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Learning English by Watching Movies


       Learning foreign languages is not the easiest work. Sometimes it can be so boring that you are starting to ask yourself whether it is worth it. There are multiple different tips for learning different languages. English is not a complicated language though you will have to pass lots of exams and get different certificates in order to proceed your education in English-speaking countries. Also, it is one of the most popular languages in the world. Lots of games and books use English. You can try and join 20Bet and test your luck there and prove your English skills! 

   They say that a crisis is a time for self-education. To learn a language, you need to really study, and it would be nice if someone helped you with this. One of the most popular and interesting ways to improve and learn English is watching movies. 

 How to Start?

      You need to start watching any movie and series with subtitles and slowly get used to the constant flow of English speech. You won’t get the hang of it after a week of non-stop watching Breaking Bad. But your brain will be able to recognize familiar words, which you’ll then link into phrases, and phrases into sentences. Then smoothly but surely move on to watching the same episodes again, but with English subtitles. At the same time, keep a pen and a notebook with you, and write out the words in capital letters as the series progresses. When finished, review them again. The words will cling like hooks, one after another, and you will remember what was said, thereby remembering amazing phrases that you would never have composed on your own. Try to repeat the phrases after the actors with the same intonation. It is almost impossible for adults to get rid of an accent, and it is not necessary, but correctly placed accents in a sentence always give your speech more confidence.

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      With all of the above tips, it will take 10 minutes longer to watch than the episode itself, but the effect will be much cooler. 

      With full movies, things are much more complicated. Usually, no one has the strength to watch and work through the entire film. I recommend watching movies always with subtitles. There are fewer situational dialogues in films, sometimes the plot can be very twisted. Due to the nature of the genre, you may not understand almost the entire movie! While watching, your brain will get tired and even won’t accept the information at first, but it is important not to stop, but to return to where you left off. Over time, you will gain enough skills to watch the full movie.


        When we are studying a foreign language it is necessary to awaken a sensation of the language culture as well. So when you learn Italian you always remember Fellini’s movies. As for the English, you might be happy to watch Disney cartoons! This is exactly the category that does not raise the slightest doubt when recommending films for learning English. Designed for children’s and family audiences, they have always been distinguished by excellent diction and the common lexicon of the characters’ speech. It is curious, by the way, that in many of these American films, the negative characters speak with a pronounced British accent.

 Hollywood Classic

     We can recommend the movies “Forrest Gump”, “Highlander”, “The King’s Speech”, and “The Big Lebowski”. Tarantino’s movies are also worth mentioning. They are famous for their dialogues, which contribute to easy understanding and immersion in the language environment. If we talk about genres, without being tied to any names, it is worth emphasizing that, as a rule, melodramas are more understandable than action films. This is due to a large number of interjections, and not a meaningful text.

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       In language learning, American sitcoms are the best. They have well-written roles, little slang, and good articulation. It is best to watch a series on your phone, with subtitles. Stop if you like a phrase, or, if it comes across often, repeat it as juicy as the hero of the series. For beginners, I advise the series “Friends” because of the simplicity and lack of slang. Their episodes are short (20–40 minutes), which allows you to entice yourself as much as possible, but not run out of steam quickly. The same category includes “How I Met Your Mother”, “Desperate Housewives”, and “The Big Bang Theory”.

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