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Omission Of The Article Ielts Exams Preparation English Grammar


Omission Of The Article Ielts Exams Preparation English Grammar

Omission of the Article
The Article is omitted-
1-Before predicative nouns denoting a unique position, i.e., a position that is normally
held at one time by one person only; as,
He was elected chairman of the Board.
Mr. Banerji became Principal of the College in 1995.
2- In certain phrases consisting of a transitive verb followed by its object; as,
to catch fire, to take breath, to give battle, to cast anchor, to send word, to bring word, to
give ear, to lay siege, to set sail, to lose heart, to set foot, to leave home, to strike root, to
take offence.
3-Before names of substances and abstract nouns (i.e. uncountable nouns) used in a
general sense; as,

Gold is a precious metal.
Wisdom is the gift of heaven.
Honesty is the best policy.
Virtue is its own reward.
Sugar is bad for your teeth.

4-Before plural countable nouns used in a general sense; as,

Computers are used in many offices.

Children like chocolates.

5-Before most proper nouns (except those referred to earlier), namely, names of people
(e.g. Gopal, Rahim), names of continents, countries, cities, etc. (e.g. Europe, Pakistan,
Nagpur), names of individual mountains (e.g. Mount Everest), individual islands, lakes,
hills, etc.

6-Before names of meals (used in a general sense); as,
What time do you have lunch?
Dinner is ready.

7-In certain phrases consisting of a preposition followed by its object; as,
at home, in hand, in debt, by day, by night, at daybreak, at sunrise, at noon, at sunset, at
night, at anchor, at sight, on demand, at interest, on earth, by land, by water, by river, by
train, by steamer, by name, on horseback, on foot, on deck, in jest, at dinner, at ease,
under ground, above ground.

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8- Before languages; as,
We are studying English.
They speak Punjabi at home.

9-Before names of relations, like father, mother, aunt, uncle, and also cook and nurse,
meaning ‘our cook’, ‘our nurse’, as,
Father has returned.
Aunt wants you to see her.
Cook has given notice.

10-Before school, college, university, church, bed, hospital, prison, when these places are
visited or used for their primary purpose; as,
I learnt French at school.
We go to church on Sundays.
He stays in bed till nine every morning.
My uncle is still in hospital.

Complete the following sentences by filling in a or an or the as may be suitable:-

1-The world is — happy place.
2-He returned after — hour.
3- — school will shortly close for the Puja holidays.
4. — reindeer is a native of Norway.
5. Honest men speak — truth.
6. Rustum is —.
7. Do you see — blue sky.
8. Varanasi is — holy city.
9. Copper is — useful metal.
10. He is not — honorable man.
11. — able man has not always a distinguished look.
12. Aladdin had — wonderful lamp.

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