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INTERNET SLANG WORDS LIBRARY | Most Common used slang words for trending terms found and used on internet and in our daily routine life are given below. Common abbreviations terms starting from A,B and C are given below:

  1. A&R Artists & Repertoire
  2. A/N Author’s Note
  3. A/W Anyway
  4. A1 Top quality
  5. A3 Anywhere, Any time, Any place
  6. A7A Frusration, anger (Arabic)
  7. A7X Avenged Sevenfold (band)
  8. AAA American Automobile Association
  9. AAB Average At Best
  10. AAC Apple Audio Compression
  11. AAF Always and Forever
  12. AAMOF As A Matter Of Fact
  13. AAP Always A Pleasure
  14. AAR At Any Rate
  15. AARP American Association of Retired Persons
  16. AAT And Another Thing OR At All Times
  17. AAWY And Also With You
  18. AAYF As Always, Your Friend
  19. ABD Already Been Done
  20. ABDC America’s Best Dance Crew (TV show)
  21. ABF All But Face
  22. ABFAB Absolutely Fabulous
  23. ABG Asian Baby Girl
  24. ABO Aborigine
  25. ABP Already Been Posted
  26. ABS Absolutely
  27. ABT About
  28. ABT2 About To
  29. ABU Anyone but (Manchester) United
  30. AC Air Conditioning
  31. Alternating Current
  32. AC/DC Rock Band
  33. ACC Actually
  34. ACCT Account
  35. ACE Excellent, great
  36. ACID same as LSD
  37. ACK Disgust, frustration Acknowledgement
  38. ACLU American Civil Liberties Union
  39. ACME A Company that Makes Everything
  40. ACP Automatic Colt Pistol
  41. ACT SAT type test
  42. ACTA Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement
  43. ACU Army Combat Uniform
  44. AD Anno Domini (in the year of our Lord)
  45. AD HOC For the specific purpose
  46. Improvised, impromptu
  47. ADAD Another Day Another Dollar
  48. ADD Attention Deficit Disorder
  49. ADDY Address
  50. ADED All Day Every Day
  51. ADEROL Drug that helps you focus
  52. ADGTH All Dogs Go To Heaven
  53. ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  54. ADL All Day Long
  55. ADN Any Day Now
  56. ADR All Due Respect
  57. ADS Aim(ing) Down Sights
  58. ADSL Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
  59. ADTR A Day To Remember (band)
  60. AE American Eagle (clothing)
  61. AEAE And Ever And Ever
  62. AEAP As Early As Possible
  63. AFAIA As Far As I’m Aware
  64. AFAIAA As Far As I Am Aware
  65. AFAIAC As Far As I Am Concerned
  66. AFAICS As Far As I Can See
  67. AFAIC As Far As I’m Concerned
  68. AFAIK As Far As I Know
  69. AFAIR As Far As I Remember
  70. AFAICT As Far As I Can Tell
  71. AFAP As Far As Possible
  72. AFC Away From Computer
  73. AFF Affirmative
  74. AFFA Angels Forever, Forever Angels
  75. AFI A Fire Inside (Band)
  76. AFK Away From Keyboard
  77. AFL Australian Football League
  78. AFN All For Now
  79. AFP Away From Phone
  80. AFRL Away From Real Life
  81. AFRO Hairstyle from Africa
  82. AFS Always, Forever and Seriously
  83. AG Aggressive
  84. AGC Automatic Gain Control
  85. AGH Ain’t Gonna Happen
  86. AGM Annual General Meeting
  87. AGP Accelerated Graphics Port
  88. AGRO Hostile, angry
  89. Aggravation, trouble
  90. AGT America’s Got Talent (TV show)
  91. AGW All Going Well
  92. AHA Expression of discovery or realization
  93. AHEM Throat clearing sound
  94. AHO Idiot (Japanese)
  95. AHT Out
  96. AI Artificial Intelligence
  97. As If
  98. AIB Am I Boverd?
  99. AIDS Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
  100. AIM AOL Instant Messanger
  101. AIMBOT Trageting script in games
  102. AIMH Always In My Heart
  103. AIMO Idiot
  104. AIN’T Am not/are not/is not
  105. AINEC And It’s Not Even Close
  106. AIGF All In Good Fun
  107. AIGHT All right
  108. AII Alright
  109. AIIC As If I Care
  110. AIIT Alright
  111. AIKRN All I know right now
  112. AINT Am not/are not/is not
  113. AIO All In One
  114. AIR Blanked, ignored
  115. AIRHEAD Stupid person
  116. AISB As I Said Before
  117. AISI As I See it
  118. AIT Alright
  119. AITE Alright
  120. AITR Adult In The Room
