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SLANG WORDS MEANING WITH DEFINITION | Abbreviations are used for common uses of internet and they are also called slang words but publicly they are called slang words for uses of chat,fun,internet speaking and daily uses.

  1. SHORTY Girlfriend, attractive girl
  2. SHOTGUN Front passenger seat
  3. SHOTTA Thug, gangster or Drug dealer
  4. SHOULDA Should have
  5. SHRINK Psychiatrist
  6. SHU Secure Housing Unit
  7. SHUBZ House party, rave
  8. SHUCKS Expression of modesty or disappointment
  9. SHUG Sugar
  10. SHUP Shut Up
  11. SHURUP Shut Up
  12. SHUSH Shut up, be quiet
  13. SHUX Shucks, expression of modesty
  14. SHWE Should We
  15. SI Stop It
  16. Stupid Idiot
  17. SIA Sorry I Asked
  18. SIAP Sorry If Already Posted
  19. SIAS Say It Ain’t So
  20. SIC Latin sicut (just as) – apparent mistake
  21. SIDK Sorry, I Didn’t Know
  22. SIDS Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
  23. SIF As If
  24. SIFS Secret Internet Fatties
  25. SIG Signature
  26. SIGH Exhale depressedly
  27. SIK same as SICK
  28. SIKE Indicating the previous statement is false
  29. Psyche
  30. SIKED Psyched, excited about
  31. SIL Son-In-Law
  32. SIM Subscriber Identity Module
  33. SICK Awesome, cool
  34. SICS Sitting In Chair Snickering
  35. SID Acid, LSDSIM CARD Subscriber Identity Module for a mobile phone
  36. SIMMER Relax, chill
  37. SIO ByeSIP YEP in Spanish
  38. SIS Sister
  39. SIT Stay In Touch
  40. SITD Still In The Dark
  41. SITREP Situation Report
  42. SITTING DUCK Vulnerable, helpless target
  43. SITU Situation
  44. SIV Bad goalie in hockey
  45. SIW Someone Is Watching
  46. SIWOTI Someone Is Wrong On The Internet
  47. SIZZLE Drug OC, oxycontin
  48. SJ Society of Jesus
  49. San Jose
  50. SJGR Shit Just Got Real
  51. SK8 Skate
  52. SK8R Skater
  53. SKANKIN Form of dancing
  54. SKEED High
  55. SKEEN I See, Seen
  56. SKENG Knife, blade
  57. Gun, firearm
  58. SKETCH Unusual, dubious
  59. SKEWL School
  60. SKI Spend Kids’ Inheritance
  61. Snort cocaine
  62. SKI INSTRUCTOR Cocaine dealer
  63. SKIDADDLE Go away
  64. SKINNY Information, gossip or Thin
  65. SKINS Cigarette papers
  66. TV teen drama
  67. SKINT Broke, having no money
  68. SKITTLES Drugs
  69. SKITZ Schitzophrenic
  70. SKL School
  71. SKN OK, cool, whatever
  72. SKO Let’s Go
  73. SKOOL School
  74. SKRILLA Money
  75. SKU Stock Keeping Unit
  76. SKUX A guy who’s good with women
  77. SKYPE Internet telephone
  78. SL So Lame
  79. SLA Service Level Agreement
  80. SLAB Slow Low/Loud And Bangin’, customized car
  81. SLAN Goodbye
  82. SLAP Sounds Like A Plan
  83. SLAPPED Drunk
  84. SLAY Dominated Something
  85. SLD Second Level Domain
  86. SLEW Cut down, kill
  87. SLF Sounds Like Fun
  88. SLFN So Long For Now
  89. SLH Santa’s Little Helper
  90. SLI Scalable Link Interface
  91. SLICE Eighth of an ounce (3.5 grams) of marijuana
  92. SLICK Sharp, cool, smooth
  93. SLM Salaam (hello)
  94. SLOB Lazy, untidy, dirty person
  95. SLOL Seriously Laughing Out Loud
  96. SLOSHED Drunk
  97. SLR Single Lens Reflex (camera)
  98. SLT Salut, hello
  99. SLUGS Bullets
  100. SLY Still Love You
  101. SMACK Heroin
  102. SMACKED High on marijuana
  103. SMEXY Smart and sexy
  104. SMFT So Much For That
  105. SMG Sub-Machine Gun
  106. SMGDH Shaking My God Damn Head
  107. SMH Shaking My Head
  108. SMHID Shaking My Head In Despair
  109. SMHL Shaking My Head Laughing
  110. SMIB Southern Maryland Inbred
  111. SMIDSY Sorry Mate, I Didn’t See You
  112. SMIZE Smile with your eyes
  113. SML Screw My Life
  114. Story of My Life
  115. SMN Shoot Me Now
  116. SMOG Sweet Mother Of God
  117. SMOOCH Kiss
  118. SMOOSH Hug, squeeze
  119. SMOP Simple Matter Of Programming
  120. SMS Short Message Service
  121. SMT Sucking My Teeth
  122. SMTH Something
  123. SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
  124. SMURF Experienced gamer posing as a newbie
