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Than,Since,Except,Without,Becuase,Lest,While,Only Conjunction Uses Lesson No 5


Than,Since,Except,Without,Becuase,Lest,While,Only Conjunction Uses Lesson No 5

IELTS English Grammar Basic English Grammar

20-Than as a Conjunction, follows modifiers and intensifiers in the relative degree; as,

  • I am preferred familiar with the nation over you are.
  • I would prefer to endure than that you should need.
  • I see you oftener than (I see) him.
  • Insight is superior to rubies (are).

21-Since, as a Conjunction, implies:

Note:- Since, when utilized as a Conjunction right now, be gone before by an action word in the present immaculate tense, and followed by an action word in the straightforward past tense.

(i)Seeing that, in light of the fact that; as

  • Since you won’t work, you shall not eat.
  • Since that is the situation, I shall pardon you.


    Since you wish it, it shall be finished.

(ii) From and after when ; as

  • Numerous things have occurred since I left school.
  • I have never observed him since that deplorable occasion occurred.


22-Except was once in acceptable use as a Conjunction; as,

  • Except a man be conceived once more, he can’t see the realm of God.
  • In modem English its place has been taken by except if.

  • Except (= except if) ye atone, ye shall all moreover die.

23-Without:- The utilization of without as a Conjunction meaning except if is currently awful English ; as,

I shall not abandon you do.

24-Because, for, since.- Of these three conjunctions, in light of the fact that signifies the nearest causal conjunction, for the most vulnerable, since interferes with the two.

25-Lest is utilized as a Subordinating Conjunction communicating a negative reason, and is proportionate to all together that… ..not’, ‘for dread that’; as,

  • Try not to be inactive, lest you come to need.
  • I was frightened lest we should be destroyed.


    Love not rest, lest thou come to neediness.

  • He fled lest he should be executed.
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Note: The modem colloquial development after lest is should. After specific articulations meaning trepidation or anxiety, lest was utilized as comparable to that; as,

(Note: Lest is uncommon in present day English.)

They dreaded lest 1 may outrage them.

26-While is utilized to mean:-

(I) while; as,

  • While he discovered deficiency, he additionally applauded.
  • The young ladies sang while the young men played.

(ii) Whereas; as,

  • White this is valid for a few, it isn’t valid for all.
  • While I have no cash to spend, you don’t have anything to spend on.

(iii) During the time that, as long as; as,

  • While he was dozing, a foe planted tares.
  • While there is life there is trust.

27-Only, as a Conjunction, implies except that, at the same time, were it not (that); as,


  • I would go with you, just I have no cash.
  • An exceptionally pretty lady, just she squints a bit.
  • The day is lovely, just rather cold.
  • He progresses nicely, just that he is apprehensive toward the beginning.

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