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What are relative pronouns ? Ielts Exams Preparation


What are relative pronouns ? Ielts Exams Preparation

Alxendar could be very courageous.Alxendar did his work properly.
Alxendar could be very courageous who did his work properly.
Right here “who ” is relative pronoun which takes place of topic.

Types of the Relative Pronouns

The Relative Pronoun who has totally different varieties for Accusative and Genitive.
Singular and Plural

Genitive — whose
Nominative — who

That is the boy who works exhausting.
• That is the boy whose train is completed nicely.

The Relative Pronoun which has the identical kind for the Nominative and Accusative

That is the constructing which belongs to my uncle.
• The constructing which my uncle constructed value him Rs. 2,20,000

The Relative Pronoun which has no Genitive Case, however whose is used as an alternative to
‘of which’; as

 The Relative Pronoun that has the identical kind within the Singular and Plural, and within the
Nominative and Accusative. It has no Genitive case.

He that’s content material is poor.

The Relative Pronoun what’s used solely within the Singular, and has the identical kind within the Nominative and Accusative.

• What had occurred was not clear.

Makes use of of the Relative Pronouns

1-Which is used for issues with out life and for animals. It might confer with a Singular or
Plural Noun.

• The second which is misplaced is misplaced for ever.

2-As a normal rule, who’s used for individuals solelyIt might confer with a Singular or a Plural

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• The girl who is gorgeous is tough employee.

The girl who had cooked me was yesterday awarded with prize.
The doll which you see on the desk value me 100 rupees.
(ii) To provide some extra details about the antecedent; that’sthe place the clause
launched by a relative pronoun is continuative or defining; as,
Miss despatched for the woman, who (= and he) got here directly.
We gave them a dollar, which (= and it) was all I had with me.

Compound Relative Pronouns
Pronouns fashioned by including ever, so, or soever to who, which and what are referred to as
Compound Relative Pronouns. They’re:-
whichever, no matterin anyway,Whoever, whoso, whosoever.

Compound Relative Pronoun Instance
Whosoever did this,can be rewarded quickly.

These Family don’t have any antecedent expressed.

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