  125. SN Screen Name
  126. Side Note
  127. SN1 Spare No One
  128. SNAFU Situation Normal, All Fouled Up
  129. SNAG Sensitive New Age Guy
  130. Sausage
  131. SNAIL MAIL Regular postal service
  132. SNAKE Snitch, back stabber
  133. SNAKE OIL Fake medicine
  134. SNAKING Flirting
  135. SNAP Expression of dismay, surprise, joy etc
  136. SNC Social Network Check
  137. SND Search And Destroy
  138. SNES Super Nintendo Entertainment System
  139. SNF So Not Funny
  140. SNH Sarcasm Noted Here
  141. SNIDE Fake or counterfeit
  142. SNIFF Cocaine
  143. SNIPE Bid on eBay just before the auction ends
  144. SNITCH Person who tells on someone
  145. SNK Video game company
  146. SNM Say No More
  147. SNOG Kiss
  148. SNOOKIE Pet name for BF or GF
  149. SMAD Sad and mad
  150. SMALLS Underwear
  151. SMAO Study My Ass Off
  152. SMDH Shaking My Damn Head
  153. SMDHE Some Mothers Do Have Em
  154. SME Small/Medium Enterprises
  155. SMEG All purpose swear word
  156. SMEXI Smart and Sexy
  157. SNOUT Cigarette
  158. SNOW Cocaine
  159. SNR Signal To Noise Ratio
  160. SNSD Sho Nyo Shi Dae (Girl’s Generation) Korean girl group
  161. SNU What’s New?
  162. SNYK So Now You Know
  163. SO Significant Other
  164. Shout Out
  165. SO SO Neither good nor bad, average
  166. SOA State Of Alert
  167. SOAD System Of A Down
  168. SOAG Son Of A Gun
  169. SOCKPUPPET Person using a false identity
  170. SOCOM Special Operations Command
  171. SOD OFF Go away, get lost
  172. SOE Sony Online Entertainment
  173. SOF Soldier Of Fortune (Game)
  174. SOFT Powdered cocaine
  175. SOG Sea Of Green (cannabis growing)
  176. SOH Sense Of Humor
  177. SOHF Sense Of Humor Failure
  178. SOI Statement of Intent
  179. SOIDH Screenshot Or It Didn’t Happen
  180. SOK That’s OK
  181. SOLID Cool, awesome
  182. SOMD Sh*t On My Dick
  183. SOML Story Of My Life
  184. SOMSW Someone Over My Shoulder Watching
  185. SON Close Friend
  186. SONAR SOund Navagation And Ranging
  187. SOO So
  188. SOOC Straight Out Of Camera (not Photoshopped)
  189. SOOD Cool
  190. SOOK A Person Who Whines Or Is Overly Sensitive
  191. SOOTB Straight Out Of The Box
  192. SOP Standard Operating Procedure
  193. SOPA Stop Online Piracy Act
  194. SORN Statutory Off Road Notification
  195. SORTA Sort of
  196. SOS Save Our Souls (Help!)
  197. SOTA State Of The Art
  198. SOTD Song Of The Day
  199. SOUR Strong WEED
  200. SOW Female police officer
  201. SOWIE Sorry
  202. SOX Socks
  203. SOY Shame On You
  204. SOYW Something On Your Wall
  205. SOZ Sorry
  206. SP2 Service Pack 2
  207. SPAG Spelling, Punctuation And Grammar
  208. SPAM Unsolicted email
  209. SPANNER Idiot, fool
  210. SPARK Set light to (marijuana)
  211. SPAT Fight, argument, tiff
  212. SPAZ Spastic
  213. SPCA Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
  214. SPECTRE Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge, and Extortion
  215. SPED Someone who needs special education
  216. SPERG Dramatically Passionate Or Obsessive About A Subject
  217. SPEXY Sexy with glasses
  218. SPF Strictly Platonic Friend
  219. SPG Special Patrol Group
  220. SPIC Offensive term for a Hispanic person
  221. SPIM Instant Messaging SPAM
  222. SPINS Effect of drinking too much
  223. SPIT GAME Act of flirting
  224. SPITAL Hospital
  225. SPLIF A cigarette of tobacco and cannibis
  226. SPLIFF same as SPLIF
  227. SPM South Park Mexican (rapper)
  228. SPN Supernatural (TV show)
  229. SPOC Single Point of Contact
  230. SPOILER Something you would’ve prefered to find out yourself
  231. SPOOF Tube used to reduce smoking smells
  232. SPOON Cuddle
  233. SPOT Lend money
  234. SPOT ON Absolutely correct, perfect
  235. SPQR Senatus Populusque Romanus (the Senate and the people of Rome)
  236. SPROG Child
  237. SPRUNG Obsessed with someone, in love
  238. SPST Same Place, Same Time
  239. SPUN Under the influence of methamphetamine
  240. SPURS US Basketball team
  241. UK football team (Tottenham Hotspur)
