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Uses Of Conjugation Of The Verb Love Basic English Grammar


Uses Of Conjugation Of The Verb Love Basic English Grammar

The conjugation of an action word shows the different structures it accept, either by affectation or

by mix with parts of different action words, Mood, Tense, Number,to mark Voice, and Individual; and to those must be included its Infinitives and Participles.

The following is given the total conjugation of the action word love, with a view to helping the understudy to systematize the information previously gained by him.

(I) TENSES Simple Present

Dynamic – Passive

I love – I am loved

You love – You are loved

He loves – He is loved

They love – They are loved.

Present Continuous

Dynamic – Passive

I am adoring – I am being loved

You are adoring – You are being loved

He is adoring – He is being loved

We are adoring – We are being loved

They are adoring – They are being loved

Present Perfect

Dynamic – Passive

I have loved – I have been loved

You have loved – You have been loved

He has loved – He has been loved

We have loved – We have been loved

They have loved – They have been loved

Present Perfect Continuous

Dynamic – Passive

I have been adoring – –

You have been adoring – –

We have been adoring –

They have been adoring –

Basic Past

Dynamic – Passive

I loved – I was loved

You loved – You were loved

He loved – He was loved

We loved – We were loved

They loved – They were loved

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Past Continuous

Dynamic – Passive

I was adoring – I was being loved

You were adoring – You were being loved

He was adoring – He was being loved

They were adoring – They were being loved

Past Perfect

Dynamic – Passive

I had loved – I had been loved

You had loved – You had been loved

He had loved – He had been loved

We had loved – We had been loved

They had loved – They had been loved.

Past Perfect Continuous

Dynamic – Passive

I had been cherishing –

You had been cherishing –

He had been cherishing –

We had been cherishing –

They had been cherishing –

Straightforward Future

Dynamic – Passive

I will/will love – I will/will be loved

You will love – You will be loved

He will love – He will be loved

We will love – We will be loved

They will love – They will be loved

Future Continuous

Dynamic – Passive

I will/will be cherishing –

You will be cherishing –

He will be cherishing –

We will be cherishing –

They will be cherishing –

Future Perfect

Dynamic – Passive

I will/will have loved – I will/will have been loved

You will have loved – You will have been loved

He will have loved – He will have been loved

We will have loved – We will have been loved

They will have loved – They will have been loved

Future Perfect Continuous

Dynamic – Passive –

I will/will have been cherishing –

You will have been cherishing –

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He will have been cherishing –

We will have been cherishing – –

They will have been cherishing –


Love – Be loved


Present Infinitive – to love – to be loved

Consistent Infinitive – to be cherishing –

Flawless Participle – to have loved – to have been loved

Present Participle – cherishing – being loved

Flawless Participle – having loved – having been loved

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