  121. AITYD And I Think You Do
  122. AIUI As I Understand it
  123. AKML Avada Kedavra My Life (Harry Potter)
  124. AKS Ask
  125. AKTF Always Keep the Faith
  126. AL Alcohol
  127. AIYA Cantonese expression of exasperation
  128. AIYC As If You Care+
  129. AJ Apple Juice
  130. Alaska
  131. AK47 Assault rifle
  132. AK AK-47 Assault Rifle
  133. AKA Also Known As
  134. AKI Autumn, fall
  135. ALA In the style of (French)
  136. ALAP As Late/Long/Little As Possible
  137. ALAS Expression of regret, sorrow
  138. ALCHY Alcoholic
  139. ALCO Alcoholic
  140. ALF Animal Liberation Front
  141. ALG Ain’t Life Grand
  142. ALI Best Friend
  143. ALIE Init
  144. ALIHAL At Least I Have A Life
  145. ALK Alcohol
  146. ALKQN Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation
  147. ALL- NIGHTER Stay Up All Night
  148. ALLOW Let it be, forget it
  149. ALOL Actually Laughing Out Loud
  150. ALOTBSOL Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life
  151. ALPHA Head person of a group
  152. ALRATO Later
  153. ALT Alternative character in RPG
  154. AMAP As Much/Many As Possible
  155. AMC American Motors Corportation
  156. AMD Advanced Micro Devices
  157. AMEX American Express
  158. AMG Ah My God
  159. AMIGO Friend
  160. AMIRITE Am I Right?
  161. ALU Arithmetic Logic Unit
  162. ALV Asta La Vista, goodbye
  163. ALWP Actual Laughter Was Produced
  164. AM Ante Meridiem (before midday)
  165. Amplitude Modulation (radio signal)
  166. AMA Ask Me Anything or Against Medical Advice
  167. AMAA Ask Me Almost Anything
  168. AML All My Love
  169. AMN Any Minute Now
  170. AMOF As a Matter of Fact
  171. AMOG Alpha Male Of Group
  172. AMP Amplifier or Ampere
  173. AMPED Excited, fired up
  174. AMT Alpha-Methyltryptamine
  175. AMTRAK American passenger railroad corporation
  176. ANSI American National Standards Institute
  177. ANTI Against
  178. ANTM America’s Next Top Model
  179. ANY1 Anyone
  180. ANYWHO Anyhow
  181. ANZAC Australian and New Zealand Army Corps
  182. AMV Anime Music Video
  183. AMW America’s Most Wanted (TV show)
  184. AMZ Amazing
  185. AN Author’s Note
  186. ANC African National Congress
  187. ANF Abercrombie & Fitch
  188. ANFAWFOS And Now For A Word From Our Sponsor
  189. ANFSCD And Now For Something Completely Different
  190. ANIME Japanese style animation
  191. ANO Anorexic
  192. ANON Unknown person
  193. ANS Answer
  194. AO Adults Only
  195. AOB Any Other Business
  196. AOD All Of Day
  197. AOE Area Of Effect
  198. AOK Age of Kings (game)
  199. All OK
  200. AP Associated Press
  201. APB All Points Bulletin
  202. APC Armoured Personnel Carrier
  203. APE Mad, crazy
  204. API Application Programming Interface
  205. APN As Per Normal
  206. AOL American Online
  207. AOM Age of Mythology (game)
  208. AON All Or Nothing or As Of Now
  209. AOS Ahead Of Schedule
  210. AOT As Opposed To or Among Other Things
  211. AOTA All Of The Above
  212. AOTS Attack of the Show (TV show)
  213. AOW All Out War
  214. AOYP Angel on Your Pillow
  215. APO Authorized Personnel Only
  216. APP Application (computer program)
  217. APPROX Approximately
  218. APPS Applications (software)
  219. APR Annual Percentage Rate
  220. APT Apartment
  221. APU As Per Usual
  222. APYR As Per Your Request
  223. AQ Adventure Quest (game)
  224. AQAP As Quickly As Possible
  225. AQF Ay Que Funny, LOL+
  226. AR Assault Rifle
  227. ARD Alright
  228. ARE Misspelling of ‘our’
  229. AREA 51 Top secret military base in Nevada
  230. ARF Laugh
  231. ARG Alternate Reality Gaming
  232. ASAS As Soon As Sensible
  233. ASAT As Simple As That
  234. ASAYC As Soon As You Can
  235. ASBO Anti Social Behaviour Order
  236. ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange
  237. ASD Sequence of letters on many keyboards
  238. ASDFGHJKL An Expression Of Excitement An Expression Of Frustration or An Expression Of Boredom or I’m bored or Home Keys On Standard Keyboard or  When A Feeling Cannot Be Expressed In Words
