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Parts Of Speech Verbs Role In English Grammar


Parts Of Speech Verbs Role In English Grammar

Verbs: What are Linking Verbs?

Verbs are normally viewed as “action words,” however did you realize that there is a sort of verbs which does not really demonstrate a type of physical or mental action? This principle type is known as the linking verb, which is at times alluded to as the copular verb.

Elements of Linking Verbs

As referenced before, linking verbs don’t express actions. So what precisely do they do? Essentially, linking verbs associate the subject in the sentence with the subject complement or demonstrate a condition of being/condition.

Linking verbs may connect the subject with a descriptive word.


Her mother was glad for her accomplishments.

The underlined linking verb connects the subject (mother) with the modifier (glad).

Ezekiel appeared to be depleted when I saw him for a moment back.

In this model, the underlined verb connects the subject (Ezekiel) with the descriptive word (depleted).

Linking verbs may connect the subject with a thing.


He is a wreck.

The linking verb “is” connects the subject (he) with the thing (mess).

Contamination seemed, by all accounts, to be the reason for death.

“Appeared” works as a linking verb that connects “contamination” with “cause.”

Linking verbs may connect the subject with a pronoun


The cloth could be hers.

In this sentence, the linking verb “could be” connects the subject (cloth) with the pronoun “hers.”

Examples of Linking Verbs

The following is a rundown of linking verbs that are types of the verb “to be” and are most usually utilized in regular correspondence or recorded as a hard copy:

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are being
has been
had been
will be
might have been
Sample Sentences:
Robert Langdon is a claustrophobic.
The teachers thought that the play was offensive.
They were excited for the field trip.
Other Linking Verbs

Beside these linking verbs, there are additionally some which can be considered as either verbs of sensation or verbs of presence. Both of these sorts of linking verbs can likewise work as active verbs, which show types of actions. With the end goal for you to see better, example sentences and their implications will be accommodated your reference.

Examples of verbs of sensation:
Examples of verbs of existence:

Examples of Linking Verbs as active verbs:

Aslam tasted the treated duck egg just because.

Shockingly, the treated duck egg tasted great.

In the primary sentence, “tasted” is something that Jacob is doing. Accordingly, it is an active verb. Be that as it may, in the subsequent sentence, the equivalent underlined word basically connects the subject with “great” and does not infer a genuine action.

The recently prepared treats smell magnificent.

He smelled the treats when they were removed from the stove.

In the principal sentence, the verb “smell” fills in as a linking verb that connects the subject with the descriptive word “sublime,” while in the subsequent one, a similar verb works as an active verb that exhibits a real action of smelling (sniffing).

Extra Tips and Final Thoughts

The principle contrast among active and linking verbs is that active verbs exhibit explicit actions, while linking verbs associate the subject with the subject complement in the sentence. Beside that, linking verbs permit changing of positions between the subject and the subject complement. In contrast to active verbs be that as it may, linking verbs don’t modify the significance of the sentence.

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For instance:

Linking Verb

The striker of the football crew is Phil Younghusband.

Phil Younghusband is the striker of the football crew.

You will see that the significance of the sentence did not change, despite the fact that the places of the subject and the subject complement were exchanged.

Active Verbs

The educator tossed the chalk.

The chalk tossed the educator.

Without exhaustive examination, you will promptly observe the adjustment in importance. In the main sentence, the practitioner of the action is the “teacher,” while in the subsequent one, it is the “chalk.”

Linking verbs can be viewed as extremely basic parts that make sentences strong and increasingly significant. A profound comprehension of this idea is significant in light of the fact that it will enable you to build efficient arrangements and improve your discourse too. Simply recollect the things examined in this article, and you will probably utilize linking verbs fittingly and adequately.

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