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The Most Beneficial English Abbreviations Explained

The Most Beneficial English Abbreviations Explained


A relatively new abbreviation for young people not in education, training, or employment. It is a way to describe a situation that isn’t so neat.


O.M.G.! – Oh my god! This expression, which is a way to express surprise or disgust, has been made one of the most popular online abbreviations.


P.S. – a postscript. These letters are used to add something to a completed note, even though they are less frequent now that email and editing are available. Many others are still common in Latin.


P.T.O.: This is the part at the bottom of the document. Please follow the instructions to please turn the page and read the other side.


R.I.P. – This is the Latin requiescat I pace. It’s commonly used to signify the English words rest in Peace. It can be found on tombstones and gravestones.


Rsvp: This abbreviation can be found at the end of invitations to ask you to respond with a “yes, we will attend” or “no, we will not attend.” For the French, repondez, s’il vous plait (please answer). When you receive an invitation to an event with this abbreviation in it, let the organizer know.


T.B.A. – To be announced. You should use this abbreviation if you are planning a get-together but have not yet selected the venue. T.B.C. – still to be confirmed


V.I.P. – Significant person. This is the name of rooms and boxes in stadiums reserved for the wealthy and famous. It is always pronounced as V.I.P. It is never pronounced as ‘bip,’ as in some languages.


TGIF is a Friday, thanks to God. This is a simple explanation.


ASAP – As soon as possible. This is something that your boss may add to an email to remind you of her deadlines.

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AWOL is absent without leave. The military abbreviation AWOL was initially used to refer to soldiers and marines who went off without permission. However, the simple term “to go AWOL” is now used to describe friends who have gone missing temporarily. Jack and Ben are talking about Tom in a club.


P.O.V. Point of view” Used to describe your thoughts about something.


Example: This is my P.O.V. The red curtains are more appealing than the green.

B.O. – body odor. B.O. does not refer to someone who smells of roses and jasmine. To avoid B.O., you will be pinching your nose.


T.M.I.Too Much Information” Used to respond to inappropriate or excessive personal information.

BRB – If you are chatting with someone online or via WhatsApp and need to make a call or go to the toilet quickly, this abbreviation is for you. It tells the other person you will be back.


B.T.W. – By the way. This is an online abbreviation. “By the way” is used to introduce a topic that isn’t directly related to the current conversation but that the speaker just remembered. An excellent synonym is “incidentally.”


Do-it-yourself: D.I.Y. Although it sounds like something you would bark at someone for, this refers to decorating your house yourself or making repairs or refurbishments on your own instead of hiring a professional.


EFL/ELT/ESL: Ask your English language teacher about these abbreviations. One of these abbreviations is found in the blog’s name. It is not possible to guess what the E or L stands for.


E.T.A. – Estimated time of arrival. This is used to inform others when you expect to arrive.

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F.A.Q. – Frequently Asked Questions. It’s a common abbreviation found on company websites, and it’s much simpler than it sounds.


F.Y.I. – For your information. This is often used in work emails to forward information that doesn’t require a reply. It can be used sarcastically, however. Here’s Jack and Ben, our revelers again:


Jack: You weren’t partying again, did you? Man, you look utterly ruined.

Ben: No, mate. F.Y.I., I was up all night reading.


I.M.O. – In my opinion, another common abbreviation for the internet. You will also see IMHO, which can be either honest or humble.



LGBT – lesbian, gay, bisexual transgender. This abbreviation, which is rainbow-Esque, often includes a Q for queer or an I for intersex. It gives it as many letters and colors as the flag it’s associated with.


B.L.T.: This is not a collection of sexualities but a sandwich that includes bacon, lettuce, and tomato with mayonnaise.




English acronym YOLO means you only live once. Yolo someone to encourage them carpe that Diem, and seize every moment. Otherwise, they could suffer from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), a disturbing aspect of human nature that makes it seem like everyone else is having a better day than you.


TL;DR – too long; didn’t read. This is used in internet forums to indicate that someone has written something lengthy and complicated. This blog post is not intended to be a summary. LOL

BYOB – Don’t show up empty-handed to parties unless you have been instructed to do so. Otherwise, the hosts and other guests will be unhappy and dry indeed. BYOB is for bring your own beer/bottle/booze. “Bottle” is the term for a bottle of spirits or wine, while “booze” is a slang term that refers to alcohol.

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D.O.A. is dead at arrival. This abbreviation is used in hospital-based T.V. programs. It refers to victims of accidents or crimes who are dead on arrival. It’s a good idea to never need it. Oh, and B.T.W., E.R. stands to stand for Emergency Room. This is the U.S. name. There are A&E (Accident and Emergencies) wards in U.K. hospitals instead of A&E (Accident and emergency).


D.O.B. – Date of Birth, one of the most commonly used English abbreviations on official forms and documents.

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AD/BC – This is not a tribute band. These two terms will be used together with dates. The first is the Latin phrase Anno Domini, which refers to dates after Christ’s birth. The latter, however, refers only to dates before Christ. However, secular equivalents C.E. and B.C.E. (Before Common Eras) have been growing in popularity.


V.R. The headset allows the user to experience the virtual reality environment by wearing the headset and not just viewing it on a screen.

AKA is also known as. This refers to people who have a pen name or a stage name or another type of alias such as Reginald Dwight, Elton John, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, Eric Arthur Blair (AKA George Orwell).


E.D.M. is electronic dance music. It includes trance, house, and techno.


L.O.L. – laughing out loud. L.O.L. has become a well-known English abbreviation. It is used online, in text messaging, and on social media. Someone with a good sense of humor (GSOH) might say that they “lol” at something funny or that they did it “just for the lulz,” meaning “just for fun.” It could also refer to lots of love.


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