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Parts Of Speech Lesson No 4 Basic English Grammar Ielts Grammar Preparation


Parts Of Speech Lesson No 4 Basic English Grammar Ielts Grammar Preparation

Uses of well,near,needs,neither,next,what,while,why,yet,more,much

Use of Next

Preposition. — they were sitting next to her.
Adjective. — You will eat you next Frinday.
Noun. — I shall tell you more about it in my next.
Adverb. — What next?

Use of What

Inter. Adjective. — What foods have you got?
Interjection. — What ! you do not say so?
Adverb. — What the hell, the whole nation is doing.
Inter. Pronoun. — What do they want?
Relative Pronoun. — Ask him what support he does for you.

Use of While

Noun. — Lie down while bend yourself.
Conjunction. — While a great actor, she is a greater filmstar also.
Verb. — They while away their evenings with sports kits and dinner.

Use of Yet
Conjunction. — They are willing, yet unable.
Adverb. — There is more proof yet to be presented.

Use of More

Adverb. — They should speak less and dor more.
Adjective. — We want more men like him.
Pronoun. — More of them die in bed than out of it.

Use of Much

Adverb. — They boast too much.
Pronoun. — Much of it is false.
Adjective. — There is much logic in what he says.

Use of Well

Interjection. — Well, who would have thought it?
Noun. — Let well together.
Adverb. — Well begun is half done.
Adjective. — I hope you are now well.

Use of Near

Adverb. — Draw near and speak.
Adjective. — He is a near relation.
Preposition. — His car is near the bazar.
Verb. — He nears.

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Use of Needs

Adverb. — He needs must come.
Noun. — My needs are big.
Verb. — It needs to be done with sense.

Use of Neither

Pronoun. — It was difficult to tell where neither will trust.
Conjunction. — Give me neither riches nor poverty nor.
Adjective. — Neither accusation is right.

Use of Why

Interjection. — Why, You are frank!
Interro. Adverb. — Why did they do it?
Relative Adverb. — I know the cause why they did it.
Noun. — This is the time to to eat it.

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