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ODI World Cup odds


The Cricket  tournament is considered the most prestigious in this sports discipline. Most of the participating countries are former British colonies. The first ODI World Cup odds was held in England in 1975. The Australian national team became the champion of this tournament 5 times, thus setting a record. The Indian team has won the Championship twice. In 1973, the women’s version of this championship began its history.


All matches of this tournament last 1 day. The duel consists of 2 innings, in the first one beats one opponent, and in the second – the other. The game can last 6 or more hours. The first match of this Championship took place in 1971 in England. The opponents were the teams of Great Britain and Australia.

The One-Day International format, which is used for this tournament, has its own characteristics that distinguish this type of cricket from test matches. For Test cricket, it is mandatory for both teams to have white uniforms. And in the matches of this championship, you can use equipment of any color. 

Test cricket also implies the presence of a red ball. And in ODI and Twenty20 matches, a red projectile is used. This is due to the fact that earlier test cricket was not carried out under artificial lighting. ODI cricket matches are more suitable for television broadcasts due to their dynamism and quick change of events on the field. This commercial sport cricket has received great fan recognition.

Bets on Cricket World Cup at Parimatch bookmaker

In order for the bet to have a successful outcome, the player needs to conduct high-quality and competent preparation. To analyze the upcoming match, it is necessary to take into account the following features of the match:

  1. Starting draw;
  2. Weather;
  3. Pitch coverage;
  4. Preparation of teams and the physical condition of the leading players.

Before the start of the fight, the referee tosses a coin and determines the order of attacks. This procedure has a significant impact on the final result of the entire match. According to statistics, the team that carries out the first attack, in most cases, gains an advantage.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account such indicators as the field factor, because the quality of the game and the speed of the players can vary depending on the type of coverage.

The current level of physical fitness of teams is one of the key aspects of the analysis of cricket matches. In this sports discipline, there are often cases when the winners of the first match at the home arena win in the following matches, but the team that played away fails. It depends on the habit of playing a certain type of pitch.

Types of bets

Pre-match and live cricket betting is no different from football. In bets on this sport, the same classic outcomes, handicaps, totals, double chances and others are presented. Let’s talk about each of them in detail:

Exodus. In the one-day cricket format, in the bookmaker lines, you can find outcomes only to win. In the popular format of cricket – the first level is represented by a line for outcomes with three paths (P1-X-P2).

Handicap. When a favorite meets an outsider, you can use a minus and a plus handicap (only with a strong belief in the underdog). A popular bet on cricket is the zero handicap. Bettors use it when two approximately equal teams meet in the class.

Total. There are team totals, general and individual. Match statistics. Cricket is rich in various statistics and minor events.

Statistical indicators. In popular cricket matches, it will be possible to bet on team and individual data – who will win the first partnership, the number of run-outs and so on.

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