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MOST COMMON INTERNET SLANG WORDS USED | Abbreviation words with explanations are given for most common usage of our daily routine life.Every student should learn these common abbreviations,slang words to heart as they play their vital role in our daily speaking,reading,learning and listening routine life.

  1. CHOICE Nice, great
  2. CHOLO Mexican Gangster
  3. CHONG Good looking, attractive, cute
  4. CHOO You
  5. CHOOB High level player who acts like a noob
  6. CHOONG Good looking, buff
  7. CHOP IT UP Talk
  8. CHOPPER AK-47 assault rifle
  9. CHORTLE Chuckle and Snort
  10. CHOUT Chill Out
  11. CK CRIP Killa
  12. CLOUD The Internet (non-local storage, software etc)
  13. CLOUD 9 Feeling of euphoria, high
  14. CLT Currently Listening To
  15. CLUBBING Visiting nightclubs
  16. CLUBHEAD Person who goes to clubs a lot
  17. CKI Chair-Keyboard Interface
  18. CKL Chuckle
  19. CLAP Gonorrhea, STD
  20. CLAPPED Shot
  21. CLARET Blood
  22. CLASS Cool, excellent
  23. CLEO Chief Law Enforcement Officer
  24. CLI Command Line Interface
  25. CLICK Kilometre
  26. CLIQUE Group of friends
  27. CLM Career Limiting Move
  28. CLOCK Look at Hit
  29. CLUT Clumsy person
  30. CLUTCH Perform under pressure
  31. CLWY Can’t Live Without You
  32. CM Call Me
  33. CMAR Cry Me A River
  34. CMNT Comment
  35. CMOS Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
  36. CMS Content Management System
  37. CMT Comment
  38. CMU Cracks Me Up
  39. CMYK Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key/blacK
  40. CNA Certified Nursing Assistant
  41. CNC Command and Conquer
  42. CND Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
  43. CNN Cable News Network
  44. CNY Chinese New Year
  45. CO Commanding Officer OR Corrections Officer OR Company Counter Offer
  46. CO2 Carbon Dioxide
  47. COA Certificate Of Authenticity
  48. COALBURNER White woman that dates black men
  49. COCK UP Mistake, mess
  50. COCKY Thinking too highly of yourself
  51. COD Cash On Delivery or Call Of Duty
  52. COD4 Call Of Duty 4 (Game)
  53. CMB Call Me Back
  54. CMC Casi Me Cago (Spanish LOL)
  55. CMD Command
  56. CME Close My Eyes
  57. CMEO Crying My Eyes Out
  58. CMH Cross My Heart
  59. CMHO Cry My Heart Out
  60. CMI Count Me In
  61. CMIIW Correct Me If I’m wrong.
  62. CMIYC Catch Me If You Can
  63. CML Call Me Later
  64. CMN Call Me Now
  65. CODE Computer program or Write a computer program
  66. CODEC Coder-Decoder (usually for audio/video data)
  67. COED Coeducational (men and women together)
  68. COG Coalition of Gears (game)
  69. COKE Cocaine or Coca Cola
  70. COL Crying Out Loud
  71. COLA Top bud of a marijuana plant
  72. COMMANDO Without underwear
  73. COMMY Communist
  74. CONDO Apartment
  75. CONGRATS Congratulations
  76. CONT Continued
  77. CONTD Continued
  78. CONVO Conversation
  79. COO Cool
  80. COOKIE Small file relating to a website
  81. COOL Awesome, great
  82. COOL BEANS Cool, awesome, great
  83. COOLIN same as CHILLing
  84. COP Officer of the law or Close of Play
  85. COPACETIC Cool, OK, excellent
  86. COPY THAT I understand
  87. COPYCAT Someone who copies someone else
  88. COURSE Of course, certainly
  89. COW Offensive term for a woman
  90. COYB Come On You Blues
  91. COYBIG Come On You Boys In Green
  92. COYG Come On You Gunners
  93. COYOTE Person who smuggles immigrants
  94. COYR Come On You Reds
  95. COPYPASTA Post that has been copied and pasted
  96. COR God
  97. CORNY Uncool, overused
  98. COS Because
  99. COSPLAY Costume Play
  100. COTCH Relax, chill
  101. COTD Comment Of The Day
  102. COUCH POTATO Lazy person who sits all day watching TV
  103. COUGAR Older woman looking for a younger man
  104. COUGER Older woman looking for a younger man
  105. COUGH Confess, come clean
  106. COUPLE Two people in a relationship
  107. COYS Come On You Spurs
  108. COZ Because
  109. CPC Cost Per Click
  110. CPI Consumer Price Index