  239. ARGH Expression of frustration or anger
  240. ARIGATO Thank You (Japanese)
  241. ARK Act of Random Kindness
  242. ARPA Advanced Research Projects Agency (made early internet)
  243. ARPANET Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (early internet)
  244. ARPU Average Revenue Per User
  245. ART Alright
  246. ARVO Afternoon
  247. ASA And So On
  248. ASAIC As Soon As I Can
  249. ASAIK As Soon As I Know
  250. ASAP As Soon As Possible
  251. ASF And So Forth
  252. ASG Asgarv (Swedish for LOL)
  253. ASIC Application Specific Integrated Circuit
  254. ASM Assembly computer language
  255. ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response
  256. ASN Any Second Now
  257. ASO I see
  258. ASL Age, Sex, Location
  259. ASLP Age, Sex, Location, Picture?
  260. ASP At Some Point
  261. ASPCA American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
  262. ATA Ait To Air
  263. Actual Time of Arrival
  264. ATAP Any Time, Any Place
  265. ATB All The Best
  266. ATC Air Traffic Control
  267. ATD Attention to Detail
  268. ATEOTD At The End Of The Day
  269. ATF All Time Favorite
  270. ATGATT All The Gear All The Time (motorcycling)
  271. ATH All Time High
  272. ATI Array Technology Inc. (graphics card maker)
  273. ATK Attack
  274. ATL Atlanta, Georgia
  275. ATM At The Moment or Automated Teller Machine (cash machine)
  276. ATMO According To My Opinion
  277. ATN Any Time Now
  278. ATOY Always Thinking of you
  279. ATQ Answer The Question
  280. ATST At The Same Time
  281. ATTT Ain’t That The Truth
  282. ATTY Atomizer from electronic cigarette
  283. ATV All Terrain Vehicle
  284. ATVB All The Very Best
  285. ATW All The Way
  286. ATWA Air, Trees, Water, Animals
  287. ATT At This Time
  288. All The Time
  289. ATTN Attention
  290. All The Way Alive
  291. ATX Austin, Texas
  292. ATYS Anything You Say
  293. AU Alternate Universe
  294. AUD Australian Dollar
  295. AUO I don’t know
  296. AUP Another Useless Post
  297. Acceptable Use Policy
  298. AUS Are You Serious?
  299. AV Anti-Virus or Audio/Video or Adult Video
  300. AVA Angels and Airwaves (Band)
  301. AVG Average
  302. AVGN Angry Video Game Nerd
  303. AVI Audio Video Interleaved (media format)
  304. AVO Afternooon
  305. AUSSIE A Person From Australia
  306. AVPM A Very Potter Musical
  307. AWA As Well As
  308. AWD All Wheel Drive
  309. AWESOME Amazing, wonderful, cool
  310. AWHFY Are We Having Fun Yet
  311. AWK Awkward
  312. AWKY Awkward
  313. AWNP All Work, No Play
  314. AWOL Absent Without Leave
  315. AWP Arctic Warfare Police sniper rifle
  316. AWS As We Speak
  317. AWSM Awesome
  318. AWKS Awkward
  319. AYC At Your Convenience
  320. AYCS As You Can See
  321. AYE Yes
  322. AYEC At Your Earliest Convenience
  323. AYFR Are You For Real?
  324. AYFT Are You Free Today?
  325. AYK As You Know
  326. AYKM Are You Kidding Me?
  327. AYL Are You Listening?
  328. AWSM Awesome
  329. AWW Any Which Way
