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The 5 Best Songs for Online Casinos


The world of casinos and online gambling is very attractive to rock stars and musicians and you often hear in the headlines not only how much money they win there, but also lose again. When you’re in the spotlight, you often tend to go to extremes. The topic of gambling also employs music legends and many of them have already released suitable casino songs. Today we take care of the 5 best gambling songs – the Rock Edition. You may also enjoy the best games at the top non GamStop casinos.

#1 Ace of Spade – the Best for GamStop Players!

“Ace of Spades” is considered one of the most famous songs by the band Motörhead and was released in 1980. It’s in the style of speed metal that Motörhead helped shape and contains stylistic elements from punk rock and heavy metal.

One particular line from that song about gambling became famous: “You know I’m born to lose, and gambling’s for fools; but that’s the way I like it baby; I don’t wanna live forever; and don’t forget the joker!” This line roughly means he wasn’t born to lose and is losers’ gamble. But that’s always right, because he doesn’t want to live forever. You always have to have the Joker with you!

While some people also interpret this song as life, it actually has a rather mundane meaning. Because, according to singer Kilmister, it’s all about poker. He mainly mentions gambling metaphors, i.e. cards and dice, because it sounds better than, for example, describing rotating fruits in slot machines. The slot machines are actually his favorite game. Therefore, the ace of spades is mentioned again and again in the gambling song. After all, every player always wants this card. Definitely, a perfect casino song for anyone who likes hard and fast beats. For all fans of the band there is also a matching Motörhead slot machine.

#2 The Card Cheat – The Most Suitable Song for Non GamStop Casinos

Joe Strummer – the band’s lead singer – said in an interview that he was reading Sylvia Plath’s literature at the time of the album, which also includes The Card Cheat. The darkness of her style would probably also have had an influence on the dark lyrics of this song.

Since the producer was apparently so drunk at the time of recording that it was impossible to record with him, the guitarist took on this job together with the sound engineer. They opted for a complex backing track and as the band had rather spartan stage performances, ”The Card Cheat” was never played live.

They superimposed the song twice in the recording. The song is about a social outcast – a lonely gambler who eventually runs out of luck at the game and then pays with his life!

#3 Roll of the Dice – Reflecting Non GamStop Casinos

In “Roll of the Dice” gambling is compared to love. The point is that you enter the game with a high stake and then win all the more, but you can also lose. The gambling song dates from 1992 and in the lyrics the player describes how he wants to conquer his beloved while rolling the dice. He wants to win against all players in a high roller casino. Musically, the song is a classic rock Bruce Springsteen country song.

#4 Tumbling Dice – Excellent for Non GamStop Casinos

Tumbling Dice is a song from 1972 and the main character in it is – surprise! – A player! He has trouble staying faithful to a woman. So, like many Rolling Stones songs, it’s more about a woman’s story than actually gambling. The song also has some blues elements. It has become particularly well-known because of the irregular structure of the lyrics.

#5 No More War, No More Las Vegas – Good for Non GamStop Casinos’ Players

This song was released in 1998 on the album “13”. Again, it’s about the life of a player. The narrator tells of a night of gambling that didn’t end well. He’s gambled away all his money and now he wants to stop. Various stations are passed through during the song – it starts with Monopoly, goes on to Lotto, then Roulette and at the end the “crash”. Nevertheless, the basic attitude remains optimistic!

And, are you really in the mood for the casino or the game night? If you prefer to play from home first, just have a look at the top non GamStop casinos. Of course there are many more gambling & casino songs too, so feel free to keep listening – how about Elvis’ Viva Las Vegas, for example?

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