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Is the POPM Course Training Worth It?



The work environment differs from company to company. Some are Scrum-ready, whereas others have never heard of SaFe before. Regardless of the situation one finds themselves in, an individual will learn how to navigate a company through a disruptive situation while maintaining quality, availability, and consistency of delivery. It is the sole intention of a SaFe® product owner or manager to help the organization grow, which includes delivering value, tools, activities, and mechanics that might help and ensure an efficient and effective workplace.

In this article we will learn how the POPM course plays an important role in the career paths of Product Owners and Managers. Read this article to know all the details of the POPM course

An Overview of SAFe® 5.0

For organizations to implement Lean and Agile processes across their entire firm, it is necessary to establish and implement the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). SAFe is a set of organizational and workflow patterns that can be used as a guideline for implementation of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). As a result of their ability to address the challenges that arise when scaling beyond the size of a single team, Scaled Agile Frameworks are well-known to help organizations overcome these challenges. Even though Scaled Agile Inc. is the company that distributes SAFe for free, Scaled Agile Inc. retains the trademarks and copyrights.  

Across many Agile teams, SAFe promotes alignment, collaboration, and the delivery of the desired outcomes. As a result of the work of practitioners, the framework has been created by incorporating three entire modules of knowledge. Three whole modules are at the foundation of this approach to software development: Agile Software Development, Lean Product Development, and Systems Thinking. It was released in January 2020, Version 5.0, had been removed.

Who Are SaFe® Product Owners and Managers?

It is possible to sort out the work of a SaFe® Product Owner or Manager in two ways, namely how they hold two kinds of positions. One of which is a specialty role within the Agile team and the other is a strategic management position over the entire program. Compared with the Product Owner, who is primarily focused on collaborating with stakeholders, including the business owners, a manager who is more focused on customers and markets holds a different role.

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The SaFe® POPM course offered by KnowledgeHut may be best suited for you. However, if you want to play the roles of a leader and an owner in a larger work environment or are acquainted with Lean and Agile methodologies, you will be able to learn real-world approaches and theoretical knowledge in a stress-free environment.

Organizational Benefits of Appointing a POPM

For a POPM to be successful when developing a strategy or tool, the customer’s needs must be considered, taking into consideration the organizational needs, both on a personal and a technical level. They have to examine the product‘s feasibility, solve the client’s problems, or benefit them in a way that contributes to achieving the business objectives.

A POPM is also responsible for owning the product vision and roadmap, communicating regularly with the architects and engineers involved, and ensuring the implementation of product vision and roadmap. The implementation is done by telling them to achieve the different themes or strategies that need to be implemented to facilitate the development of the organization, for instance.

It is crucial to appoint POPMs to ensure all customer, technology, and enterprise elements for the solution to be successful. POPMs are concerned with ensuring all stakeholders are aware of every aspect of the project at every stage, and making sure all elements are communicated to all stakeholders. POPMs are, in fact, the ones who represent business owners to the workforce and collaborate with them during the whole planning process, especially regarding PIs and PPMs.

SAFe POPM Professional Certification: How To Get It? 

Obtaining your SAFe POPM course requires you to enroll in a two-day online training provided by the best institutes like Knowledgehut, which offers exceptional POPM course to help you become a certified SAFe POPM professional.

The next step in the process is to pass the certification examination. For this purpose, you have to analyze,, and plan how you can succeed in passing the test.

How Do POPMs Work? 

Here are a few ways the POPMs work:

  • To identify and manage requirements, construct and maintain backlogs, enablers, features, and user stories. 
  • To roll them out as part of the organization’s PI (Program Increment) planning and iteration processes, both Product Owners (POs) and Product Managers (PMs) will collaborate as part of the organization’s multifunctional teams. It is recommended that the product owners and product managers review the system demo and iteration once the system is installed and completed before further implementation.
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POPM Course for SAFe 

By attending the SAFe POPM course, candidates will gain a deeper understanding of how to effectively perform their role in ART (Agile Release Train) as it adds value throughout the PI. The course is designed to provide attendees with the skills necessary to complete their part in ART in a lean organization.

