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What Are Primary Derivatives English Vocabulary Exams Preparation


What Are Primary Derivatives English Vocabulary Exams Preparation

What Are Primary Derivatives?

1-Formation of Adjectives from Verbs and Nouns
Verbs — Adjectives
Lie — low
Nouns — Adjectives
Milk — Milch
Wit — wise
Float — fleet

2- Formation of Nouns from Verbs and Adjectives.
Verbs — Nouns

Float — fleet
Gape — gap
Grid — girth
Grieve — grief
Live — life
Lose — loss
Prove — proof
Advise — advice
Bear — bier
Bind — bond
Bless — bliss
Break — breach
Burn — brand
Choose — choice
Chop — chip
Deal — dole
Deem — doom
Dig — ditch, dike
Sing — song
Sit — seat
Speak — speech
Strike — stroke
Strive — strife
Wake — watch
Weave — web, woof

3-Formation of Nouns from Adjectives And Nouns.

Adjectives — Nouns

Dull — dolt
Hot — heat
Proude — pride

4- Formation of Verbs from Nouns and Adjectives
Nouns — Verbs

Gold — gild
Grass — graze
Half — halve
Knot — knit
Bath — bathe
Belief — Believe
Blood — Weed
Breath — breathe
Brood — breed
Cloth — clothe
Drop — drip
Food — feed
Glass — glaze
Cool — chill
Hale — heal
Price — prize
Sale — sell
Sooth — soothe
Tale — tell
Wreath — wreathe
Thief — thieve

5-What Are Secondary Derivaties?

English Prefixes

A-, on, in; abed, aboard, ashore, ajar, asleep.
A-, out, from, arise, awake, alight.
Be-, by (sometimes intensive); beside, betimes, besmear, bedaub.
For-, thoroughly ; forbear, forgive.
Fore-, before ; forecast, foretell.
Gain-, against; gainsay.
In-, in ; income, inland, inlay.
Mis-, wrong, wrongly ; misdeed, mislead, misjudge.
Over-, above, beyond ; overflow, overcharge.
To-, this; to-day, to-night, to-morrow.
Un-, not; untrue, unkind, unholy.
Un-, to reverse an action ; untie, undo, unfold.
Under-, beneath, below ; undersell, undercharge, undergo, under ground.
With-, against, back ; withdraw, withhold, withstand.
Note:- There are only two prefixes of English origin that are still applied freely to new
words, mis and un, the former with the force of the adjective bad and the latter with the
force of a negative.

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