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Strategies For TOEFL Preparation

Strategies For TOEFL Preparation


It is nearly always stressful to take the TOEFL. First, a specific score is required. The test is expensive. You have been studying for the examination for many months. Fourth, you might find the test center noisy or crowded. It is possible that you have not slept well the previous night.

You can do nothing about it, but preparing for the TOEFL early on will help reduce stress and anxiety on test day. These are five TOEFL preparation strategies I found to be effective.


Learn to take notes For TOEFL Preparation: You only have one chance to hear audio clips during the TOEFL. Then, you will have to answer questions and speak or write about the topic that you have heard. You will need to learn how to take notes, as you can’t replay the audio. You can either practice taking notes in English or your native language. You might prefer to use both English and your native language. You want to quickly take notes and not miss anything being said by the speaker. You can try different audio clips with different lengths and complexity levels. Then listen again to the clip and check how accurate your notes are. Even things that seem simple, such as the layout of your reading notes or the legibility and clarity of your handwriting, are essential. It will help you not only on the TOEFL exam but also in all your future studies to take and remember important information quickly.

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Podcasts For TOEFL Preparation: Listen to podcasts. Many English-language radio stations online offer English-language chat radio, such as NPR or BBC, comedy, or news. Listening to native English speakers speak English at their own pace will improve your listening comprehension. Playing back podcasts can help you improve your speaking skills. You can even try to imitate the speaker’s pronunciation. Because there aren’t the same context clues, understanding a recording can be more complex than understanding a video. Podcasts are better than TV or movies for listening comprehension practice.

Learn how to touch-type For TOEFL Preparation: You will need to write the exam’s writing section on an unfamiliar computer using a QWERTY keyboard. You won’t write a great essay if you spend too much time fumbling with the keyboard. Although it seems simple, many people don’t prepare for this skill. Before your test date, ensure you can type quickly on a QWERTY keyboard in English. You can find many free online tools that will help you to learn touch typing.


Practice tests For TOEFL Preparation: You almost always aim for a specific score when you prepare for the TOEFL. Practice tests are the best way to determine if you are getting close to your goal during your TOEFL preparation. In addition, practice tests can help you get familiar with the test environment, question types, and constraints you will face on test day. You have many options to practice TOEFL, including our free EFSET test that will help you track your progress. This article is about five of the most popular TOEFL practice tests.

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Read Always For TOEFL Preparation: Every day, read: Even native English speakers can build their vocabulary by reading. You will learn more language and concepts the more you read. Your comprehension skills will improve if you read more. To expand your English vocabulary, you should read widely and carefully. It’s impossible to predict what topics will be asked on the TOEFL test. Therefore, it is best to have a wide comfort zone.

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