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Uses Of Preposition? Lesson No 3 English Grammar Ielts Exams Preparation


Uses Of Preposition ? Lesson No 3 English Grammar Ielts Exams Preparation

6-A condition can likewise be the object to a Preposition; as,

There is no significance in what you say.

Give cautious consideration to what I am going to say.

7-Sometimes the object to a preposition is an Adverbial Phrase; as,

  1. He didn’t see her till a few days back.
  2. He swore from day break till far into the night.
  3. I was contemplating how to evade him.
  4. Each article was sold at over a pound.
  5. The commotion originates from over the waterway.
  6. He was not elevated to the position of a colonel till inside a few months of his acquiescence.
  7. I sold my vehicle for under its half expense.

8-The object to a Preposition, when it is a relative pronoun, is sometimes discarded; as,

These are the acceptable guidelines lo live by. [Here which is understood.]

He is the man 1 was searching for. [Here whom is understood].

9-Several words are utilized sometimes as Adverbs and a few times as Prepositions A word is a Preposition when it governs a thing or pronoun; it is an Adverb when it does not.


  1. Proceed to run about.
  2. I was unable to precede.
  3. Has he come in?
  4. Take this package over to the mail station.
  5. I have not seen him since.
  6. The wheel fell off.
  7. Let us proceed onward.
  8. His dad showed up soon.

10-More much of the time Prepositions follow the verbs and stay discrete; as,chuckle at, look for,Boast of,send for.

He bragged his achievements.

11-Prepositions are generally utilized in structure with verbs, to shape new verbs.

Sometimes they are prefixed; as,

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Attempt, maintain, pull back, withhold,Outbid, overcome, overflow, overlook, experience.withstand.

Instances Of Prefixed Preposition :

  1. I have not dozed since yesterday.
  2. Try not to dally about the road.
  3. I came two days ago.
  4. It is safe to say that he is his room?
  5. He administers over an immense realm.
  6. The book lies on the table.
  7. The driver bounced off the vehicle.
  8. Following a month he returned.

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