  111. CPL Cyberathlete Professional League (gaming)
  112. CPM Cost Per Thousand
  113. CPR Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
  114. CPT Colored People’s Time
  115. CPU Central Processing Unit
  116. CQB Close Quarters Battle
  117. CQC Close Quarters Combat
  118. CQTM Chuckle Quietly To Myself
  119. CQTMS Chuckle Quietly To Myself
  120. CREASING Laughing
  121. CREEP Weird, undesirable person
  122. CREEPER Someone who views your profile but doesn’t make contact
  123. CREPS Trainers
  124. CREY Cry
  125. CRIB House, residence
  126. CRICKETS Said after a lame joke to break the silence
  127. CRIMBO Christmas
  128. CRIP Community Restoration in Progress (gang) or Gang member
  129. CR Credit or Copyright or Carriage Return
  130. CRAB Derogatory word for a CRIP
  131. CRACK A form of cocaine
  132. CRACKA Offensive term for a white person
  133. CRAIC Good times/gossip/music/drinking (Irish)
  134. CRAY Crazy
  135. CRAY CRAY Really crazy
  136. CRB Criminal Records Bureau (UK)
  137. CRBT Crying Real Big Tears
  138. CRC Cyclic Redundency Check
  139. Chat Room Chuckle
  140. CRIT Critical hit (gaming)
  141. CRM Customer Relationship Management
  142. CROAK Die
  143. CROW Marijuana
  144. CRT Cathode Ray Tube
  145. CRUNK Crazy and drunk
  146. CRUSH Infatuation, attraction
  147. CRUSTY Dirty, unwashed person
  148. CRV Compact Recreational Vehicle
  149. CS Counter-Strike
  150. CSA Cheap Shot Artist
  151. CSB Cool Story Bro (sarcastic)
  152. CSI Crime Scene Investigation (TV show)
  153. CSL Can’t stop laughing
  154. CSM Client Side Modification
  155. CSR Customer Service Representative
  156. CTRN Cant Talk Right now
  157. CTS Chuckles To Self
  158. CTU Counter Terrorist Unit
  159. CU See You
  160. CUAD Curl Up And Die
  161. CUCKOO Mad, bonkers, crazy
  162. CUDDY Buddy, friend
  163. CUFF Overprotect, smother
  164. CUFFED Taken, has a BF or GF
  165. CUG Closed User Group
  166. CUH Cousin, homie, bro
  167. CUIAB See You In A Bit
  168. CUL See You Later
  169. CSS Counter Strike: Source or Cascading Style Sheet
  170. CST Central Standard Time
  171. CSU California State University
  172. CSV Comma Separated Values
  173. CTC Call The Cell
  174. CTD Crash To Desktop
  175. CTF Capture The Flag or Claim To Fame
  176. CTHU Crack The Hell Up
  177. CTM Chuckling To Myself
  178. CTN Can’t Talk Now
  179. CTO Check This Out
  180. CTR Click Through Rate
  181. CTRL Control (key)
  182. CUL8ER See You Later
  183. CUL8R See You Later
  184. CULA See You Later, Alligator
  185. CULO Ass (Spanish)
  186. CUMBERBITCH Female Fan Of Benedict Cumberbatch
  187. CUOL See You On Line
  188. CUPCAKE Soft, loving person
  189. CUPPA Cup of (usually) tea
  190. CUS Friend
  191. CUSH High grade marijuana
  192. CUSHTI Good, great
  193. CUSS Curse, swear
  194. CUT See You Tomorrow or See You There
  195. CUTCH Snuggle up
  196. CUTE Someone/thing that is attrative in an innocent way
  197. CUTIE Cute, attractive person
  198. CUTY Cutie
  199. CUWYL Catch Up With You Later
  200. CUZ Because
  201. CUZZ Friend, cousin
  202. CWOT Complete Waste Of Time
  203. CWT Hundred Weight, 100lbs (112lbs UK)
  204. CWTCH Hug or cuddle
  205. CWTCU Can’t Wait To See You
  206. CWTSY Can’t Wait To See You
  207. CWUC Call When You Can
  208. CWYL Chat With You Later
  209. CYB Count Your Blessings
  210. CYBI Can You Believe It?
  211. CYDI Can You Dig It?
  212. CYDM Check Your Direct Messages
  213. CYE Check Your Email
  214. CYF Cross Your Fingers
  215. CYL Catch You Later
  216. CUZZO Friend
  217. CV Curriculum Vitae, resume
  218. CVV Card Verification Value
  219. CW Clockwise
  220. Continuous Wave
  221. CWB Crazy White Boys
  222. CWD Comment When Done
  223. Cringe, Wither, Die
  224. Chronic Wasting Disease
  225. Chicks With Dicks
  226. CYL8R See You Later
  227. CYM Check Your Mail
  228. CYO See You Online
  229. CYOOT Cute
  230. CYPH To Share A Smoke
  231. CYT See You Tomorrow
  232. CZ Condition Zero (game)
  233. D BO Steal
