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The goal to study abroad continues to grow

The goal to study abroad continues to grow

Study Abroad Facts and Surveys

A college student may find studying abroad to be one of their most rewarding experiences. Students can study abroad and experience the culture and beauty of another country by studying abroad. Here are the top ten reasons to study overseas.


In mid-July, 4,000 people from the US, UK, and France surveyed their interest in studying abroad, despite the pandemic.


The survey organizers, IE University, stated that “a year and a quarter after the outbreak of Covid-19, the findings suggest that the students’ eagerness is to study abroad during a pandemic,” with approximately half the sample (25%) considering studying abroad with Spain and the UK as the top foreign destinations.”


Students believe that studying abroad will help them to be more employable in the future. One of the main reasons was to immerse yourself in a foreign culture and learn a new language. It also helps you make new friends.

Students see the advantages of traveling abroad to study. Respondents value face-to-face learning as well as learning about the culture of a country.


These results show that students are interested in learning remotely and value the chance to study abroad with peers of different nationalities to enrich their learning experience.


After the pandemic, 53% of UK respondents stated that learning a foreign language and meeting new people would benefit from studying or working abroad.

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Only 41% of Americans believed they could learn a foreign language while living in the US, instead of 59% of Spanish respondents and 53% for French.


The UK and the US were less likely to believe that studying abroad would benefit them in their job search. The majority of respondents in each country thought it, with 50% and 41%, respectively. However, the number of respondents from France and Spain was much lower at 71% and 61%, respectively.


It would make them a worse candidate in the UK: 13% thought so, and 11% in America.


Study abroad programs offer the chance to travel around the globe. Studying abroad will allow you to experience a new country with unique customs, traditions, and activities. Studying abroad offers many benefits, including the chance to visit new countries, see natural wonders, and visit museums and landmarks.


You might also consider studying abroad if you want to try different educational styles. You’ll be able to experience another side of your major by enrolling in a program abroad.


It’s an excellent way for you to get to know your host country’s culture, traditions, and people by immersing yourself in the educational system. Study abroad trips are centered around education. It is also a study abroad program. Choosing the right school is crucial.

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“This year saw the global rollout for the Covid-19 vaccines. Our research showed that people are more likely to be able to focus on their friends and family than other activities due to the co-existence of Covid-19 and isolation,” Patricia Gabaldon, professor at IE Business School, IE University.

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“For this reason, most of the surveyed citizens won’t travel abroad during the summer holidays.


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