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English is very, very common these days, almost everywhere now requires knowledge of the language, and sometimes even professional proficiency in the foreign language. In this article, we will tell you how to learn English effectively, and at the same time in an interesting and fun way, while having nothing but fun.

Register on international communication sites or gambling and betting platforms

This is a very effective method because almost everyone has a gadget nowadays that allows you to install different applications and practice your English whenever you have a spare moment. If you want to improve your English, try to communicate with native speakers every day through different websites. You can learn how native speakers speak, a lot of new and interesting facts you will not find in textbooks. And most importantly, a conversation with a person is much more enjoyable and engaging than reading a tedious textbook or attending a course. By the way, you can find an opportunity to speak with native speakers not only on special sites. Be creative – for example, even if you want to gamble or bet, use the website of Bookmaker in India in English, not in your native language.

Start writing poems and songs in English

The best way to learn and memorize new words is to make them rhyme. Have you ever caught yourself that after listening to a song two or three times you already know some lines and can sing along? This proves that when you compose a poem in English you get a better grasp of the words, and you can constantly rehearse them in your head. Of course, you need to understand what you compose a poem or song, it should not be a simple set of English words. It’s also helpful to picture the action you’re writing about in your head.

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Read translations of your favorite English songs

We’re sure there are thousands of English tracks in your player. Do you know what they’re all about or are you just enjoying the tunes? Make it a habit to look up the lyrics and translation of each song you like on the internet.

A song is like poetry, a way for a musician to express his soul, and it’s always interesting to hear the meaning behind what he’s putting into his work. And of course, listening to a song over and over again, you’ll be repeating and learning new words from the translation. Isn’t expanding your vocabulary that much more fun than memorizing words from the dictionary?

Learn English with notes

Thanks to this interesting method, you can improve your English skills any time you spend at home. For this one, you’ll need a large pack of sticky notes, a pen, and a translator. Write one English word on each sticker, with the lexical meaning of the word on the back. It would be great if you could complement the term with an illustration or some association with the word to help you learn it faster. This will allow you to visualize the subject in your head, rather than associating it with the term in your language. And whenever you walk around the house (for example to the kitchen) you can translate all the words on your way. If you forget the translation, look at the back of the sticker and mark the word to be repeated more often. That way you can repeat the words you’ve learned several times a day and always check yourself.

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Watch the series in English

This method works in the same way as with books. By the way, when we watch something in translation, half of the cool but untranslatable jokes just disappear.

Pick a series you’re sure to get hooked on – for example, “Riverdale”. Or enjoy watching “Friends”. Watch episodes and read books or chapters and discuss them with your tutor – many young and advanced teachers choose this way of teaching. Remember – the ‘learn by having fun’ method works without fail. 


And the last secret about learning English is about organizing your learning process. Even if the learning methods are funny, make a proper schedule so that you have enough time to study as well as to rest and do other activities. If you are tired and overwhelmed, English will not be fun. If you have a lot of work to do, have to go on long business trips, or have unexpected events coming up, it’s better to postpone the semester If you are tired, take a short break and continue later.  

And the most important secret: starting to learn a language – become obsessed with the idea. You have to learn, try and make English part of your everyday life, and it will all work out.


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