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The Best Way to Pass IELTS Speaking Test 2021

The Best Way to Pass IELTS Speaking Test 2021

How To Pass IELTS Speaking Test

We were discussing test format AND How to prepare for it.

It’s essential to see the structure of each department before taking IELTS. To allow one to be clear of diversion, the Talking test is taken in a private, COVID-19 saferoom alongside you and an expert human examiner. Every test is listed and goes for 11 — 14 seconds. The evaluation includes three components:

The structure of the IELTS Speaking test

IELTS Speaking Part 1: Introduction and Interview (45 minutes)

The examiner introduces him/herself and will request that you present yourself. Then, the examiner will ask you general questions about yourself, such as home life, family, job, and personal interests.

IELTS Speaking Part 2: Individual long turn (3-4 minutes)

You’re going to be provided with a card that asks one to chat about a specific topic. The examiner can offer you points you’ll be able to pay for your response. You are given one minute to organize and will make notes using paper and pencil. You talk for 2 minutes on the subject, and the examiner will ask you two questions on precisely the same topic.


IELTS Speaking  Part 3: Two Way discussion (45 minutes)

This allows you to show your language abilities and talk about more general issues and ideas.

This clinic material was created for a couple working together. First, find a research partner to help you practice. This may be described as considered a teacher or even a friend. Then, take the three components of this practice test one after another with no break to create your clinic as quickly as you can.

Recall, you want to speak fluently, accurately, and clearly. It is important to express as far as possible and to be impulsive. Don’t prepare answers in advance.

Record yourself when you can get so which you can return and check your operation.

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Discussing practice stuff

Exercise makes perfect. The Ideal Way to go in your Speaking test with confidence would be to practice:

Practice with IELTS official free exercise materials.


Take some time to believe.

You don’t have to rush, have a moment to stop and consider all of your thoughts before answering the relevant question. You can use phrases, verbs, and idioms to give you extra time to think during the Speaking test, such as:

  • Allow Me to consider that for a moment.
  • Do not Be Concerned about your accent.
  • That’s an interesting point you raise.

With face speaking that you don’t need to worry about your accent. Our favorable examiners recognize a variety of accents and will be able to know you.


Practice frequent IELTS subjects

Part 2 of the Speaking test takes you to speak on a given issue for 2 minutes. The ideal way to prepare is always to common problems with family and friends. Frequent topics are entertainment, family, sport and recreation, instruction advertisements and retail, tourism, etc.

Stay Away from fillers

Have confidence in what you’re saying. We often use filler words if we are nervous or have no idea what to express. This suggests that the examiner can not access the suitable language or concepts so that it’s essential to steer clear of fillers such as: Just like Umm, Ahh… Instead, it uses words similar to those mentioned above mentioned.


Don’t use Long and uncommon words.


You, as a candidate, may want to impress the examiner with long, complex words. However, if you aren’t familiar with these, there exists a greater chance that you can make a mistake by mispronouncing words using those in the incorrect circumstance. Therefore, use language that you understand and is relevant to this issue being discussed.

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