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The Role Of IELTS To Find An Ideal Job

How To Find Your Best Career Job Through IELTS

The requirements of job markets change with high speed, and employees try to acquire new skills that will make their resumes and candidacy stand out from all other possible job seekers. There are different options for making your candidacy a leading one in the recruitment process; for instance, boosting the IT skills, making your creative portfolio visible by using online tools as an addition to your resume, highlighting the educational background. Among all the possible choices, language skills are a top priority of employers in today’s multi-lingual labor market. Sometimes, people take for granted their language skills and see no need to prove it. It is undeniable that credentials play a vital role in the selection process, and the more vividly you present your language skills, the more you are close to your dream job.

The English language ranks first place in the list of the most spoken languages all around the world. By knowing the English language, you can freely travel, get an education abroad, and most importantly, you can find the job of your dreams in any part of the globe. As we all may know, English is the most common language for international commercial business. However, to prove that you are a professional user of the English language, you need to provide a language proficiency certificate. You may claim that employers can check your knowledge of English by interviewing yourself in this language, but this will be very superficial. Thus, you need to move ahead and get your skill checked by international experts. International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the most popular and reliable test that can be taken for the speakers of English as their second language since it is legally accepted worldwide. 

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There are two types of IELTS tests: General and Academic. The Academic IELTS exam is usually taken by the students who apply for various degrees of education. Mainly, applicants applying for postgraduate and Ph.D. levels must get a minimum score of 6.5, which equals to intermediate level. In regards to the General IELTS, it usually fits the needs of job seekers. Most companies require results of the General test with no specification on the score; however, the higher your score is, the more doors it opens for you. You can find your dream job position in various fields, starting from construction, healthcare to hospitality and finance. More information can be found in IELTS bands preparation. You can see the structure of both Academic and General IELTS tests from the table below:

There are several benefits of sitting an IELTS exam in reaching your dream career position: 

First and foremost, IELTS is recognized worldwide. By adding an IELTS certificate to your resume, you can easily apply for jobs in countries with knowledge of the English language being the primary requirement. The top countries with high salary incomes where you can commence your career are the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Australia, and New Zealand, with many more developing countries in Europe and Africa. For example, if you search for a vacancy on an international platform such as you can observe that most advertisements require a valid IELTS certificate to work in the United States. Remote work and freelancing have been getting mainstream for the last year due to the unpredicted change of work structure to the online settings. This gives people more chances to find a job since it does not require them to hold a work permit or even live in the countries where they want to work. Yet, this also creates very high competition among the candidates. You should possess a unique sign in your resume that can double your chances. And IELTS can be convenient in such situations. By this, you illustrate that you are a specialist in your field of work, and you are a very hard-working learner passionate about improving your language skills, not limiting yourself to the existing knowledge, and taking it to the next level.

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On the other hand, if you are not keen on working abroad, you can get profits in your own country. Imagine that you have been working in the company for already a long period and you ask for a promotion. In this case, having an IELTS certificate will give you superiority to move up the career ladder. The employers appreciate their staff members who are motivated and eager to boost their language skills which can help widen corporate connections.

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The second reason is the exam demonstrates to the employer your skills and competencies as a person. Four sections of the IELTS exam illustrate that you have a powerful analytical, written, and spoken capacity; in other words, the exam assesses your soft skills. For example, in the writing section, you show your skills related to academic competence, using proper grammar in structuring sentences, the way you put your thoughts in written form in an excellent and literary style. The reading part pinpoints that you, as a person, have trained the logical part of the brain and can find gaps in your work and relate it to your existing knowledge. In the listening section, you may demonstrate that you understand the speech of native speakers, since only native speakers are recorded for this section, and are in compacity of training your brain to do multiple tasks simultaneously, such as listening to the speaker and reading the questions. Finally, in the speaking part, you show that you masterly communicate with a native English-speaking expert, an international employer. This way, you prepare yourself for the interview.

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Moreover, it can be a case that you are a native speaker of any other language, and English is not required in your current job. However, imagine that you are offered a job in Australia that you have been so passionate about for an extended period. To get the visa to travel there, you need to provide an IELTS certificate in your application to make sure that you are a fluent user of the language. You can find more information by following the link

Whatever and whenever your dream job may be, we highly recommend taking IELTS exams as a tool opening new doors for you.

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