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The Ajective Role In English Grammar Ielts Exams Preparation


The Ajective Role In English Grammar Ielts Exams Preparation


An Adjective used attributively is generally placed immediately before the noun as He is little man.

Read the following sentences :-

  1. They gave me 10 mangoes. (How many mangoes?)
  2. There is little time for preparation. (How much time ?)
  3. Girl is very clever (Girl of what kind1?)
  4. He is perfect man (Which man ?)

Descriptive Adjective or Adjectives of Quality

He has lost all his wealth.
I ate some rice.
He showed much patience.
He has little intelligence.
He claimed his half share of the booty.
There has not been sufficient rain this year.
The whole sum was expended.
We have had enough exercise.

Numeral Adjectives or Adjectives of Number

There are several mistakes in your exercise
They have taught you many things.
All men must die.
Here are many ripe mangoes.
Most boys like cricket.

Adjectives of Number or Adjectives of Quantity

You have no sense.
There are no pictures in this book.
I have enough sugar.
They did not eat any rice.
Are there any mango-trees in this garden?
There are not enough spoons.

Examples of demonstrative Adjectives point out which person or thing is meant; as,

Those rascals must be punished.
These mangoes are sour.
Yours fort once belonged to him.

Adjective Exercise
Choose all adjectives given in sentences.

  1. A live ass is better than a dead lion,
  2. Every man has his duties.
  3. Say the same thing twice over.
  4. Several persons were present at the time,
  5. The way was long, the wind was cold, the minstrel was infirm and old.+
  6. He is a man of few words.
  7. Neither party is quite in the right.
  8. What time is if?
  9. Which pen do you prefer?
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Formation of Adjectives
We can form adjective from common noun like Venture — venturesome. Many Adjectives are formed from Nouns.

Noun Adjective

  1. Courage — courageous
  2. Trouble — troublesome
  3. Glory — glorious+
  4. Shame — shameless
  5. Envy — envious
  6. Boy — boyish
  7. Outrage — outrageous
  8. Sense — senseless
  9. Man — manly
  10. Silk — silken
  11. King — kingly
  12. Gold — golden
  13. Fool — foolish
  14. Dirt — dirty
  15. Storm — stormy
  16. Care — careful
  17. Pardon — pardonable
  18. Play — playful
  19. Laugh — laughable
  20. Hope — hopeful

Some Adjectives are formed from other Adjectives.

Adjective — Adjective

  1. Black blackish
  2. Tragic tragical
  3. Whole wholesome
  4. White whitish
  5. Three threefold
  6. Sick sickly

Adjectives can be formed from verbs like

  1. Talk talkative
  2. Tire tireless
  3. Cease ceaseless

What is comparison adjectives : comparison adjectives are used to describe one and compare two or more things between.

Positive Comparative Superlative
Tall taller tallest
Bold bolder boldest
Clever cleverer cleverest
Young  younger youngest
Great greater greatest
Kind kinder kindest

The superlative adjective degree always carry with the in the beginning like the kindest,the greatest etc.

What is irregular adjective
The following Adjectives are compared irregularly, that is, their Comparative and
Superlative are not formed from the Positive.

Positive — Comparative — Superlative

Much — more — most (quantity)
Many — more — most (number)
Late — later, latter — latest, last
Old — older, elder — oldest, eldest
Far — farther — farthest
(Nigh) — (nigher) — (nighest), next
(Fore) — (former) — foremost, first
Good, well — better — best
Bad, evil, ill — worse — worst
(Fore) — further — furthest
(In) — inner — inmost, innermost
(Up) — upper — upmost, uppermost
(Out) — outer, (utter) — utmost, uttermost
Little — less, lesser — least

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Interchange of the Degrees of Comparison

How we can change degrees in adjective comparison,there are given sentences as for below :

Superlative – Dil Jally is the best drama in Islamic History.
Comparative – Dil Jally is better than any other drama in Islamic History.
Positive – No other drama in Islamic History is so good as Dil Jally.

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