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Letter Writing Specimen Formal Informal | How to write informal and formal letters,Letter should cover main front page as letter writing means you want to say someone important things in formal letter and informal letter you want to ask someone in casual way.

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Letter writing tips

Always use proper grammar ,spelling and complete sentences structures.Never do long writing in letter writing.

How To Write A Good Letter

Formal letter writing

  1. Date (Month Day, Year)
  2. Mr./Mrs./Ms./Dr. (Full name of the recipient)
  3. Title/Position of Recipient
  4. Company Name
  5. Recipient’s Address Line
  6. Dear Ms./Mrs./Mr. Last Name:
  7. Subject: Title of Subject (This is optional, but it helps the reader to know what the letter is about without having to read through the letter)
  8. Body Paragraph 1 (Let the reader know why you’re writing this letter, and briefly introduce yourself)
  9. Body Paragraph 2 (This will be the main content of your letter)
  10. Body Paragraph 3 (This is where you start to end your letter and briefly summarize your letter, why you’re writing or what you want)
  11. Closing (Sincerely…),
  12. Signature
  13. Your Name

Informal letter writing

  1. Return Address Line
  2. Your Title
  3. Date(Month Day, Year)
  4. Dear (Name of Recipient):
  5. Body Paragraph 1 (This is generally the introduction of the letter. This is where you disclose why you’re writing the letter.)
  6. Body Paragraph 2 (This is the main content of your letter.)
  7. Body Paragraph 3 (This is where you start to end your letter.)
  8. Closing (Sincerely, Best, Love…),
  9. Signature

This is very alarming situation when someone wants to be expert in English speaking but he does not try to write a letter even.Practice makes a man perfect.We always wait for someone who will teach us or guide us for fluent English speaking or English writing or English listening or English reading.Our hopes are wrong expected we do not practice a lot how to do with English.


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