  330. AX Ask
  331. AYB All Your Base
  332. AYBABTU All Your Base Are Belong To Us
  333. AYBRB2U All Your Base Are Belong To Us
  334. AYO Hey, You
  335. AYOR At Your Own Risk
  336. AYPI And Your Point Is?
  337. AYR Are You Ready?
  338. AYRTON Tenner, ten pounds
  339. AYS Are You Serious?
  340. AYSOS Are You Stupid Or Something?
  341. AYT Are You There?
  342. AYW As You Wish
  343. AYYO Hi, hello
  344. AZN Asian
  345. B&B Bed & Breakfast
  346. B&D Bondage And Discipline
  347. Bondage And Domination
  348. B&E Breaking And Entering
  349. B&M Bricks and Mortar
  350. B&W Black and White
  351. B) Smiley with sunglasses
  352. B-DAY Birthday
  353. B/C Because
  354. B/W Between or Black and White
  355. B2B Back To Back or Business To Business
  356. B2C Business To Consumer
  357. B2W Back To Work
  358. B4 Before
  359. B4MV Bullet For My Valentine (Band)
  360. B4N Bye For Now
  361. B4U Before you
  362. BADASS Cool, confident person
  363. BADMAN Gangster
  364. BAE Baby
  365. BAFO Best And Final Offer BAG Get
  366. BAGL Bust A Gut Laughing
  367. BAH Bored As Hell
  368. BAHAHA Evil laugh
  369. B4YKI Before You Know It
  370. B7 Banned (B7=B&=Band)
  371. BAAS Boss
  372. BABYSITTING Holding the weed too long
  373. BAC Back At Computer
  374. Blood Alcohol Content
  375. By Any Chance
  376. BACS Bankers Automated Clearing System
  377. BAI Bye
  378. BAIL Leave
  379. BAIRN Child, baby
  380. BAIT Blatant, obvious
  381. BAK Back At Keyboard
  382. BAKA Fool, idiot
  383. BAKE Smoke marijuana
  384. BAKED Stoned, Wasted
  385. BALLER Successful ball player
  386. BALLIN Playing basketball
  387. BANGING Very beautiful, sexy
  388. BANGTIDY Sexy, fit
  389. BANJAX Break, destroy
  390. BANTER Playful, witty chat
  391. BAO Be Aware Of
  392. BARBIE Barbecue
  393. BARE Lots of, very
  394. BALLSY Courageous, manly
  395. BAM Below Average Mentality
  396. Exclamation of happiness
  397. BAMA Person lacking style
  398. BAMN By Any Means Necessary
  399. BANDWIDTH Amount of data through an interface over time
  400. BANGER Great party or Old car
  401. BARE BACK Unprotected Sex
  402. BARF Throw up, vomit
  403. BARKING Mad, crazy
  404. BARN Barnacle, person who latches on
  405. BASER Drug user
  406. BASIC Uncool, boring
  407. BATE Obvious
  408. BBB Bugging Beyond Belief
  409. BBBW Big Beautiful Black Woman
  410. BBC British Broadcasting Corporation
  411. BBE Babe
  412. BATO Dude (Spanish)
  413. BAU Business As Usual
  414. BAY Baby
  415. BB Big Brother
  416. Be Back
  417. BB4N Bye-Bye For Now
  418. BBALL Basketball
  419. BBAM Be Back After Meal
  420. BBEG Big Bad Evil Guy
  421. BBFL Best Buds For Life
  422. BBFN Bye Bye For Now
  423. BBG Best Be Going
  424. BBIAB Be Back In A Bit
  425. BBIAF Be Back In A Few
  426. BBIAM Be Back In A Minute
  427. BBIAS Be Back In A Sec
  428. BBIAW Be Back In A While
  429. BBK Boy Better Know
  430. BBR Blonde, Brunette, Redhead
  431. BBS Be Back Soon
