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New App To Practice IELTS Tests

IELTS-International English Test System

International English Test System is your most secure option to get An English evaluation if you intend to certificate your Language skills. It occurs in over 80 countries, and there’s almost no academic or government institution that doesn’t recognize its value.


IELTS is considered one of the very prestigious examinations on the Planet, is based by Cambridge University and the British Council, with notable titles like these using an IELTS certification, which could help you out on your life in more ways than you’d think, too…


The Exponential Growth of IELTS While The Pandemic


Continuing your IELTS journey throughout the COVID-19 situation


Information on taking IELTS during the Covid-19 Situation and about IELTS Indicator, a brand new online test that you can take from home.


British Council Role Throughout Covid-19 Pandemic


Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, our pupils, customers, and Partners’ health is our priority.


As a global organization, the British Council joins 80 Million people in 100 countries through arts and culture, education, and the English Language.


In many countries, we temporarily paused this activity in Response to government and health authority guidance. Now, 4-5 percent of our instruction centers and 79 percent of IELTS test centers are open. We still deliver our ethnic work through digital mediums where possible.



If You Would like to know if your examination, program, or class is Influenced, please check our office’s website in your country from the first instance.


IELTS Academic and General Training – online stuff Available for the two tests


Exercise zone – prepare Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening questions only as you’d find in the test.


Sample videos get advice and learn from previous test-takers.



Timed practice tests – equally IELTS on paper and computer Tests available


“My Progress” segment – match your targets using intending And monitoring tools.


“Resource Bank” section – profit entry into the dent Calculator, evaluation count down, as well as other resources to advance your preparation.


This IELTS Preparation App Can Help You


Advice from IELTS experts: Learn the Tips which Can give you the best possibility of finding the ring score you want – everything from British Council teachers.


IELTS mock papers: Whenever you’re ready, attempt some IELTS Preparation Practice papers, specially created by the British Council. Publish out them and do them in test conditions or do them on the IELTS on computer simulation so that they’re exactly like the actual thing.


Plan and track: With All These IELTS study stuff to get Through, use the Study Planner to prepare your test economically.


Interactive exercises: Get to understand the IELTS question kinds And job types with over 300 online interactive. These come with instant marking and feedback.


Prepare for your test with assistance from British Council, the English language pros.



Prepare with assurance for your approaching IELTS Academic or General Training evaluation. The IELTS Prep App gives you unlimited and instant access to all of the perfect tools you will need to prepare for your exam — anytime, anywhere.


Prepared by the world’s English experts, have helped over million people improve their Language; the easy-to-use program enables you to practice questions similar to the ones you’ll face in the test. So if the day arrives, you’ll know just what to anticipate.


Practice exams, learn with Your interactive course, Top Functions:


  1. Comprehensive overview of these IELTS evaluations


  • Practice your Writing, Listening, Reading, and Speaking Skills with your expert tools


  1. Free practice IELTS tests


  • Prepare for all types of questions you’ll find in the evaluation


  1. Grammar exercises


  • Enhance Your understanding of tenses along with other critical English grammar, track your progress with quizzes


Other IELTS App Features:


  • Quizzes to test your comprehension of the IELTS test
  • Preparation checklist
  • Useful Guidelines and tips for your IELTS test
  • Assessment criteria explained
  • Vocabulary exercises
  • Create a countdown to your evaluation date 



Get assistance from our online IELTS teachers our educators:


Allow us to introduce our multicultural team of instructors, Who have extensive teaching experience with the formation and preparation in various evaluations, which allow the students to realize different language certifications.


Test today! Boost your odds of getting the IELTS score you deserve.


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