There will be a focus on sharing epics into stories and features, handling program and team backlogs, planning and implementing iterations, and ultimately achieving peak performance. The POPM course teaches how the ART system maintains its progress in addition to learning about Continuous Delivery Pipeline (CDP) systems, DevOps Culture, and Continuous Delivery Culture.

What Are the Benefits of the POPM Course

POPM course is an excellent course for professionals involved in various Scrum teams and work with them regularly. As a result of this course, you will be able to enroll in the following job roles:

  • Business Analysts & Domain Experts.
  • Leading projects.
  • A developer and a quality assurance manager. 
  • Manager of programs, projects, products, and processes. 
  • PMO Manager, Portfolio and Infrastructure manager.
  • Architects for enterprises, systems, and solutions.

How Will You Benefit From Training? 

  • Workbook for attendees.
  • The candidate is eligible to participate in the SAFe POPM exam.
  • SAFe community platform membership for one year.
  • Certification of completion of the course.

The certification in Scaled Agile has many benefits. They are listed below:

Improve and Evolve Business Processes  

For a product owner to take advantage of the benefits of SAFe, they can remain flexible throughout the product’s lifecycle, adapting to the changing needs of the business with the speed of change. As a result, it is often necessary to learn new techniques, increase testing, and improve software design to meet the pace of change.

Identify Business Needs 

As part of the POPM course program, SAFe allows the application delivery team to manage and build test coverage to meet customers’ requirements. Fundamentally, agility is an approach that enables the company to adapt and improve based on technological advancements as they develop. By implementing this technology, it is possible to have a much more flexible and reliable process, reduce costs, and improve the efficiency of the process.

Development Process Participation and Cost Reduction by Product Owners 

Scaled Agile also involves the product owner throughout the entire development process, even during the data integration and testing phases. Agile development teams are responsible for establishing a defined scope of work in association with the product owner, which enables the product to meet the customer’s requirements as soon as possible.

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The product owner will have a direct role in influencing the project directly and can participate in the sprint planning meetings more actively. Following the Agile development process allows the user to manage changes in the project quickly while simultaneously reducing the project’s costs since the product owner is actively involved in the process.

Gaining a Competitive Advantage for Businesses 

Businesses can take advantage of SAFe to gain a competitive advantage. It should be noted that if the scope of a project grows too large, business users can leave and force the project to be scrapped entirely.

Significant Share of Global Business 

Lastly, Scaled Agile enables the company to gain a more significant share of the global market. The business will be able to respond to the needs of new customers on time as it can implement continuous improvement and innovation.


In addition to being internationally recognized, the SaFe POPM course is also quite in demand. This is also a great choice if you are seeking a way to enhance your CV, appeal to the foreign market, or are simply looking for ways to improve your resume. Furthermore, as with the training, you are made a part of a community of individuals who are learning and those who have progressed within the industry.

In the POPM course, you will have the opportunity to learn about numerous vital roles that you will be able to assume when you have a passion for leadership and managerial positions. The role includes understanding the client’s and company needs, and the employee’s status, establishing the process, implementing it, and communicating it to the staff. This is just a glimpse about your training and will be prepared for at the end of it.


Q1. Is SAFe POPM certification worth it?

The program is ideal for aspirants who want to establish themselves as Product Owners or Product Managers in large enterprises. 

Q2. How difficult is SAFe POPM?

It is undoubtedly challenging to pass the Scaled Agile Framework certification exam for Product Owners or Product Managers. Attending the SAFe POPM training will provide you with this awareness.  

Q3. What is POPM certification?

Those working in a SAFe Scaled Agile environment or planning to do so should take the SAFe Product Owner or Manager, POPM certification training.

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