  432. Bulletin Board System
  433. BBT Be Back Tomorrow
  434. BBV Brags Beats and Variance (poker)
  435. BBW Big Beautiful Woman
  436. BBL Be Back Later
  437. BBM Blackberry Messaging
  438. BBML Be Back Much Later
  439. BBN Be Back Never
  440. BBO Being Bored Online
  441. BBQ Barbecue or Better Be Quick
  442. BBWL Be Back Way Later
  443. BBY Baby
  444. BBYG Baby Girl
  445. BBZ Babes
  446. BC Before Christ
  447. BCBW Bow Chica Bow Wow
  448. BCC Blind Carbon Copy
  449. BCD Behind Closed Doors
  450. BCE Before Common Era (like BC)
  451. BCF Best Cousin Forever
  452. BCG Birth Control Glasses
  453. BCNU Be Seeing You
  454. BCOS Because
  455. BEANS Ecstacy
  456. BEAR Large man with body hair
  457. BEAST Person/thing that is good, awesome
  458. BCS Bowl Championship Series
  459. BD Big Deal
  460. BDAY Birthday
  461. BDN Busy Doing Nothing
  462. BDOML Best Day Of My Life
  463. BDONG Bad and Wrong
  464. BDRIP Blu-ray Disc RIP
  465. BDU Brain Dead User or Battle Dress Uniform
  466. BEB Babe
  467. BEBE Babe
  468. BEBO A social networking site
  469. BEEF Problem, fight, argument
  470. BEF Best Enemies Foreverd
  471. Best Email Friend
  472. BEG Big Evil Grid
  473. BEH Expression of disinterest, IDC
  474. BELF Blood Elf (WOW)
  475. BELLIG Belligerant (when drunk)
  476. BENJAMIN $100 bill
  477. BFAB Born From A Boombox or Back For A Bit
  478. BFAM Brother From Another Mother
  479. BFB Better From Behind
  480. BFF Best Friends Forever
  481. Big Fat Friend/Female
  482. BENT Dishonest, corrupt
  483. BESITOS Little kisses (Spanish)
  484. BESO Kiss (Spanish)
  485. BESOS Kisses (Spanish)
  486. BESTIE Best Friend
  487. BESTY Best Friend
  488. BET Black Entertainment Television
  489. BETA Pre-release version
  490. BEWB A woman’s breast
  491. BF Boyfriend
  492. Best Friend
  493. BF2 Battlefield 2 (game)
  494. BF4L Best Friends For Life
  495. BFA Best Friends Always
  496. BFF4L Best Friend Forever For Life
  497. BFFAE Best Friends Forever And Ever
  498. Best Friends For All Eternity
  499. BFFE Best Friends Forever
  500. BFFL Best Friend For Life
  501. BFFLE Best Friends For Like Ever
  502. BFFLTDDUP Best Friends For Life Till Death Do Us Part
  503. BFFN Best Friend For Now
  504. BFFWB Best Friend Forever With Benefits
  505. BFITW Best Friend In The World
  506. BFK Big Fat Kiss
  507. BFMV Bullet For My Valentine (band)
  508. BFN Bye For Now
  509. BFP Bad For Pics or Big Fat Positive ie pregnant
  510. BFTP Blast From The Past
  511. BFUT Best Friends Until Tomorrow
  512. BFWB Best Friend With Benefits
  513. BG Bad Game or Baby Gangster
  514. BGD Black Gangster Disciples
  515. BGF Best Girl/Guy Friend
  516. BGL Big Game License, likes fat people
  517. BGM Background Music
  518. BGT Britain’s Got Talent (TV show)
  519. BH Be Happy or Bloody Hell or Big Head
  520. BHD Bad Hair Day
  521. BHH Bless His/Her Heart
  522. BHL8 Be Home Late
  523. BIFFL Best Internet Friend For Life