  234. D&D Dungeons and Dragons
  235. D&M Deep and Meaningful
  236. D8 Date
  237. D: Suprised, shocked
  238. D:< Angry
  239. D; Crying
  240. DA TheDistrict Attorney or Dad
  241. D’S Dayton rims
  242. D(M)V DC, Maryland, Virginia
  243. Department of Motor Vehicles
  244. D-DAY 6th June 1944
  245. Designated day when operations are due to commence
  246. D/C Disconnected
  247. D00D Dude
  248. D12 Dirty Dozen
  249. D2F same as DTF
  250. D2M Dead to Me
  251. DA BOMB Excellent, the best
  252. DAB Digital Audio Broadcasting
  253. DADA Defence Against the Dark Arts (Harry Potter)
  254. DADT Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
  255. DAE Does Anybody Else
  256. DAG Damn or Unfashionable person
  257. DAGGY Uncool, not trendy, untidy
  258. DAGO Offensive term for an Italian
  259. DAM Don’t Ask Me
  260. DAMAGE Cost of something
  261. DAMHIK Don’t Ask Me How I Know
  262. DAMHIKT Don’t Ask Me How I Know That/This
  263. DANG Damn
  264. DANK Very potent marijuana or Incredibly good, awesome
  265. DAP Touching of fists greeting
  266. DAQ Don’t Ask Questions
  267. DARE Drug Abuse Resistance Education
  268. DBA Don’t Bother Asking
  269. DBC Dime By Comparison
  270. DBD Don’t Be Dumb
  271. Death Before Dishonor
  272. DBEYR Don’t Believe Everything You Read
  273. DBF Dat Be Fair
  274. DARL Darling
  275. DARN Damn
  276. DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
  277. DAT That
  278. DATO Dining At The Orifice
  279. DAVID Cool guy
  280. DAW Digital Audio Workstation
  281. DAWG Close Friend
  282. DAYUM Damn
  283. DB Douche Bag
  284. DBI Douche Bag Index
  285. Don’t Beg It
  286. DBJ Don’t Be Jealous
  287. DBL Don’t Be Late
  288. DBM Don’t Bother Me
  289. DBMS Database Management System
  290. DBNT Don’t Bother Next Time
  291. DBR Damaged Beyond Repair
  292. DBS Don’t Be Stupid
  293. Don’t Be Sad
  294. DD FREE Disease And Drug Free
  295. DDB Deaf, Dumb, Blind
  296. DDF Drug and Disease Free
  297. DDG Drop Dead Gorgeous
  298. DDI Don’t Do It
  299. DDMMYY Day Month Year
  300. DDOS Distributed Denial of Service (network attack)
  301. DDR Dance Dance Revolution (Game)
  302. DDT Don’t Do That
  303. Don’t Be Scared
  304. DBT Doing Big Things
  305. DBZ Dragon Ball Z
  306. DC Don’t Care
  307. DCED Dissconected
  308. DCF Department of Children and Families
  309. DCI Drum Corps International
  310. DCOI Don’t Count On It
  311. DCT Dream Come True
  312. DE The
  313. DEA Drug Enforcement Administration
  314. DEAD ASS Serious
  315. DEALING Acting like boyfriend/girlfriend or Selling drugs
  316. DEAR Drop Everything And Read
  317. DEB Don’t Even Bother
  318. DEBO Steal
  319. DEC Decent
  320. DECENT Good, awesome
  321. DECK Cool or Punch hard
  322. DED Dead from joy, hilarity etc
  323. DEGT Don’t Even Go There (i.e. I don’t want to talk about it)
  324. DEH same as DOH
  325. DEKE Avoid, fake, decoy
  326. DELISH Delicious
  327. DEM Them
  328. DEN Then or Private room
  329. DENCH Awesome, cool
  330. DEPT Department
  331. DEEC Decent
  332. DEECE Decent, cool, great
  333. DEETS Details
  334. DEEZ These
  335. DEF Cool, great, excellent
  336. DEFF Definitely
  337. DEFFO Definitely
  338. DEFO Definitely
  339. DEFS Definitely
  340. DER Duh!
  341. DERE There
  342. DERO Derelict, loser
  343. DEROB Very bored
  344. DERP Reply to stupid comment or action
  345. DERR same as DUH
  346. DERV Diesel Engine Road Vehicle
  347. DESI Someone from the Indian subcontinent
  348. DESPO Desperate
  349. DESU It is (Japanese)
  350. DET Don’t Even Trip
  351. DETAI Don’t Even Think About It
  352. DEUCES Peace
  353. DEVO Devastated
  354. DEY They
  355. DF Dumbass Frankenstein
  356. DFE Dead Fish Experience
  357. DFF Don’t Forget to Flush
  358. DFI Don’t Force It
  359. DFLI Don’t Feel Like It
  360. DFM Dance Floor Makeout
  361. DFO Done Fell Out
  362. DFS Dating For Sport
  363. DFTBA Don’t Forget To Be Awesome
  364. DFTD Done For The Day
  365. DFTS Don’t Forget to Smile
