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Top Tips for Passing IELTS Exam 2021

Top Tips for Passing IELTS Exam 2021

International English Language Testing System, also known as IELTS, is a famous test. It has grown to be the most popular test score, proving that candidates have proficiency in English language skills. Anyone who wants to study abroad must be able to demonstrate their English language skills. Practical English skills are required by almost all countries, institutions, and jobs positions.

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Some applicants believe that the examiner will notice your error and give you a lower score. It’s the reverse. Correcting mistakes is good. Practicing the tools recommended by experts is a great way to improve your English language skills. While it is essential to pass it, it is also crucial to not be overwhelmed by it. It is how well you prepare that matters most. This article will show you how to study abroad.

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For IELTS success, it is essential to have a good level of English. Therefore, you should make every effort to improve your English language. Here are some guidelines to help you prepare for IELTS.

Top Tips for Passing IELTS Exam

*Speaking Potential

If you’re not a talkative person and don’t worry about talking about irrelevant things all the time, you can speak more than the examiner. If the examiner asks for a simple question, you should respond in at most two sentences.


*Writing less is not always better

The examiner will be more concerned with quality than quantity. Write as little as possible as your score won’t increase if you add words to each task. It is your writing skills that will determine your score, not how many words you can write. Higher levels of English may have more time for writing, as they won’t need to revise their work as often.

*Utilize various sentence structures

The examiner will check your grammatical abilities to ensure that you have a wide range of sentence structures. To get a higher score, you will need to use different sentence structures. Your work should include simple sentences, complex sentences, and complicated sentences.



*It is essential to use different sentence structures. Examiners will check your grammar and ensure that you can use the entire structure range. It is necessary to use simple sentences and complex sentences to get a higher score.

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*In the Writing section, always complete task 2 as it has more marks than Task 1. You should finish your essay in under forty minutes. This is because you will need to revise it before submitting it. It would help if you always learned to follow the instructions when you’re reading sample manuals.


*Begin the night before the test by getting a good night of sleep. This will help you concentrate on the day. When you take the English proficiency test, it is essential to be present and alert.



*Find the right words. This will show the examiner that you are present and well-versed in grammar.



There are two rules that you must follow when speaking during a public speaking session. First, you should talk as much as you can. Your speaking abilities will improve the more you talk in a variety of languages. This shows that you are proficient in the language. Don’t speak incessantly or repeat yourself to make it sound more interesting. Instead, try to talk as much as you can within the time limit. Talk as long as you can.


The second rule of thumb is to talk more with the examiner. If the examiner asks for a short answer, you should respond in at most two sentences. This will increase your confidence when speaking at the exam.



*Before you appear for the exam, it is essential to focus on your weak areas. These modules will be graded objectively, so you should spend more time on the most challenging areas to read.


*Time management is crucial when giving an exam. You can practice by reading passages more often. It is a good habit to establish a routine of reading passages. Only one hour is all it takes to answer all 40 questions.

* Sometimes, it is better to write more than you are asked. Examiners tend to be more concerned with quality than quantity. Do not write too much, as it will not improve your score. Writing skills should be as artistic as art. This will affect your score and ability to travel abroad.

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