  242. SQ Sound Quality
  243. SQL Structured Query Language (for databases)
  244. SQTM Smiling Quietly To Myself
  245. SQUARE Cigarette
  246. SRH Supporting Radical Habits (Clothing)
  247. SRM Stark Raving Mad
  248. SRO Standing Room Only
  249. SRS Serious
  250. SRSLY Seriously
  251. SRT Street and Racing Technology
  252. SRY Sorry
  253. SS Screen Shot
  254. SSID Service Set Identifier
  255. SSL Secure Socket Layer
  256. See Subject Line
  257. SSTS Snickering Softly To Self
  258. SSWA So Say We All
  259. ST Something
  260. ST00F Stuff
  261. STA Surveillance and Target Acquisition
  262. STACK $1000
  263. STAHP Stop
  264. STAMP OK
  265. STAN Stalker Fan
  266. SSA Subject Says All
  267. SSBB Super Smash Brothers Brawl
  268. SSBHM Super Sized BHM
  269. SSC Safe, Sane, Consensual
  270. SSD Solid State Drive
  271. SSDD Same Stuff Different Day
  272. SSH Secure Shell (Unix program)
  273. STANDARD Of course, goes without saying
  274. STANG Ford Mustang
  275. STAR Friend, buddy
  276. STAT Immediately (from Latin statim) or STATS Statistics
  277. STB Soon To Be
  278. STBE Soon-To-Be Ex
  279. STBX Soon-To-Be Ex
  280. STBY Sucks To Be You
  281. Sorry To Bother You
  282. STC Subject to Change
  283. STEAL Punch
  284. STEAMING Drunk, intoxicated
  285. STEEZ Style with ease
  286. STEEZE Style with ease
  287. STEEZY Style With Ease
  288. STELLA Flirty girl
  289. STELLAR Awesome, excellent
  290. STEM Mix of STUD and FEM
  291. STEP OFF Leave
  292. STET Let it stand (Latin)
  293. STEXT Sexy text message
  294. STG Swear To God
  295. STH Something
  296. STHG Something
  297. STHU Shut The Hell Up
  298. STK Shoot To Kill
  299. STM Short Term Memory
  300. STMF Stay Thirsty My Friends
  301. STML Short Term Memory Loss
  302. STN Spend The Night
  303. STNY Same Time Next Year
  304. STOKED Very happy, excited
  305. STOPE Awesome, cool
  306. STR Strength
  307. Short Term Relationship
  308. STR8 Straight
  309. STRAP Gun
  310. STROP Sulk, tantrum
  311. STS Smirk To Self
  312. STSP Same Time Same Place
  313. STTN Sleeping Through the Night
  314. STUNNER Good looking person
  315. STW Search The Web
  316. STY Same To You
  317. STYL Speak To You Later
  318. SU Shut Up
  319. SUAD Shut Up And Drive
  320. SULA Sweaty Upper Lip Alert
  321. SUM SomeSUM1 Someone
  322. SUMFIN Something
  323. SUMMAT Something
  324. SUP What’s Up
  325. SUPER Very, really
  326. SUBS Subwoofers
  327. SUCKS Is bad, is rubbish
  328. SUFI Super Finger
  329. SUGAR DADDY Rich older man
  330. SUH Sir
  331. SUIT Businessman, boss
  332. SUL See You Later
  333. SURE Yes (often sarcastic)
  334. SUS Suspect, suspicious
  335. SUSS Discover, understand or Suspicious
  336. SUV Sport Utility Vehicle
  337. SUX Sucks
  338. SVP S’il Vous Plait (please in French)
  339. SVS Someone Very Special
  340. SVU Special Victims Unit
  341. SW So What?
  342. Star Wars
  343. Street WorkerSWAGG Style, coolness, confidence
  344. SWAGGA Style or personality
  345. SWAGGER A person’s style
  346. SWAK Sealed With A Kiss
  347. SWALK Sealed With A Loving KissSWAMBO She Who Always Must Be Obeyed
  348. SWANK Cool, classy or Single Woman And No Kids or Second Wife And No Kids
  349. SWAT Special Weapons And Tactics
  350. SWEAT Like, love
  351. SWED Smoke Weed Every Day
  352. SWEET Awesome
  353. SWEETIE Pet name for BF or GF
  354. SWEETY same as SWEETIE
  355. SWERVE Move On
  356. SWEXY Sweet and sexy
  357. SWF Single White Female
  358. SWG Star Wars Galaxies (game)
  359. SWIDT See What I Did There?
  360. SWIFT Awesome
  361. SWIM Someone Who Isn’t Me
  362. SWIR So Wrong, It’s Right
  363. SWISHER Cheap cigar used for making BLUNTs
  364. SWIY Someone Who Isn’t You
  365. SWIZ Con, rip-off
  366. SWIZZLE Sweet
  367. SWK Star Wars Kid
  368. SWM Single White Male
  369. SWMBO She Who Must Be Obeyed
  370. SWND Sound
  371. SWOG Uncoolness, opposite of SWAGG
  372. SWOL Well built, muscular