  524. BIFFLE same as BFFL
  525. BIG Great, really good
  526. BIG TIME More than usual
  527. BIG UP Expression of respect
  528. BHM Big Handsome Man
  529. BHO Barak Hussein Obama
  530. BHS Be Home Soon
  531. BHUM Sexy, fit
  532. BIAB Back In A Bit
  533. BIC Believe It Comrade
  534. BICBW But I Could Be Wrong
  535. BIDDIE Good looking girl
  536. BIDDY Girl, woman
  537. BIEH Best I Ever Had
  538. BIFF Best Friend, BFF
  539. BIL Brother In-Law
  540. BILY Because I Love You
  541. BIM Barbados
  542. BIMBO Stupid girl, usually pretty
  543. BIN Buy It Now
  544. BING But It’s Not Google
  545. BINGO Here it is, similar to Voila
  546. BINS Glasses, binoculars
  547. BIO Biological (toilet) break
  548. BION Believe It Or Not
  549. BIOS Basic Input Output System
  550. BIRD Cocaine or Young woman
  551. BIS Best In Slot
  552. BISCUIT Attractive person or Cookie
  553. BISLY But I Still Love You
  554. BISOU Kiss (French)
  555. BISS Because I Said So
  556. BIT Binary digIT – 1 or 0
  557. BITD Back In The Day
  558. BITTIE Girl
  559. BITW Best In The World
  560. BIZ Business
  561. BK Burger King
  562. BKA Better Known As
  563. BL Bad Luck or Bottom Line
  564. BLAD Brother/friend (from ‘blood’)
  565. BLAH Nothing to say
  566. BLICK A very black person
  567. BLIM Small piece of HASH
  568. BLIMEY Expression of surprise, OMG
  569. BLIND In love
  570. BLING Flashy Jewelry
  571. BLINK Blink 182 (band)
  572. BLK Black
  573. BLL Bud Light Lime
  574. BLANK Ignore
  575. BLAR Expression of boredom, BLAH
  576. BLARG Expression of boredom
  577. BLAST Damn
  578. BLATES Blatently
  579. BLAZE Smoke Weed
  580. BLAZED Stoned
  581. BLAZING Smoking weed
  582. BLD Bad Life Decision
  583. BLEEZY same as BLUNT
  584. BLEH Expression of boredom
  585. BLEM High on marijuana
  586. BLG Boys Like Girls (band)
  587. BLNT Better Luck Next Time
  588. BLOG Weblog, online diary
  589. BLOKE Guy, man
  590. BLOL Big Laugh Out Loud
  591. BLOOPER Mistake, embarrassing moment
  592. BLOTTO Drunk
  593. BLOW Cocaine
  594. BLOWN High
  595. BLT Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich
  596. BLTN Better Late Than Never
  597. BLUD Mate (from blood brother)
  598. BLUE Sad
  599. BLUE CHIP High-quality, low-risk
  600. BLUEBERRY Form of marijuan
  601. BLUF Bottom Line Up Front
  602. BMI Body Mass Index
  603. BML Bless My Life
  604. BMOC Big Man On Campus
  605. BMP Image file format (bitmap)
  606. BMS Bitchy Men Syndrome
  607. BMT Before My Time
  608. BLUNT Marijuana cigar
  609. BM Bowel Movement or Black Man
  610. BM4L Best Mates For Life
  611. BMAK Blow Me A Kiss
  612. BMB Bebo Me Back
  613. BMBO Blow My Brains Out
  614. BME Body Modification Ezine
  615. BMFE Best Mates Forever
  616. BMFL Best Mates For Life
  617. BMG Be My Guest
  618. BMTH Bring Me The Horizon (Band)
  619. BMTTVE Best Mates ‘Til The Very End
  620. BMUS Beam me up, Scotty
  621. BMV Be My Valentin