  366. DFTSYP Don’t Forget To Say Your Prayers
  367. DFTT Don’t Feed The Troll
  368. DFW Down For Whatever
  369. DG Don’t Go
  370. DGI Don’t Get Involved
  371. Don’t Get It
  372. DHYB Don’t Hold Your Breath
  373. DIAF Die In A Fire
  374. DIAO Cool, hip
  375. DIBS A claim
  376. DIC Do I Care?
  377. DIDDO same as DITTO
  378. DIDO same as DIDDO
  379. DIG Understand or Enjoy, like
  380. DGK Dirty Ghetto Kids (skateboards)
  381. DGOT Don’t Go Over There
  382. DGT Don’t Go There
  383. DGTWM Don’t Go There With Me
  384. DH Darling Husband
  385. DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
  386. DHL Shipping Company
  387. DHMU Don’t Hit Me Up
  388. DHS Department of Homeland Security
  389. Department of Health Services
  390. DHTML Dynamic HTML
  391. DHV Demonstration of Higher Value
  392. DIGG Social bookmarking website
  393. DIGITS Telephone number
  394. DIGS Home, lodgings
  395. DIKU Do I Know You?
  396. DIKY Do I Know You?
  397. DIL Daughter-In-Law
  398. DILLIC Does It Look Like I Care
  399. DILLIGAD Do I Look Like I Give A Darn?
  400. DIME $10 of a drug or Very attractive person
  401. DIMER same as 10
  402. DIMM Dual In-line Memory Module
  403. DIN Do It Now
  404. DIN DIN Dinner
  405. DINERO Money
  406. DING Just hit new level in RPG
  407. DINGBAT Stupid person, idiot
  408. DINGY Ignore
  409. DINK Dual Income No Kids
  410. DINKY Tiny, small
  411. Dual Income No Kids Yuppie
  412. DINLO Stupid person
  413. DINT Did not, didn’t
  414. DIP Leave
  415. DIPPED Fashionable
  416. DIQUE Supposedly
  417. DIRT Low grade marijuana or Gossip
  418. DIS Did I Say
  419. DISO Desperately In Search Of
  420. DISS Disrespect
  421. DISSING Being disrespectful
  422. DISTRO Distribution (software, music, etc)
  423. DIT Details In Thread
  424. DITD Down In The Dumps, sad
  425. DK Don’t Know
  426. DKDC Don’t Know, Don’t Care
  427. DKFS Don’t Know For Sure
  428. DKM Don’t Kill Me
  429. DKNY Donna Karan New York
  430. DKP Dragon Kill Points (MMORPGs)
  431. DKY Don’t Know Yet
  432. Don’t Kid Yourself
  433. DL Down Low or Download
  434. DITTO The same, me too, I agree
  435. DITZY Acting dumb and innocent
  436. DIV Stupid person
  437. DIVA Talented, but arrogant, female performer
  438. DIVX Video format
  439. DIY Do It Yourself
  440. DIZZY Crazy, mad
  441. DJ Disc Jockey or Dow Jones or Dinner Jacket
  442. DJM Don’t Judge Me
  443. DLAM Don’t Laugh At Me
  444. DLB Don’t Look Back
  445. DLC Downloadable Content
  446. DLL Dynamic Link Library (computer file)
  447. DLN Don’t Look Now
  448. DLS Dirty Little Secret
  449. DLTBBB Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite
  450. DLTBGYD Don’t Let The Bastards Grind You Down
  451. DLTM Don’t Lie To Me
  452. DLV Demonstration of Lower Value
  453. DM Don’t Mind or Doesn’t Matter or Direct Message
  454. DMAF Don’t Make A Fuss
  455. DMAL Drop Me A Line
  456. DMB Dave Matthews Band
  457. DMC Deep Meaningful Conversation
  458. DMCA Digital Millennium Copyright Act
  459. DMG Damage
  460. DMI Don’t Mention It
  461. DMIID Don’t Mind If I Do
  462. DMM Don’t Mind Me
  463. DMML Don’t Make Me Laugh
  464. DMN Damn
  465. DMS Dirty Money Syndicate
  466. DMT Di-Methyl Tryptamine (drug)
  467. DMTA Dirty Minds Think Alike
  468. DMV Department of Motor Vehicles
  469. DMW Dead Man Walking
  470. DMX Dark Man X (rapper)
  471. DMY Don’t Mess Yourself
  472. DMZ De-militarized zone
  473. DN Doing Nothing
  474. DNA Deoxyribonucleic Acid
  475. Did Not Attend
  476. DNM Does Not Matter
  477. Deep and Meaningful
  478. DNO Don’t Know
  479. DNP Do Not Post
  480. DNR Do Not Resuscitate
  481. DNS Domain Name Service
  482. Did Not Start
  483. DNT Don’t
  484. DNTK Don’t Need To Know
  485. DNW Do Not Want
  486. DOA Dead On Arrival or Deteriorate On Approach
  487. DOB Date Of Birth
  488. DOBE Idiot
  489. DOC Doctor
  490. DNB Drum And Bass
  491. DNC Democratic National Committee
  492. DND Do Not Disturb
  493. DNDC Don’t Know, Don’t Care
  494. DNE Do Not Erase