  373. SWOLE Muscular, in good shape
  374. SWOT Person who is always studying
  375. SWPF Single White Professional Female
  376. SWPL Stuff White People Like
  377. SWPM Single White Professional Male
  378. SWT Sweat
  379. Sweet
  380. SWTOR Star Wars: The Old Republic (game)
  381. SWW Slippery When Wet
  382. SWY Sowwy (sorry)
  383. SWYD Sleep When You’re Dead
  384. SWYP So What’s Your Point?
  385. SXE Straightedge (no drink, no drugs, no sex)
  386. SY Sincerely Yours
  387. SYA See You
  388. SYF Shut Your Face
  389. SYG Shut Your Gob
  390. SYIH See You In Hell
  391. SYITM See You In The Morning
  392. SYK So You Know
  393. SYL See You Later
  394. SYLA See You Later Alligator
  395. SYM Shut Your Mouth
  396. So You Mad?
  397. SYMBIAN Mobile phone OS
  398. SYNC Synchronize
  399. SYNT See You Next Time
  400. SYOTOS See You On The Other Side
  401. SYRS See You Real Soon
  402. SYS See Ya Soon
  403. SYSOP System Operator
  404. SYT See You Tomorrow or See You There
  405. SYTYCD So You Think You Can Dance
  406. SYWISY See You When I See You
  407. T2M Talk To Me
  408. T2T Time To Talk
  409. T2UL Talk To You Later
  410. T2YL Talk To You Later
  411. T4P Thanks For Posting
  412. T4T Tit For Tat
  413. Thanks For Trade
  414. TA Thank you
  415. TAB Acid, LSD
  416. Cigarette
  417. TABOO Forbidden, not talked about
  418. TAC Cannabis resin
  419. TACKY In bad taste
  420. TACO A Mexican Food Dish
  421. Vagina
  422. Derogatory Term For Spanish Person
  423. TACP Take A Chill Pill
  424. TAD Small amount
  425. TADA Exclamation when something is finished
  426. TAE Trial And Error
  427. TAF Tell A Friend
  428. TAFN That’s All For Now
  429. TAFW Time Away From Work
  430. TAG Personal signature
  431. TAGL There’s a good lad
  432. TAHT That
  433. TAI Think About It
  434. TAKS Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills
  435. TAL Thanks A Lot
  436. Try Again Later
  437. TAMW That Awkward Moment When …
  438. TANJ There Ain’t No Justice
  439. TANK Large person, heavily built
  440. TANSTAAFL There Ain’t No Such Thing as a Free Lunch
  441. TAPPED Crazy
  442. TAR Not very pure heroin
  443. TARD Retarded person
  444. TARDIS Time And Relative Dimentions In Space
  445. TARFU Things Are Really Fouled Up
  446. TASTY Good looking
  447. Cool, awesome
  448. TAT Tattoo
  449. Rubbish, junk
  450. TATA Goodbye
  451. TATO Alright, OK
  452. TATT Tattoo
  453. TAV Marijuana
  454. TAW Teachers Are Watching
  455. TAY Thinking About You
  456. TAZE Annoy, irritate
  457. TB Text Back
  458. TBA To Be Announced
  459. TBBH To Be Brutally Honest
  460. TBBT The Big Bang Theory (TV Show)
  461. TBC To Be Continued
  462. TBCH To Be Completely Honest
  463. TBD To Be Decided
  464. TBE To be Edited
  465. TBF To Be Fair
  466. TBS Tablespoon or To Be Specified
  467. TBSS Too Bad, So Sad
  468. TBT Truth Be Told
  469. TBTF Too Big To Fail
  470. TBTG Thanks Be To God
  471. TBTH To Be Totally Honest
  472. TBTP That’s Beside The Point
  473. TBU To Be Updated
  474. TBX To Be Exact
  475. TBYS Think Before You Speak
  476. TC Take Care
  477. TCB Taking Care of Business
  478. TCBY The Country’s Best Yogurt
  479. TCCIC Take Care ‘Cause I Care
  480. TCFC Too Close For Comfort
  481. TCFN Take Care For Now
  482. TCFS Too Cool For School
  483. TCG Trading Card Game
  484. TCGB Take Care, God Bless
  485. TCH Sound of disagreement, frustration
  486. TCK Third Culture Kid
  487. TCL Tool Command Language
  488. TCOB Taking Care of Buisness
  489. TCOY Take Care Of Yourself
  490. TCP Transmission Control Protocol
  491. TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
  492. TCTC To Close To Call
  493. TD Touchdown
  494. TDDUP Til Death Do Us Part
  495. TDDWP Til Death Do We Part
  496. TDF To Die For
  497. TDG Too Damn Good
  498. TBFU Too Bad For You
  499. TBH To Be Honest
  500. TBM Tactical Boyfriend Mention
  501. TBMS To Be More Specific
  502. TBNT Thanks, But No Thanks
  503. TBPH To Be Perfectly Honest
