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Uses Of Prepositions time, space, etc. Lesson No 7 English Grammar Ielts Exams Preparation


Uses Of Prepositions time,space etc. Lesson No 7 English Grammar Ielts Exams Preparation

22-Time, as,

  1. toward the evening,

  2. sat viewing far on into the night,

  3. on Monday,

  4. pending his arrival,

  5. from first April,

  6. since yesterday .,
  7. until his appearance,
  8. ascend with the sun,
  9. inside a month.
  10. endured as the night progressed,
  11. consistently,
  12. After his passing,
  13. landed before me,
  14. behind time,
  15. by three o’clock,
  16. during the entire day,
  17. for a long time,
  18. at an early date,
  19. hold up till to-morrow,
  20. ten minutes to twelve,
  21. towards night,

23-Agency, instrumentality, as,

  1. was demolished by fire,
  2. was staggered by a blow,

  3. cut it with a blade,

  4. Sell merchandise at closeout,

  5. sent the package by post,

  6. heard this through a companion.

24 coming up next are the absolute most normal relations demonstrated by Prepositions:

  1. remained behind the blind,
  2. remain by me downpour originates from the mists,
  3. in the sky,
  4. fell into a jettison,
  5. lies close to his heart,
  6. the precipice hangs over the ocean,
  7. lies upon the table,
  8. Spot, as,
  9. lies beneath the surface,

  10. sat close to me,

  11. inclined toward a divider,

  12. fell among cheats,

  13. squabbled among themselves,

  14. hanging on by a thread,

  15. remained before the entryway,

  16. inside the house,
  17. remained without the entryway.
  18. Approached the world,
  19. stumbled into the street,
  20. visit round the world,
  21. put pen to paper,

  22. gone towards Nasik,

  23. lay under the table,

  24. walked through the town,
  25. reached the stopping point,
  26. moved up the stepping stool.

25-Prepositional Uses Of Mannar,as

Battled with courage,won with ease,dying by inches, worked with genuineness.

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26-Prepositional Uses Of rate, value,Measure, standard, as,


  1. It was one by the pinnacle clock.
  2. He charges enthusiasm at nine percent.
  3. I am taller than you by two inches.


27-Prepositional Uses Of Possession, as,

  1. There was no cash on him.
  2. The mosque of Omar.

  3. A wealthy person.

  4. The kid with red hair.

28-Prepositional Uses Of reason, purpose,cause, as,

  1. shudders with fever,
  2. took medication for cold.
  3. Worked to benefit mankind,
  4. passed on of fever,
  5. does it from perversity,
  6. withdrawn through dread of a snare,
  7. the very spot for an outing,
  8. did it/or our great,
  9. experiences gout,
  10. kicked the bucket from weariness,
  11. lost his handbag through carelessness.
  12. covered it through disgrace,


29-Prepositional Uses Of motive,Inference, source, as,

  1. From what I am aware of him, I dither to confide in him.
  2. The knights were daring from bravery of sprit.
  3. His aptitude originates from training.

  4. Light radiates from the sun.

  5. This is a citation from Milton.

  6. He did it from appreciation.

30-Prepositional Uses Of concession,contrast, , as,

  1. After (disregarding, in any case) each exertion, one may come up short.
  2. For one adversary he has a hundred companions.
  3. For (regardless of) all his riches he isn’t content.

  4. With (regardless of) every one of his flaws I respect him.


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