  495. Does Not Exist
  496. DNF Did Not Finish
  497. DNFTT Do Not Feed The Troll
  498. DNK Do Not Know
  499. DOD Day of Defeat
  500. DODGY Of questionable legality, morality, integrity
  501. DOE Depends On Experience
  502. DOF Depth of Field
  503. DOFL Dying On Floor Laughing
  504. DOG Telephone or Ugly person
  505. DOG FOOD Heroin
  506. DOGG Friend, buddy
  507. DOH Expression of frustration, realization
  508. DOHC Dual Overhead Cam
  509. DOI Duh
  510. DOJA Marijuana, weed
  511. DOKE Diet Coke
  512. DOL Dying Of Laughter
  513. DOLO Alone, solo
  514. DOMA Defense Of Marriage Act
  515. DOMO Thank you (Japanese)
  516. DOODE same as DUDE
  517. DdOFUS Stupid person
  518. DOOM Classic FPS
  519. DOPE Heroin or Cool, awesome
  520. DORB Adorable
  521. DORK Silly, socially inept person
  522. DOS Disk Operating System or Denial Of Service (attack) or Dad Over Shoulder
  523. DOMS Delayed Onset Muscular Soreness
  524. DON Top man, Mafia boss
  525. DONE Finished
  526. Drunk, intoxicated
  527. DONNO I don’t know
  528. DOOBIE Marijuana cigarette, joint
  529. DOOD Dude
  530. DOSH Money
  531. DOSHA Marijuana
  532. DOSSER Lazy person or Vagrant, Tramp
  533. DOT Damage Over Time
  534. DOTA Defence Of The Ancients
  535. DOUCHE Idiot
  536. DOUGH Money, cash
  537. DOUGIE Swagger
  538. Dance style
  539. DOW Dawn Of War (game)
  540. Dow Jones Industrial Average
  541. DOWNER Someone or something that brings the mood down
  542. DOWNS Downs-Syndrome
  543. DOX Documents
  544. DOXING Collect Personal Information
  545. DPI Dots Per Inch
  546. Don’t Push It
  547. Dressed as a woman
  548. DPS Damage Per Second (MMORPG)
  549. DPT Dipropyltryptamine (drug)
  550. DPU Data Processing Unit
  551. DPYN Don’t Pick Your Nose
  552. DQ Disqualified
  553. DQMOT Don’t Quote Me On This
  554. DQYDJ Don’t Quit Your Day Job
  555. DR Double Rainbow
  556. DRAG Inhale smoke from cigarette or joint
  557. DRAW Cannabis
  558. DRED Cruel, bad
  559. DRINKY POO Alcoholic drink
  560. DRIVE BY Recce, check out
  561. DRM Digital Rights Management
  562. DRO HyDROponically grown marijuana
  563. DROVE Mad, angry
  564. DRT Dead Right There
  565. DS Darling Son
  566. DSD Do Some Damage
  567. DSL Digital Subscriber Line
  568. DSLR Digital Single Lens Reflex (camera)
  569. DTH Down To Hang
  570. DTL Does The Look
  571. DTM Doing Too Much or Dead To Me
  572. DTMS Does That Make Sense?
  573. DTMWTD Don’t Tell Me What To Do
  574. DTP Disturbing The Peace
  575. DSP Digital Signal Processing
  576. DSS Department of Social Services
  577. DST Daylight Saving Time
  578. DT Down Town
  579. DTA Don’t Trust Anyone
  580. DTAM Death To All Men
  581. DTB Don’t Text Back
  582. DTC Down To Cuddle
  583. DTD Drunk Till Dawn
  584. Drunk Till Death
  585. DTE Down To Earth
  586. DTR Define The Relationship
  587. DTRT Do The Right Thing
  588. DTS Down The Shore or Down To Snuggle
  589. DTT Don’t Touch That
  590. DTTC Don’t Text The Cell
  591. DTTM Don’t Talk To Me
  592. DTYT Don’t Take Your Time
  593. DU JOUR Of the day (French)
  594. DUB Twenty (dollars, dollars of drugs, inch rims)
  595. DUB DUB DUB WWW, World Wide Web
  596. DUBSTEP Music genre
  597. DUCES Goodbye
  598. DUCWIC Do You See What I See?
  599. DUCY Do you see why?
  600. DUDE A name for anyone (esp surfers, skaters)
  601. DUDETTE Female dude
  602. DUDS Casual clothes
  603. DUECES Misspelling of DEUCES
  604. DUFUS same as DOOFUS
  605. DUH Of course
  606. DUI Driving Under the Influence
  607. DULM Do You Love Me?
  608. DUB SACK A $20 bag of marijuana
  609. DUBS Twenty inch wheels
  610. DUM Misspelling of Dumb, stupid
  611. DUN Son
  612. DUNNO Don’t Know
  613. DUNZO Done, over, finished
  614. DUO Do Unto Others
  615. DUPA Ass
  616. DUPE Duplicate
  617. DUR Duh
  618. DUSTY Ugly
  619. DUTCH Joint or Split the cost
  620. DUTTY Dirty
  621. DVD Digital Versatile Disc
  622. DVDR DVD Recordable
  623. DVDRIP Video copied from a DVD
  624. DURS Damn, You Are Sexy