  504. TBQF To Be Quite Frank
  505. TBQFH To Be Quite F***ing Honest
  506. TBQH To Be Quite Honest
  507. TBR To Be Real
  508. Three Days Grace (band)
  509. TDH Tall, Dark, and Handsome
  510. TDI Turbo Direct Injection
  511. Turbo Diesel Injection
  512. TDL To Do List
  513. TDM Team DeathMatch
  514. TDOT Toronto\
  515. TDS Technical Dificulties
  516. TDTF Too Drunk to Function
  517. TDWP The Devil Wears Prada (Band)
  518. TDY Temporarily Deployed for a Year
  519. TE AMO I love you (Spanish)
  520. TEAL DEER same as TLDR
  521. TEC Tec 9 handgun
  522. TECH Technician or Technology
  523. TEE T-shirt
  524. TEEF Steal
  525. TEEN Teenager, teenage
  526. TEH The Used to emphasise the next word
  527. TELNET Network Virtual Terminal Protocol
  528. TEMP Temporary (worker, file, etc.)
  529. TEN Person with a perfect body
  530. TEOTWAWKI The End Of The World As We Know It
  531. TERRIBAD Terrible and Bad, awful
  532. TEVS Whatever
  533. TEXT An SMS message sent between cell phones
  534. TF2 Team Fortress 2 (Game)
  535. TFA Thanks For Asking
  536. TFC Team Fortress Classic
  537. TFCD Time For Compact Disc
  538. TFFW Too Funny For Words
  539. TFI Thanks For the Information
  540. TFIOS The Fault In Our Stars
  541. TFL Tip For Life
  542. Transport For London
  543. TFLMK Thanks For Letting Me Know
  544. TFLMS Thanks For Letting Me Share
  545. TFLN Texts From Last Night
  546. TFM Total Frat Move
  547. TFMTK That’s For Me To Know
  548. TFP Thanks For Playing
  549. TFRM Thanks For Reminding Me
  550. TFS Thanks For Sharing
  551. TFT The Frozen Throne (Warcraft III)
  552. Thin Film Transistor
  553. TFTA Thanks For The Add
  554. TFTC Thanks For The (Geo)Cache
  555. TFTD Thought For The Day
  556. TFTI Thanks For The Info
  557. TFTL Thanks for the Link
  558. TG Thank God or Transgender or Too Good
  559. TGAL Think Globally, Act Locally
  560. TGE Misspelling of ‘the’
  561. TGFG Thank God For Google
  562. TGFI Thank God For the Internet
  563. TGFL Thank God For Life
  564. TGFT Thank God For That
  565. TGI Thank God It’s …
  566. TGIA Thank God I’m Alive
  567. TGIAF Thank God It’s Almost Friday
  568. TGIF Thank God It’s Friday
  569. TGIM Thank God It’s Monday
  570. TGIO Thank God It’s Over
  571. TGIT Thank God It’s Thursday
  572. TGOD Taylor Gang Or Die
  573. TGP Thumbnail Gallery Post
  574. TGTBT Too Good To Be True
  575. THA The
  576. THABTO Two Heads Are Better Than One
  577. THANG Thing
  578. THANQ Thank You
  579. THANX Thanks
  580. THAR There
  581. THC Tetrahydrocannabinol, active ingredient in marijuana
  582. THE BOMB Really cool
  583. THE NICK Prison
  584. THICK Well proportioned, not fat or skinny
  585. THIS I agree
  586. THIZZ Ecstasy
  587. THIZZING Tripping on Ecstasy
  588. THIZZLE Esctasy tablet
  589. THN Then
  590. THNX Thanks
  591. THO Though
  592. THOT same as HOE
  593. THOU You
  594. THRASH Thrash metal (music style)
  595. THREAD Topic On A Message Board
  596. THWU To Hell With You
  597. THX Thanks
  598. TI Texas Instruments
  599. Rapper from Atlanta
  600. TI AMO I Love You (Italian)
  601. TIA Thanks In Advance
  602. TIAB To Infinity And Beyond
  603. TIC Tongue in Cheek
  604. TID Take It Down
  605. TIDY Cool, good
  606. TIE Take It Easy
  607. TIEF Thief, thieve
  608. TIEM Misspelling of ‘time’
  609. TIF That Is Funny
  610. TIFF Argument, disagreement
  611. TIFN That’s It For Now
  612. TIGHT Close
  613. TIIC The Idiots In Charge
  614. THRU Through
  615. THT That
  616. THTH To Hot to Handle
  617. THUG Violent criminal
  618. Person struggling to make something of their life
  619. THUMBNAIL Small version of a picture
  620. THUMBS DOWN Sign of disapproval
  621. THUR There
  622. THURR There
  623. TIL Until
  624. Today I Learned
  625. TILII Tell It Like It Is
  626. TIM Time Is Money
  627. TIME Tears In My Eyes
  628. TINA Crystal Meth
  629. TINAG This Is Not A Game
  630. TINALO This Is Not A Legal Opinion