  622. BMX Bicycle Motocross
  623. BNB Bad News Bears or Bed ‘N’ Breakfast or Bread ‘N’ Butter
  624. BNF Big Name Fan
  625. BNG Blow And Go
  626. BNI Batteries Not Included
  627. BNIB Brand New In Box
  628. BNR But Not Really
  629. BNWOT Brand New Without Tags
  630. BNWT Brand New With Tags
  631. BO Body Odour
  632. BNOC Big Name On Campus
  633. BNP British National Party
  634. BOAT Bust Out Another Thousand
  635. BOBBA Replacement swear word
  636. BOBFOC Body Off Baywatch, Face Off Crimewatch
  637. BOD Beginning Of Day
  638. Person, DUDE
  639. BOED Book of Exalted Deeds (MMORPG)
  640. BOF Whatever
  641. BOFFIN Technical expert
  642. BOG Toilet
  643. BOGAN Poorly educated, vulgar person (Australian)
  644. BOGART To Hold Onto Something For Oneself When It Is Supposed To Be Shared
  645. BOGIE Cigarette
  646. BOGO Buy One Get One
  647. BOGOF Buy One Get One Free
  648. BOGSAT Bunch Of Guys Sitting Around Talking
  649. BOH Gunshot sound
  650. BOHO Bohemian
  651. BOI Boy
  652. BOILER Ugly woman
  653. BOKE Gag, almost vomit
  654. BOL Best Of Luck
  655. BOLO Be On The Lookout
  656. BOLSHY Bolshevik, communist Argumentative
  657. BOLTOP Better On Lips Than On Paper
  658. BOM Bro, dude, friend
  659. BOMB Something really bad
  660. Something really good
  661. BOMBSHELL Very attractive woman
  662. BOMM same as BOOMM
  663. BONE UP Learn about, revise
  664. BONG Water pipe for smoking dope
  665. BONKERS Crazy
  666. BONZA Brilliant, excellent
  667. BOO Boyfriend/Girlfriend
  668. BOOGER Dried nose mucus
  669. BOOHOO Crying
  670. BOOK Cool (predictive text )
  671. BOOZE Alcoholic beverages
  672. BOOZER Public House, bar
  673. BOS Boyfriend Over Shoulder
  674. BOSS Cool, awesome
  675. BOT Back On Topic
  676. BOTCH Mess up
  677. BOOM Great, amazing
  678. BOOMERS Psilocybin (magic) mushrooms
  679. BOOMM Bored Out Of My Mind
  680. BOOMS same as BOOMERS
  681. BOOMTING Good looking girl
  682. BOON Someone who has been a NOOB for ages
  683. BOOT Vomit Inexperienced person
  684. BOTDF Blood On The Dance Floor (band)
  685. BOTN Back Of The Net
  686. BOTOH But On The Other Hand
  687. BOTS Robots, automated processes
  688. BOTTS Back On To The Subject
  689. BOTW Blog Of The Week
  690. BOUL Bull
  691. BOUT About
  692. BOWL Part of a marijuana pipe
  693. BOWS Elbows
  694. BOXORZ Boxers
  695. BOYO Friend, mate
  696. BOZO Incompetent person, idiot
  697. BPM Beats Per Minute
  698. BPS Bits/Bytes Per Second
  699. BQ Be Quiet
  700. BR Best Regards
  701. BRAH Bro, friend
  702. BRAT Annoying, spoilt child
  703. BREDRINS Close friends, brothers
  704. BREH Brethren, brothers
  705. BREKKIE Breakfast
  706. BREW Beer Tea or Brother
  707. BRAVO Well done
  708. BRB Be Right Back
  709. BRBK same as BRB
  710. BRD Black Rock Depths (WOW)
  711. BRE Sexy girl
  712. BREAD Money
  713. BREDA Boy, man, dude
  714. BREDRIN Friend
  715. BRGDS Best Regards
  716. BRH Be Right Here
