”


It is nearly always stressful to take the TOEFL:

  1. A specific score is required. The test is expensive. You have been studying for the examination for many months.
  2. You might find the test center noisy or crowded.
  3. It is possible that you have not slept well the previous night.


Nearly 250 institutions from the UK, USA, Canada, and Canada were surveyed to determine if they would accept TOEFL Essentials scores to enroll students in 2022. Gopal explained that 95% of respondents saw the test as a way to attract quality applicants.


Gopal stated that while the price is an essential factor in test selection for students, a non-profit ETS strives to keep test fees as low and affordable as possible to ensure test-takers from all over the world.


“The cost of these tests reflects the complexity involved in developing, managing, administering, scoring and scoring them, as well as other factors.”


To demonstrate English proficiency, take the TOEFL(r) test. You’ll have full access to all official test preparation resources. You can purchase materials using your ETS account, or you can use our complimentary resources to help you prepare for success.

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You can do nothing about it, but preparing for the TOEFL early on will help reduce stress levels and make your test day more enjoyable.


The testing provider stated that Covid-19 had had a significant impact on international student enrollment. As a result, institutions are aware of the need to provide affordable, accessible assessments to their students. This is to help them stay on track and maintain the high-quality standards they rely upon for their decision-making.


The iBT Test, which ETS launched as an at-home test in 2020, focuses on 100% academic English content taken directly from university-level literary sources. However, the TOEFL Essentials test contains 50% academic English and 50% general English.

ETS believes that institutions can increase the number of qualified international applicants by accepting both the English and Spanish tests.


“Students have the option to choose which test suits their learning style best, so they can demonstrate their talents to potential institutions. Institutions can also evaluate applicants using one of the two reliable, valid, and secure measures of English proficiency.”


Students can communicate to institutions with TOEFL scores by demonstrating that they are ready to succeed in rigorous higher education environments that require a high level of academic English.


Gopal highlighted that TOEFL Essentials is “a distinctive” test and appeals to a diverse range of test-takers. In addition, it’s a “perfect complement to TOEFL iBT to help draw in additional applicants for the institution.”

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In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, other providers, such as Paragon Testing, ITEP, and Cambridge, have also introduced online options. As a result, over 2020, the number of US institutions that accept Duolingo’s English Test has also increased.

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Gopal stated that the most important criteria for students and prospective applicants when selecting an English language test is “acceptance and preference for a test from universities, followed closely by the perceived ability to perform well on an exam.”


He said that institutions are excited about TOEFL Essentials and ETS expects institutions soon to make formal decisions regarding acceptance.

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