  631. TINAR This Is Not A Recommendation
  632. TING Thing
  633. TINSTAFL There Is No Such Thing As Free Lunch
  634. TINWIS That Is Not What I Said
  635. TIOLI Take It Or Leave It
  636. TIPSY Slightly drunk
  637. TIRF That/This Is Really Funny
  638. TIS It Is
  639. TISA That Is So Awesome
  640. TISNF That is so not fair
  641. TITCH Small person
  642. TITCR This Is The Credited Response
  643. TITF Take It Too Far
  644. TITT Throw In The Towel, give up
  645. TIX Tickets
  646. TJA Hi (Swedish)
  647. TK Team Killer
  648. TKD Taekwondo
  649. TKM Te Quiero Mucho (Spanish for I love you)
  650. TKO Technical Knock Out
  651. TKS Thanks
  652. TKT Don’t worry (French)
  653. TL Talk Later or True Love or Team Leader
  654. TLA Three Letter Acronym
  655. TLC Tender Loving Care
  656. TLD Top Level Domain
  657. TLDNR Too Long; Did Not Read
  658. TLDR Too Long; Didn’t Read
  659. TLDW Too Long; Didn’t Watch
  660. TLGO The List Goes On
  661. TLI Too Little Information
  662. TLK Talk
  663. TLND True Love Never Dies
  664. TLOL Truly Laughing Out Loud
  665. TLTR Too Long To Read
  666. TLYK To Let You Know
  667. TM Text Message or Text Me or Trademark
  668. TMA Take My Advice
  669. TMAI Tell Me About It
  670. TMB Text Me Back
  671. TMBG They Might Be Giants (band)
  672. TMBI Tell Me ‘Bout It
  673. TMD Damn in Chinese
  674. Too Much Detail
  675. TME Too Much Effort
  676. TMF Too Much Forehead
  677. TMH Touch My Hand
  678. TMI Too Much Information
  679. TMK To My Knowledge
  680. TML Thank Me Later
  681. Text Me Later
  682. TMLT To My Last Tweet
  683. TMM Tell Me More
  684. TMMS That Made Me Smile
  685. TMN Touch Me Not
  686. TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  687. TMO Tomorrow
  688. TMP Tactical Machine Pistol
  689. TMR Tomorrow
  690. TMRW Tomorrow
  691. TMS Too Much Swag(ger)
  692. TMSIDK Tell Me Something I Don’t Know
  693. TMT Too Much Tuna
  694. TMTC Too Many To Count
  695. TMTH Too Much To Handle
  696. TMTS Too Much Too Soon
  697. TMTT Too Much To Text
  698. TMW Tomorrow
  699. TMY Tell Me Why
  700. TMZ Thirty Mile Zone (celebrity news site)
  701. TNA Total Nonstop Action
  702. TNB There’s Nothing Better
  703. TNBM True Norwegian Black Metal
  704. TNF That’s Not Funny
  705. TNG The Next Generation (Star Trek)
  706. TNL To Next Level
  707. TNLN Took Nothing Left Nothing
  708. TNO Trust No One
  709. TNOP Totally Not Our Problem
  710. TNOT Take Note Of That
  711. TNSL Took Nothing, Signed Logbook (geocaching)
  712. TNSTAAFL There’s No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
  713. TNT Til Next Time
  714. TNTM That’s News To Me
  715. TNX Thanks
  716. TO Time Out
  717. TO BOOT As well, also
  718. TOAO The One And Only
  719. TOASTIE Toasted sandwich
  720. TOC Table Of Contents
  721. TOD Time Of Death or Time Of Day
  722. TOEFL Test Of English as a Foreign Language
  723. TOEIC Test Of English for International Communication
  724. TOFT Take One For the Team
  725. TOFTT Take One For The Team
  726. TOFU Bean curd
  727. TOH The Other Half
  728. TOKE Inhale marijuana smoke
  729. TOKER Someone who smokes marijuana
  730. TOL Thinking Out Loud or Thinking Of Laughing
  731. TOM Time Of Month
  732. TOMBOUT Talking About
  733. TOMBOY Girl who behaves like a boy
  734. TOMO Tomorrow
  735. TOMOZ Tomorrow
  736. TON One hundred
  737. TONG Asian gangster
  738. TONK Strong, muscular
  739. TOOC Totally Out Of Control
  740. TOODLE Goodbye, toodle-pip
  741. TOOL Person of low intelligence, a fool
  742. TOON Online character in RPG
  743. TOOTLES See you later, goodbye
  744. TOOTSIES Toes, feet
  745. TOPPER Person who always has a better story
  746. TOPS Wonderful, fantastic
  747. TOS Terms Of Service
  748. TOT Small child
  749. TOTB Think Outside the Box
  750. TOTD Tip Of The Day
  751. Tweet Of The Day
  752. TOTE Carry
  753. TOTES Totally
  754. TOTZ Totally
  755. TOUCH Beat, kill, rob
  756. TOUCHE Said when admitting opponent has made a good point