  625. DUS Does
  626. DUSS Run away
  627. DUST Angel dust, PCP
  628. DVI Digital Visual Interface
  629. DVR Digital Video Recorder
  630. DVT Deep Vein Thrombosis
  631. DW Don’t Worry
  632. DWA Driving While Asian
  633. DWAG Misspelling of DAWG
  634. DWAI Don’t Worry About It
  635. DWB Driving While Black
  636. DWBH Don’t Worry, Be Happy
  637. DWBI Don’t Worry ‘Bout It
  638. DWEEB Dork, nerd
  639. DWEET Do it
  640. DWF Divorced White Female
  641. DWI Deal with it
  642. DWISNWID Do What I Say Not What I Do.
  643. DWL Dying With Laughter
  644. DWM Divorced White Male
  645. DWMT Don’t Waste My Time
  646. DWP Drunk While Posting
  647. DWT Driving While Texting
  648. DWTH Don’t Work Too Hard
  649. DWTS Dancing With The Stars
  650. DWTTAI Don’t Want To Talk About It
  651. DYHWIH Do You Hear What I Hear?
  652. DYJ Do Your Job
  653. DYJHIW Don’t You Just Hate It When…
  654. DYK Did You Know
  655. DYKT Did You Know That?
  656. DYKWIM Do You Know What I Mean?
  657. DWU Don’t Wait Up
  658. DX D-generation X
  659. DXC Deathcore (music style)
  660. DY same as DWAI
  661. DYAC Damn You Auto Correct
  662. DYD Don’t You Dare
  663. DYEL Do You Even Lift?
  664. DYL Do You Like…?
  665. DYLM Do You Love/Like Me?
  666. DYM Do You Mind or Do You Mean
  667. DYOR Do Your Own Research
  668. DYS Do You See?
  669. DYT Don’t You Think?
  670. DZ Drop Zone
  671. E-CIG Electronic Cigarette
  672. E-DATING Online dating
  673. E-VITE Electronic Invitation
  674. E1 Everyone
  675. E2EG Ear To Ear Grin
  676. EA Electronic Arts
  677. E&OE Errors and omissions excluded
  678. EAS End of Active Service
  679. EB Eyeball
  680. EBCAK Error Between Chair And Keyboard
  681. EBD End of Business Day
  682. EBM Electronic Body Music
  683. EBONY Dark skin tone
  684. EBT Electronic Benefits Transfer
  685. ECG Electrocardiogram
  686. ECO Ecological or Enconomical
  687. ECT Misspelling of ‘etc’
  688. ECU Electronic Control Unit
  689. ECW Extreme Championship Wrestling
  690. EDC Every Day Carry
  691. EDD Estimated Delivery Date
  692. EEK Expression of surprise, distress
  693. EEPROM Erasable EPROM
  694. EFA Edited For Accuracy
  695. EFG Epic Fail Guy
  696. EFL English as a Foreign Language
  697. EFT Electronic Funds Transfer
  698. EFTPOS Electronic Funds Transfer at Point Of Sale
  699. EG For example (exempli gratia) or Evil Grin
  700. EGL Elegant Gothic Lolita
  701. EH What? Huh?
  702. EI Eat It
  703. EIE Enough Is Enough
  704. EL Chicago’s elevated rail system
  705. ELBOW A pound of marijuana
  706. ELE Everybody Love Everybody
  707. ELF Every Lady’s Fantasy
  708. ELH Every Little Helps
  709. ELI5 Explain Like I’m 5
  710. ELITE Skillful, quality, professional
  711. ELLO Hello
  712. EDDRESS Email address
  713. EDGY Cutting edge
  714. EDJ Energy Drink Junkie
  715. EDM Electronic Dance Music
  716. EDT Eastern Daylight Time
  717. Estimated Delivery Time
  718. EEC European Economic Community
  719. EEE Expression of excitement
  720. EEG Extremely Evil Grin
  721. ELNS Eller noe s
  722. ELO Electric Light Orchestra (band)
  723. ELOL Evil Laugh Out Loud
  724. ELP Emerson, Lake, and Palmer (band)
  725. EM E-Mail Them
  726. EMA E-mail Address
  727. EMAIL Electronic Mail
  728. EMAW Every Man a Wildcat
  729. EMCEE MC, Master of Ceremonies
  730. EMO Emotional
  731. EMOJI Tiny Pictures Used In Texts To Communicate A Feeling Or A Concept
  732. EMOTICON Sequence of characters representing an emotion eg 🙂
  733. EMP Electromagnetic Pulse
  734. EMS Emergency Medical Service
  735. EMT Emergency Medical Technician
  736. ENC Enclosure
  737. ENDZ Area where you live
  738. ENE Northerner
  739. ENIAC Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer
  740. ENNIT Expression of agreement
  741. ENO Awesome, cool
  742. ENT Isn’t
  743. EOB End Of Business
  744. EOC End Of Conversion
  745. EOD End Of Discussion
  746. EOTW End Of The World
  747. EOTWAWKI End Of The World As We Know It
  748. EOW End Of Watch
