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Top benefits of QR codes for health apps and food trackers


Even with a health app and a food tracker, dieting and working out are challenging.

Having holistic fitness tracking, listing exercise type, time, methods, calorie intake, and calories burned, among other important information, is crucial to closely monitoring physical health, well-being, and progress.

With the popularity of a QR code generator, especially at the height of the pandemic, the fitness industry has now adopted digital practices with QR codes to address customer needs.

Mobile apps and food trackers are now using QR codes so that people can see their progress with just a few simple clicks. Here are the benefits of health apps and food trackers.

Guiding gym members with equipment instructions

One of the best uses for a gym QR code is to help members properly use gym equipment and machines, redirecting members to a YouTube video.

Each piece of equipment is specialized according to the user’s usage, needs, and relevant information.

For example, a QR code for a treadmill can prompt members to input details such as the duration of the treadmill’s use, mileage, speed, incline, and more.

This way, the fitness trainer can track the progress and develop effective workout routines according to the members’ needs.

Monitoring meal plans from diet coaches

To closely monitor their diets, people consult a diet specialist to help them curate a diet plan that aligns with their weight loss, muscle gains, and more.

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Typically, diet coaches send their clients packed meals they should eat throughout the day. They can add a QR code to the packaging for added convenience.

When scanned, these QR codes on meal plans can reveal information, such as the number of calories and the benefits of eating those.

These codes can also redirect clients to coaches’ social media, where they can contact and order more healthy meals.

For a more clever QR code usage, the QR code can be placed at the bottom of the meal plan, so people can only scan once they have finished their food.

This way, diet coaches have confidence that their clients won’t cheat in dieting.

Recreating diet plans in their kitchens

While most people simply rely on meal plans sent to them by their diet coaches, some people like to cook on their own.

People can easily recreate the packed meals with a QR code while still ensuring they match food and water intake goals.

When scanned, people can see the appropriate portion sizes, types of food, recipes, and other suggestions they can recreate in their kitchens.

Once this is done, clients still have to record their progress on the food tracker app.

Sharing workout routines with other people

Hiring a personal diet coach and trainer can be a luxury for some people because it can easily cost considerable money.

Fitness influencers can share their goals, diet plans, workout routines, and fitness journeys on the app to inspire their followers to do the same.

People can share a personalized QR code from these influencers on gyms, social media platforms, posters, and other media channels.

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When scanned, people get routed to the health app, where they can see the progress of the influencer in real-time.

Promoting health apps and food trackers

Beginners may need to learn precisely how to track their physical health, well-being, and progress.

Placing a QR code for promotion makes the health app more accessible to beginners who want to get serious in their fitness journeys.

Scanning the QR code redirects users to the mobile app store of their device — App Store for Apple, Google Play Store for Android, and AppGallery for Huawei.

Get the full benefits of QR codes for health food tracker apps

Health apps and food trackers are beneficial for customers because they can track their progress quickly and for diet coaches and trainers because their food and health tracking work is more accessible, too.

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