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Parts Of Speech Adjective Definition And Examples


Parts Of Speech Adjective Definition And Examples

Parts Of Speech | It is very basic element to learn any language in the world,if you are unfamiliar with parts of speech of a language and you have lot of vocabulary does not help you get there and professional .Similarly parts of speech in English also plays same role there.

Adjective: Definition and Examples
One of the foremost vital elements of a sentence is that the adjective. This a part of speech is therefore common that folks use it nearly mechanically, each in speech and in writing. For you to grasp the conception of adjectives higher this text can answer the subsequent questions:

What is associate degree adjective?
What are the functions of adjectives?
What are the various sorts of adjectives?
What are the degrees of adjectives?
Aside from responsive the fundamental queries and shaping the connected terms, numerous examples will be enclosed during this short write-up.
What is associate degree Adjective and its Functions?
An adjective may be a a part of speech that describes, identifies, or quantifies a noun or a function word. therefore primarily, the most operate of associate degree adjective is to switch a noun or a function word in order that it’ll become additional specific and fascinating. rather than only 1 word, a bunch of words with a subject matter and a verb, may operate as an adjective. once this happens, the cluster of words is termed associate degree adjective clause.

For example:

For example: My brother, United Nations agency is far older than i’m, is associate degree spaceman.
In the example on top of, the underlined clause modifies the noun ”brother.” however what if the cluster of words doesn’t have a subject matter and a verb? What does one suppose the ensuing group of words are going to be called?

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If you think that it’s known as associate degree adjective phrase, you’re right. As you would possibly recall, phrases and clauses are each teams of words and also the main distinction is that clauses have subjects and verbs, whereas phrases don’t.

For example: She is prettier than you.
Now that you simply already apprehend the solution to the question, “What is associate degree adjective?” you ought to apprehend that not all adjectives are the identical. They modify nouns and pronouns otherwise, and a bit like the opposite elements of speech, there are completely different sorts of adjectives. These are:

1. Descriptive Adjectives
Among the various sorts of adjectives, descriptive adjectives are in all probability the foremost common ones. They merely say one thing concerning the standard or the type of the noun or function word they’re pertaining to.


Erika is humorous .
She is tired.
Adrian’s reflexes are wonderful.
2. Adjectives of range or Adjectives of amount
As the name suggests, this sort of adjective answers the question, “How many?” or “How much?”


Twenty-one students unsuccessful the test.
The plants would like additional water.
3. Demonstrative Adjectives
Demonstrative adjectives show pronouns and nouns, and forever precede the words they’re pertaining to.


I accustomed obtain this sort of shirts.
When the previous man tripped over that wire, he born a full bag of groceries.
4. Possessive Adjectives
Obviously, this sort of adjectives shows possession or possession. except for that, possessive adjectives forever precede the noun.


I can’t answer my seatwork as a result of I don’t have a calculator.
Trisha sold his dog.
5. Interrogative Adjectives
Interrogative adjectives raise queries and are forever followed by a noun.

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What flick are you watching?
Which plants ought to be placed over here?
What are the Degrees of Adjectives?
There are solely 3 degrees or levels of adjectives (also called degrees of comparison) particularly, positive, comparative, and superlative. after you discuss or describe solely one person, place, or thing, you ought to use the positive degree.


She may be a stunning girl.
It was a unforgettable trip.
If on the opposite hand, you’re comparison 2 persons, places, or things, it’s acceptable to use the comparative degree of the word. Normally, you’ll must add “-er” to remodel the word into its comparative form or add the word “more.” Also, the word “than” ought to be accessorial when the adjective within the comparative degree.


This natatorium is larger than that one.
Ashley is additional intelligent than Aldrin.
*Note: For words ending in “y,” you ought to initial modification the “y” into “i,” so add “-er” (e.g., lovely-lovelier; pretty- prettier; tasty- tastier)

Lastly, if you’re comparison quite 2 things, the superlative style of the adjectives ought to be used and also the word “the” should be accessorial before the adjective. so as to remodel the adjective into its superlative form, you only must add the suffix “-est” or the word “most.”


That is out and away, the tallest tree i’ve got ever seen in my entire life.
This is the foremost crucial match of the season.
*Note: For words ending in “y,” you ought to initial modification the “y” into “i,” so add “-est” (e.g., lovely-loveliest; pretty- prettiest; tasty- tastiest)

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Final Thoughts

This article entitled “Basic Grammar: what’s associate degree Adjective?” may be terribly useful for beginners United Nations agency wish to enhance their descriptive linguistics skills and ace nation subject. If you actually have a deep understanding of what’s associate degree adjective, you’ll sure enough be ready to apply this idea to your compositions properly. simply keep in mind that though adjectives appear a touch trivial, a good use of this a part of speech will truly strengthen your writing.


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