  757. TOW The Other Wiki (Wikipedia)
  758. TOWIE The Only Way Is Essex
  759. TOY Thinking Of You
  760. TP Toilet Paper
  761. Town Portal (diablo 2)
  762. TPAM The Person Above Me
  763. TPB The Pirate Bay
  764. TPE Total Power Exchange
  765. TPK Total Party Kill
  766. TPO Time, Place, Occasion
  767. TOTES PRESH Totally Precious
  768. TOTEZ Totally
  769. TOTGA The One That Got Away
  770. TOTM Time Of The Month
  771. TOTS Totally
  772. TOTT Think on These Things
  773. TOTUS Teleprompter Of The United States
  774. TPS Totally pointless stuff
  775. TPT Trailer Park Trash
  776. TPTB The Powers That Be
  777. TQ Thank You
  778. TQM Te Quiero Mucho (I Like You A Lot)
  779. TR Triple Rainbow
  780. TR00 True, loyal
  781. TRA Bye
  782. TRAW Thick, Rich And White
  783. TRDMC Tears Running Down My Cheeks
  784. TRDMF Tears Running Down My Face
  785. TRG Tiny Rascal Gang
  786. TRICKIN Spending money on a girl
  787. TRIFE Trifling, unimportant
  788. TRILL True and Real
  789. TRIP Experience when using a hallucinogenic drug
  790. TRIPPING Under the influence of drugs
  791. TRM That Reminds Me
  792. TROL Police patrol
  793. TROLL A deliberately provocative message board user
  794. TROLLING The act of being a TROLL
  795. TROLOL LOLING at somebody who is TROLLING
  796. TROTW The Rest Of The World
  797. TROUT Older man looking for a younger woman
  798. TRU True
  799. TRU DAT That is True, I agree
  800. TRUFAX True Fact
  801. TRYNA Trying To
  802. TSA Transportation Security Administration
  803. TSB True Story Bro
  804. TSBT Truth Should Be Told
  805. They Suck Big Time
  806. TSF That’s So Funny
  807. TSGTM That SGTM
  808. TSIA Title Says It All
  809. TSK Sound of annoyance
  810. TSM Thanks So Much
  811. TSN The Sports Network
  812. TSTB The Sooner The Better
  813. TSTL Too Stupid To Live
  814. TSUP same as SUP
  815. TT Telegrahic Transfer or Till tomorrow
  816. TTFN Ta-Ta For Now
  817. TTFW Too Tacky For Words
  818. TTG Time To Go
  819. TTGG Time To Go Girl
  820. TTH Trying Too Hard
  821. TTIUWP This Thread Is Useless Without Pictures
  822. TTIWWP This Thread Is Worthless Without Pictures
  823. TTJASI Take This Job And Shove It
  824. TTL Thank The Lord
  825. Time To Live (network cache)
  826. TTLY Totally
  827. TTM Talk To Me
  829. TTML Talk To Me Later
  830. TTO Time To Own
  831. TT4N Ta Ta For Now
  832. TTBOMK To The Best Of My Knowledge
  833. TTC Trying To Conceive
  834. TTD Textually Transmitted Disease
  835. TTEOT Till The End of Time
  836. TTFAF Through The Fire And Flames (song)
  837. TTFL Ta Ta For Later
  838. TTOTM That Time Of The Month
  839. TTP To The Point
  840. TTR Time To Relax
  841. TTT Third Tier Toilet (bad school)
  842. TTTE Thomas The Tank Engine
  843. TTTH Talk To The Hand
  844. TTTT These Things Take Time
  845. TTTTY Time To Talk To You
  846. TTUL Talk To You Later
  847. TTUS Talk To You Soon.
  848. TTUT Talk To You Tomorrow
  849. TTUTT To Tell You the Truth
  850. TTY Talk To You
  851. TTYF Talk To You Forever
  852. TTYIAB Talk To You In A Bit
  853. TTYITM Talk To You In The Morning
  854. TTYL Talk To You Later
  855. TTYM Talk to You Ma
  856. TTYRS Talk To You Real Soon
  857. TURF Area, part of the neighborhood
  858. TURN UP Get Hyped, Excited, Wild
  859. TURNT Hyped Up or Drunk or High or Horny
  860. TUVM Thank You Very Much
  861. TUX The penguin Linux mascot
  862. TVD The Vampire Diaries
  863. TVM Thanks Very Much
  864. TW Trigger Warning
  865. TWAIN Technology Without An Interesting Name
  866. TWAS It Was
  867. TWD Texting While Driving
  868. TWEAKED High on drugs
  869. TTYS Talk To You Soon
  870. TTYT Talk To You Tomorrow
  871. TTYTT To Tell You The Truth
  872. TTYVS Talk To You Very Soon
  873. TUDE Bad attitude
  874. TUFF Rugged
  875. TUL Tell You Later or Text You Later
  876. TUNE Flirt
  877. TWEAKING same as SPUN
  878. TWEEKER A methamphetamine user
  879. TWEET A post on Twitter