  749. EP Extended Play
  750. EPIC Extremely awesome
  751. EPIC FAIL Total failure
  752. EPIN Epic Win
  753. EPL English Premier League
  754. EOE Equal Opportunity Employer
  755. EOF End Of File
  756. EOG End Of Grade
  757. EOL End Of Lecture
  758. EOM End Of Message
  759. EOR End Of Rant
  760. EOS End Of Show
  761. EOT End Of Thread (i.e. end of discussion)
  762. EOTD End Of The Day
  763. EPOS Electronic Point Of Sale
  764. EPROM Electronically Programmable ROM
  765. EQ EverQuest (game)
  766. EQE Easy Quick Efficient
  767. ER Emergency Room
  768. ERB Herb, Marijuana
  769. ERK Irk, annoy
  770. ERM Awkward conversation filler
  771. ERO Erotic
  772. ERP Erotic Role-Play
  773. ESA European Space Agency
  774. ESQ Esquire
  775. ESRB Entertainment Software Rating Board
  776. EST Eastern Standard Time or Established
  777. ESTD Easier Said Than Done
  778. ET Extra Terrestrial
  779. ETA Estimated Time of Arrival or Edited to Add
  780. ETC Et Cetera (and so on)
  781. ESB Empire Stikes Back (Star Wars)
  782. ESC Escape key
  783. ESD Electro-Static Discharge
  784. ESE Friend, homeboy (Hispanic)
  785. ESH Donkey (Armenian)
  786. ESKI Type of urban music
  787. ESL English as Second Language
  788. ESOL English for Speakers of Other Languages
  789. ESP Extra Sensory Perception
  790. ESPN Entertainment and Sports Programming Network
  791. ETD Estimated Time of Departure
  792. ETF Escape The Fate (band)
  793. ETHERNET same as LAN
  794. ETID EveryTime I Die (band)
  795. ETW Enjoy The Weekend
  796. EU European Union
  797. EUA End User Agreement
  798. EUC Excellent Used Condition
  799. EULA End User License Agreement
  800. EV Expected Value
  801. EVA Ever
  802. EWE Epilogue, What Epilogue?
  803. EWW Expression of disgust
  804. EX Former girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband etc or Example
  805. EXE Windows program file
  806. EXP Experience points in games
  807. EXPO Exposition, large-scale public exhibition
  808. EXT Extension
  809. EXTRA Over the top, excessive
  810. EY Hey
  811. EYEBALL Look at Estimate measurement by looking
  812. EYO Hey, yo(u)
  813. EZ Easy
  814. EZPZ Easy peasy, very easy
  815. EVL Evil Laugh
  816. EVS Whatever
  817. EVT Ei Voi Tiet
  818. EVVK Couldn’t Care Less (Finnish)
  819. EW Exclamation of disgust
  820. EWBA Everything Will Be Alright
  821. E_E Tired, exhausted
  822. F1 Formula One
  823. F2F Face To Face
  824. F2P Free To Play or Files To Peers
  825. F2T Free To Talk
  826. F5 Refresh
  827. FASHO For sure
  828. FAT File Allocation Table
  829. FAT32 32 bit File Allocation Table
  830. FAUX HAWK Smaller, Shorter Version of a Mohawk Hairstyle
  831. FAUX PAS Social blunder (French for ‘false step’)
  832. FAV Favorite
  833. FAVE Favorite
  834. FBC FaceBook Chat
  835. FBF Facebook Friend
  836. FBG Fat Bottomed Girl
  837. FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation
  838. FBM Fine By Me
  839. FBO Facebook Official
  840. FBTW Fine, Be That Way
  841. F8 Fate
  842. F9 Fine
  843. F@ Fat
  844. FAA Federal Aviation Administration
  845. FAAB Female-Assigned At Birth
  846. FAAK Falling Asleep At Keyboard
  847. FAB Fabulous
  848. FABU Fabulous
  849. FACE PALM Slap forehead with the palm of your hand
  850. FADE Kill, disgrace or Haircut
  851. FADED High, stoned, drunk
  852. FAE From
  853. FAFWOA For A Friend Without Access (when about to ask a silly question)
  854. FAG Cigarette
  855. FAI Forget About It
  856. FAIK For All I Know
  857. FAIL Suck
  858. FAM Family
  859. FAMALAM Family, close friend
  860. FAMBO Family, close friend
  861. FAMO Friend, dude, family member etc
  862. FAMS Family
  863. FANFIC Fanfiction
  864. FANNYING Wasting time, messing about
  865. FANTABULOUS Fantastic and fabulous
  866. FAO For Attention Of
  867. FAQ Frequently Asked Question
  868. FBW Fly by wire
  869. FC Fingers Crossed
  870. Full Combo
  871. FCFS First Come First Served
  872. FEENIN An Intense Craving Or Yearning
