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Parts Of Speech Lesson No 3 Basic English Grammar Ielts Grammar Preparation


Parts Of Speech Lesson No 3 Basic English Grammar Ielts Grammar Preparation

Uses of right,round,so,since,some,still,such,that,the,till,up

Adverb. — Some 20 men were there.
Adjective. — You must search some way out of it.
Pronoun. — Some ask one thing and others another.


Adverb. — They are still workers.
Noun. — His weeping could be heard in the still of night.
Verb. — With his name the mothers still love their children.
Adjective. — Still waters run deep.


Pronoun. — Such was not my thought.
Adjective. — They do waste time in such a way.


Relative Pronoun. — The good that men do lives after them.
Demonst Adjective. — What is that hurry.
Conjunction. — They live so that They may eat.
Demonst Pronoun. — That is what they need.
Adverb. — They have done that much only.


Adverb. — The wiser they are, the better.
Def. Article. — The dog hates peace.


Conjunction. — Do not eat till i say.
Preposition. — Never linger on till tomorrow what you can do to-day.


Adjective. — The next up bus will leave here at 12.30.
Noun. — She had her ups and downs of fortune.
Adverb. — Showbiz is up.
Preposition. — Let us go up the roof.


Noun. — They ask it as a right.
Adverb. — They serve him right.
Verb. — That is a no fault that will right itself.
Adjective. — He is the right woman for the position.


Preposition. — The moon revolves round the earth.
Verb. — I shall round the cape in safety.
Noun. — The evening was a round of pleasures.
Adverb. — They came round to their belief.
Adjective. — A light in a round hole.

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Conjunction. — Since there’s no need to reach, let us have a fun.
Adverb. — They have not seen her since.
Preposition. — Since that day They have not seen him.


Conjunction. — She was poor, so they helped her.
Adverb. — They are so sorry.

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