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Kinds Of Nouns English Grammar Ielts Exams Preparation


Kinds Of Nouns English Grammar Ielts Exams Preparation


A Noun is a word utilized as the name of an individual, spot or thing or the word thing is utilized to mean whatever we can consider.
Common noun
It comprises of two sections formal person, place or thing or ill-advised thing .Proper thing which are one of a kind in their uniqueness like Mount Everst ,Aurther,Taj Mehal and so on.
Improper noun: Like common noun tree,girl,boy etc.

Collective noun

  1. An army = a collection of soldiers.
  2. A crowd = a collection of people.
  3. A fleet = a collection of ships or vessels.
  4. The police dispersed the crowd.

Abstract noun:

An Abstract Noun is called the name of a action,quality, or state considered apart from the object to which it belongs; as.
State – Sickness, death, poverty,childhood, boyhood, youth, slavery, sleep.
Action – Theft,Laughter, movement, judgment, hatred.
Quality – Brightness, honesty,whiteness,goodness, kindness, darkness, hardness,wisdom, bravery.

Abstract noun can be formed from verbs also as

  1. Livelihood from live
  2. Growth from grow
  3. Love from love etc.

Exercise for verb for abstract nouns

  1. Seize,
  2. Flatter,
  3. Depart,
  4. Persevere,
  5. Defend,
  6. Think,
  7. Protect,
  8. Laugh,
  9. obey,
  10. live,
  11. expect,
  12. excel,
  13. know,
  14. steal.
  15. Believe,
  16. Serve,
  17. Hate,
  18. Please,
  19. Act,
  20. Starve,
  21. Occupy,
  22. Choose,
  23. Move,
  24. Conceal,

Abstract noun can be formed also from adjective like

  1. Freedom from free
  2. Wisdom from wise etc.

Form Abstract Nouns from the following Adjectives:

  1. vacant,
  2. sweet,
  3. wide,
  4. wise,
  5. good,
  6. brave,
  7. novel,
  8. Long,
  9. young,
  10. humble,
  11. decent,
  12. cruel,
  13. bitter,
  14. strong,
  15. true,
  16. human,
  17. broad,
  18. proud,
  19. short,
  20. prudent,
  21. dark,
  22. deep,

Example of abstract nouns from common nouns:

  1. Regency from regent
  2. Authorship from author
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Exercise and write abstract Nouns from the following Common Nouns:

  1. beggar,
  2. coward,
  3. priest,
  4. boy,
  5. bond,
  6. pirate,
  7. King,
  8. man,
  9. thief,
  10. woman,
  11. bankrupt,
  12. infant,
  13. owner
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