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Key Concepts Our Education System Never Taught Us


In this time and age we complain a lot, have a lot of pain, are constantly exhausted, and sometimes cannot love others truly. Those who cannot feel deeply, at times they think they do, but it usually doesn’t last. We tend to blame something else, finding excuses. We are living a life of issues like never before. It gives us tremendous worry, stress, and pain. It can lead to various diseases. Yet, we all possess a superpower, the power of choice. It’s so strong, we can fear it. 

To Solve Problems You Must Go Through Them

Like the Colorado-mountain buffalos do in strong windstorms… They innately know that running through the huge storm, instead of waiting for it to pass, or trying to escape the way ahead won’t help them. Even though they are afraid, they follow their instinct and win. Research also indicates that those who forge ahead in crisis, have the best chance to thrive, and come out flourishing. I highly recommend the book, Feel the fear and do it anyway, on this topic. 

Your Body Reflects Your Relationship with Others

On our planet, everything is earthy and material. It is also the symbol of safety and having our needs met. Your connection with yourself and others depends on how well you look after your body. Pain cannot exist in a healthy body, affecting the state of our mind, and how we feel. The less pain you have, the more fruitful a relationship you can have. Don’t underestimate immunizing, moving it, giving it fresh oxygen, enough sunshine, and connections with the right people. 

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The Power of Your Choices

We should integrate into our education the power of choice and its absolute consequences. Everything boils down to our decisions, yet we think we should focus on the big ones, like buying a car, a house, getting married, having kids, getting divorced, etc. The truly life-altering choices are those you make in your privacy. After having been sitting, and pondering with them long and deep enough to make a leap in something that has been holding you back…

We are often horrified by our choices, their consequences, and being held accountable for them. Sometimes it can get hard to pick the right meal on the menu, choose a restaurant, or the best gadget based on reviews. We often make wrong choices and buy things we cannot use. We need to make our minds and hearts work together to help us decide optimally. Instead of postponing our important decisions, the sooner we get down to them the better. 

Lying to Ourselves and Others Can Cost a Lot

When you are ready to let go of your childhood pain… take an honest look at your life by asking yourself, Where am I lying to myself? Do I go all the way concerning the things I want to achieve? You should find a level of integrity that you are willing to make your reality, and refuse to compromise on it. If anyone or anything threatens your integrity, you should leave. Similarly, you don’t want to force someone else to be in a position they don’t feel comfortable in to please you!

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The problem with liars is that they don’t recover. So no matter how healthy your diet is, if you lack living from a place of integrity, and lie to yourself or others (it doesn’t have to be out of bad intentions), you are likely not going to get much better. People who eat crappy food but are honest can move forward faster. People who lie, are dishonest, blame others for things they do and make choices knowing others will take responsibility, lie and harm themselves and others!

Decide to Live a Life of Integrity 

Often they are aware but don’t always get it, not knowing why they do it! Some people deliberately hurt others. Their body and mind are aware of their acts. If we want to take a refreshing perspective, we should disregard our childhood, and name the exact reason for our unhappiness, and depression. You could decide to live a life of integrity, you just need to get your act together now!

Choose to Pass On Your Wisdom instead of Your Suffering

You can decide to pass on your wisdom instead of your pain to others. Evaluate what you have learned in life so far, and try sharing those stuff with others that help them! This again is your freedom of choice to decide on your contribution. We all have that, you just need to make a choice, and not fall back to those previous patterns that had not worked. Nothing can make your past suffering better, and you shouldn’t forget them. Say to yourself: It will never defeat me. 

Observing Things First, Instead of Expecting, and Hoping 

Always Listen to Your Inner Voice, no matter what it says. If it said something you shouldn’t have listened to, remember the sensation, and store it in your memory bank for future reference. Sometimes it can mislead us, although it is mostly correct! Give things and people enough time to learn about them. Today, you have to observe everything before making the right decision, be it a romantic partner, or the reviews you may scroll through to buy the best mobile, or laptop!

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Tap Into Your Energy and Stay In It!

The only reason why we could feel low energy after surrounding ourselves with others, whether it is friends, family, or colleagues, is because our dynamics can be overwhelming. Some of us are more open and receptive to others’ energy and can struggle with sinking in vibes around us. When you sense your energy level dropping, pull it back by redirecting it to yourself. Take deep breaths, feel your energy growing, and take up space. Close your energy circle if needed.

Our Toughest Experiences Carry the Greatest Value 

We should always look at a person’s energy and actions, not their words. Words can lie, energy cannot. No matter if you have difficulties with a family member, co-worker, your significant other, or potential partner you just started dating, your best game should be patience and careful observation. Remember, you are in this contact for a reason, and the lessons you learn through this person can add an invisible value to your life that might take a certain time to figure out. 

Difficult people in our life usually hold the best mirrors for us to realize the areas we lack and must improve. Annoying people may appear as long as you haven’t learned their message and could overcome your limitations. Imagine yourself in a pyramid. When you move on in life and learn the lessons, you can jump to the next level. The higher you go, the harder, but also more rewarding lessons you learn. 


We all have our fair share of obstacles, struggles, and lessons to learn in life. It is said that you experience exactly the right type of hardships tailored for you, others couldn’t take yours, and you couldn’t take others’ pain the same way. The best thing we can do is to somehow turn our lessons into our source of wisdom.


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