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USA or UK: which country is better to study in


Traditionally, universities in America and the UK occupy leading positions in university rankings. However, education in these two countries differs significantly, so school graduates must make a difficult choice in favor of one or another university.

Generally speaking, the United States provides a broader education that will affect not only the basic subjects but also the humanities, aimed at the flexibility of thinking and logic. UK universities provide a more highly specialized education – all subjects will be somehow related to the main specialty. This is one of the features of admission – if in America an applicant can choose a specialization at the end of the second year of study, then in British universities, the choice will need to be made at the stage of admission. About what other differences and features there are in British and American universities, we will tell in this article.


UK universities are leaders in the field of natural sciences, especially in chemical engineering, medical chemistry, and biochemistry, as well as in education in the field of art and design. If you are planning to get an education in finance or develop your business, pay attention, first of all, to American universities because the USA is the birthplace of business education. Leading universities arrange meetings with potential investors, businessmen, and representatives of global companies. By the way, in the global ranking of employment of graduates QS Graduate Employability Ranking 2017 US universities are in the lead. The rating is based on five key aspects: the reputation of employers, cooperation with employers, the interaction between the company and the university, and the success and level of employment of graduates. British universities also occupy a leading position in the ranking, but only Oxford and Cambridge universities are in the top ten.

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Education cost

It is generally accepted that studying in the UK is several times cheaper compared to the US (bachelor’s programs at UK universities that are in the TOP-10 in the world, as a rule, cost from $40,000 per year, while at American Harvard the cost can reach $65,000). However, in the UK, unlike in the US, this amount does not include accommodation, meals, and study materials, which can be up to 50% of the total cost of education. As a result, the difference is insignificant. It should also be taken into account that in the UK, foreign citizens most often pay the full cost of education, while in the USA there are extensive scholarship programs that can reduce or completely offset your tuition costs, and American universities are also actively providing educational loans. In addition, in universities such as Harvard, Yale and others, there are scholarship programs for those who cannot pay for tuition: if the income of an applicant or his parents is less than $75,000 per year, such universities pay 100% of tuition. It is interesting that some people try to earn money for their education through betting. If you want to learn more – you may visit 22Bet website.

Grading system

In the US, knowledge is assessed through a combination of homework, exams, and coursework throughout the course of study, meaning your end-of-course exam score is an integral part of the overall grade, often weighing 0.5 or less in the final score. The UK, on ??the contrary, is characterized by classical sessions: at the end of each year, students take exams on all the material they have covered, very often the course is based on lectures, and the mark on the exam becomes final. In the UK, there is a 100-point grading system, the lower bar for certification is 50 points. In the US, the grading system is five-point and is expressed in letters (from A to F). But the most important performance indicator is the GPA (Grade Point Average), which has a numerical expression.

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Training period

The term of study in the USA is usually 4 years for a bachelor’s degree, 2 years for a master’s degree, in the UK – obtaining a bachelor’s degree lasts, on average, 3 years, and a master’s degree can be completed in a year. The academic year at US and UK universities is also structured differently. In the US, it is divided into semesters: fall, spring, and optional summer. The academic year starts in August and ends in June. UK universities have a trimester system. The first winter trimester lasts from September to the end of December. The shortest trimester is spring, it lasts from January to March. The summer term runs from April to July.

Who is more likely to get

If in the USA there are more chances to enter the one who successfully combines studies with various activities, actively participates in social and sports activities, creates and implements projects, shows leadership qualities, then UK universities, first of all, value academic knowledge and the presence of those qualities that will help the future student to become successful in the chosen profession. A striking proof is that in the states there are scholarships for both educational and social and sports activities, in the UK – they are only for successful studies.

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