  873. FEENING Craving, wanting really badly
  874. FEH Expression of dismissal, disgust
  875. FELLA Man, boyfriend
  876. FELLAS Close friends
  877. FELLER Fellow, man
  878. FER For
  879. FESS Confess
  880. FETCH Cool, trendy, awesome
  881. FF Final Fantasy
  882. FF5 Family Force 5 (band)
  883. FFA Free For All
  884. FFFA Fit From Far Away
  885. FFI For Further Information
  886. FFL Falling From LOLing
  887. FCOL For Crying Out Loud
  888. FCS For Christ’s Sake
  889. FDA Food and Drug Administration
  890. FDR Franklin Delano Roosevelt
  891. FE Fair Enough
  892. FEAE For Ever And Ever
  893. FEAT Featuring
  894. FEDEX Federal Express (shipping company)
  895. FEDS FBI agents, police
  896. FEDZ Police
  897. FEE Female
  898. FEELS Feelings
  899. FEEN Man
  900. FFN Farewell For NowFFR Flash Flash Revolution (game)
  901. For Future Reference
  902. FHS For Heaven’s Sake
  903. FI Forget It
  904. FIC Fanfiction
  905. FICCL Frankly, I Couldn’t Care Less
  906. FIDDY Fifty
  907. FIF Fifth Amendment
  908. FIFA Federation International de Football Association
  909. FIFO First In First Out
  910. FIFY Fixed It For You
  911. FIG JAM F*** I’m Good Just Ask Me
  912. FIL Father-in-law
  913. FILO First In, Last out
  914. FIN Finished
  915. FINA About to do (something)
  916. FINK Snitch, informer
  917. FINNA Going To
  918. FFTL From First To Last
  919. FFWF Fight Fire With Fire
  920. FFX Final Fantasy 10 (game)
  921. FG Fat Girl or Family Guy
  922. FGJ For Great Justice
  923. FGS For God’s Sake
  924. FHE First Hand Experience
  925. FHM For Him Magazine
  926. FHO Friends Hanging Out
  927. FINO Failure Is Not an Option
  928. FIO Figure It Out
  929. FIRM Gang of soccer hooligang Organised criminal gang
  930. FIRME Cool, good, nice
  931. FISH First In Still Here
  932. FIT Good looking, hot, sexy
  933. FITB Fill In The Blanks
  934. FITE Fight
  935. FITTIN TO About to, getting ready to
  936. FITY Fifty
  937. FIVE O Police
  938. FIX A dose of drugs
  939. FIXIN TO About to, getting ready to
  940. FIYA Fire or The Greatest
  941. FIZZLE Fool
  942. FJ Foot Job
  943. FKA Formerly Known As
  944. FL Fake Laugh
  945. FLA Florida
  946. FMOT Follow Me On Twitter
  947. FMTKFYTFO For Me To Know, For You To Find Out
  948. FMV Full Motion Video
  949. FNA For Necessary Action
  950. FNAR For No Apparent Reason Snigger
  951. FNB Football And Beer
  952. FNE Free And Easy
  953. FNO From Now On
  954. FNX Thanks
  955. FO SHO For Sure
  956. FO’SHIZZLE For Sure
  957. FOA First Of All
  958. FLURGE Urge To Be Flaccid
  959. FLW Famous Last Words
  960. FLY Zipper or Awesome or cool
  961. FLYFF Fly For Fun (MMORPG)
  962. FM Freqeuncy modulation (radio signal)
  963. FMA Full Metal Alchemist
  964. FMB F***-Me Boots
  965. FMCG Fast Moving Consumer Goods
  966. FMDIDGAD Frankly My Dear , I Don’t Give A Damn
  967. FMH For Him Magazine
  968. FMI For More Information
  969. FMJ Full Metal Jacket
  970. FMLA Family and Medical Leave of Absence
  971. FMO For Members Only
  972. FOAF Friend Of A Friend
  973. FOB Fresh Off the Boat
  974. FOBR Fall Out Boy Rock (website)
  975. FOC Free Of Charge
  976. FOCL Falling Off Chair Laughing
  977. FOE Family Over Everything
  978. FOF Full of Fail
  979. FOFL Falling On Floor Laughing
  980. FOFO Fourty Four caliber gun
  981. FOGO Fear Of Going Out
  982. FOO Fool
  983. FOOD Marijuana
  984. FOOPA Fat in belly area
  985. FOOTY Football, soccer
  986. FOPS Fake cops (security guards etc)
  987. FORTE Area of expertise, strength
  988. FOSHO For Sure
  989. FOI Freedom Of Information
  990. FOIA Freedom of Information Act
  991. FOLDED Drunk, wasted
  992. FOM Far Out Man
  993. FOMCL Falling Off My Chair Laughing
  994. FOMO Fear Of Missing Out
  995. FOMS Fear Of Missing Something
  996. FON Freak Of Nature
  997. FOSS Free and Open Source Software
  998. FOT Fat, but HOT
  999. FOTB Fresh Off The Boat
  1000. FOTC Flight of the Conchords

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