  880. TWEETER Person who posts on Twitter
  881. TWF That Was Funny
  882. TWFAF That’s What Friends Are For
  883. TWHS That’s What He Said
  884. TWID That’s What I Do
  885. TWIHARD Die-hard Fan Of The Twilight Saga
  886. TWIMC To Whom It May Concern
  887. TWISTED High and drunk
  888. TWIT Foolish person
  889. That’s What I Thought
  890. TWITA That’s What I’m Talking About
  891. TWITCON Profile picture on Twitter
  892. TWITTER A social networking site
  893. TWITTER JAIL Having reached your tweeting limit
  894. TWLOHA To Write Love On Her Arms
  895. TWOC Taken Without Owner’s Consent
  896. TWONK Idiot, fool
  897. TWOP Television Without Pity
  898. TWOT Total Waste Of Time
  899. TWS Typical Woman Syndrome
  900. TWSS That’s What She Said
  901. TWT Time Will Tell
  902. TWTMC To Whom This May Concern
  903. TWU That’s What’s Up
  904. TWYL Talk With You Later
  905. TWYMS That’s What Your Mom Said
  906. TX Thanks
  907. TXT SMS message
  908. TY Thank You
  909. TYB Try Your Best
  910. TYBG Thank You Based God
  911. TYFAYS Thank You For All Your Support
  912. TYFE Thank You For Everything
  913. TYFYT Thank You For Your Time
  914. TYG There You Go
  915. TYJ Thank You Jesus
  916. TYL Text You Later
  917. TYLJ Thank You Lord Jesus
  918. TYM Thank You Much
  919. TYMBI Thought You Might Be Interested
  920. TYPO Typing mistake
  921. TYS Thank You Sir
  922. TYSM Thank You So Much
  923. TYSVM Thank You So Very Much
  924. TYT Take Your Time
  925. U.U Expressing sympathy
  926. U2 You Too
  927. U2B YouTube
  928. U2U Up To You
  929. UA4I You Asked For It
  930. UAC User Account Control
  931. UAE United Arab Emirates
  932. UAK You Already Know
  933. UAN Universal Access Number
  934. UARK You Already Know
  935. UAV Urban Assault Vehicle
  936. UB2 You Be Too
  937. UB3R Uber, very
  938. UBD User Brain Damage
  939. UBER Ultimate, best (German for above)
  940. UBRS Upper Black Rock Spire (WOW)
  941. UC&P Up Close and Personal
  942. UCAP Up Close and Personal
  943. UCLA University of California at Los Angeles
  944. UDA Ulster Defence Association
  945. UDI Unidentified Drinking Injury
  946. UDK You Don’t Know
  947. UDS Ugly Duckling Syndrome
  948. UDWK You Don’t Wanna Know
  949. UEFA Union of European Football Associations
  950. UES Upper East Side (of Manhattan)
  951. UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship
  952. UFF Expression of annoyance
  953. UFG Up For Grabs
  954. UFO Unidentified Flying Object
  955. UG Ugly
  956. UG2BK You’ve Got To Be Kidding
  957. UGC User Generated Content
  958. UGG Ugly
  959. UGGO Ugly person
  960. UGGS Brand of boots
  961. UGH Expression of disappointment or disgust
  962. UH Expression of hesitation
  963. UHF Ultra High Frequency
  964. UHM same as UH or UM
  965. UHQ Ultra High Quality
  966. UHT Ultra High Temperature
  967. UHU Misspelling of HUH
  968. UI User Interface
  969. UID User Identification
  970. UIN Unique Identification Number
  971. UK Are You OK?
  972. UKT You Know That
  973. UKWIM You Know What I Mean
  974. UKWUR You Know Who You Are
  975. UL Upload
  976. ULM You Love me
  977. ULT Last month (from Latin ultimo)
  978. UM Expression of hesitation
  979. UMAD Are You Mad?
  980. UMBJ You Must Be Joking
  981. UMML You Make Me Laugh
  982. UMTWTM You Mean The World To Me
  983. UN United Nations
  984. UNCE Sound of club music
  985. UNDIES Underwear
  986. UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
  987. UNI University
  988. UNICEF United Nations Children’s Fund
  989. UNIX Computer operating system
  990. UNK Crackhead
  991. UNO You know
  992. UNPC Not Politically Correct
  993. UNTZ Sound of a pulsing beat
  994. UO Ultima Online (game)
  995. UOENO You Don’t Even Know
  996. UPG Upgrade
  997. UPS United Parcel Service or Uninterruptible Power Supply
  998. UPT Uptown
  999. UR Your or You Are
  1000. UNO United Nations Organization



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