  717. BRICK 1 kilogram of a drug Very cold
  718. BRICKS Drugs, dope
  719. BRILL Brilliant, cool
  720. BRITCHES Pants, trousers
  721. BRO Brother, buddy, friend
  722. BROAD Woman
  723. BROCHACHO same as BRO
  724. BRODA Bro Who Is Like Yoda
  725. BROHAN same as BRO
  726. BROLLY Umbrella
  727. BROMANTIC Two Heterosexual Men Displaying Affection
  728. BRONY Fan of My Little Pony
  729. BROSKI Bro
  730. BSA Boy Scouts of America
  731. BSB Backstreet Boys
  732. BSC Bachelor of Science (university degree)
  733. BSER Back Stabber
  734. BSF But Seriously Folks
  735. BSG Battlestar Galactica (TV show)
  736. BSL British Sign Language
  737. BSNS Business
  738. BSOD Blue Screen Of Death (Windows)
  739. BSOF Big Smile On Face
  740. BSOFN Big Smile On Face Now
  741. BST But Seriously Though
  742. BSTL Bam, Said The Lady
  743. BSTS Better Safe Than Sorry
  744. BSU Boring Status Update
  745. BT BitTorrent
  746. British Telecom
  747. BT DUBS same as BTW
  748. BROWN Heroin
  749. BROWN BREAD Dead
  750. BRT Be Right There
  751. BRU same as BROBRUDDA Brother
  752. BRUH same as BRU
  753. BRUH BRUH Brother, friend
  754. BRUK Broken
  755. BRUV Mate
  756. BRUVA Brother
  757. BTA But Then Again….
  758. BTAIM Be That As It May
  759. BTB By The By
  760. BTBAM Between The Buried And Me (band)
  761. BTD Bored To Death
  762. BTDT Been There Done That
  763. BTDTGTTS Been There, Done That, Got The T-Shirt
  764. BTDUBS same as BTW
  765. BTE Best Time Ever
  766. BTGOG By The Grace Of God
  767. BTHO Beat The Hell Outta
  768. BTHOM Beats The Hell Outta Me!
  769. BTK Back To Keyboard
  770. BTL Between The Lines
  771. BTM Be There Moment
  772. BTN Better Than Nothing
  773. BTWITIAILWU By The Way, I Think I Am In Love With You
  774. BTWITIAILWY By The Way, I Think I Am In Love With You
  775. BTY Back To You
  776. BU Backup
  777. BU2M Been Up To Much?
  778. BUB Buddy, friend Champange
  779. BUBS Babe
  780. BUBZ Pet name for BF or GF
  781. BUCK Fight Money
  782. BUCKS Dollars, money
  783. BUD Marijuana
  784. BUDDY Friend
  785. BTO Bachman Turner Overdrive (band)
  786. BTOBS Be There Or Be Square
  787. BTR Better
  788. BTS Be There Soon
  789. BTT Bump To Top (forum posts)
  790. BTTF Back To The Future
  791. BTTT Back To The Top
  792. BTU British Thermal Unit
  793. BTW By The Way
  794. BUEY similar to DUDE
  795. BUFF Good Looking
  796. BUG Bother, annoy
  797. BUGGER OFF Go Away
  798. BUGLE Cocaine
  799. BUH Expression of dismay, disgust
  800. BUKU A lot of
  801. BUL Man, dude, boy
  802. BUMMED Disappointed, upset
  803. BUMMER Bad Luck
  804. BUMP Bring Up My Post
  805. BUN Smoke marijuana Ugly
  806. BUN IN THE OVEN Pregnant
  807. BUNS Buttocks
  808. BUPPIE Black Urban Professional
  809. BUR same as LOL
  810. BURD Bird, girlfriend
  811. BURE Girl, woman
  812. BURK Idiot, fool
  813. BURMA Be Upstairs Ready My Angel
  814. BURNED Insulted
  815. BURNT Out of it, having smoked too much pot
  816. BURR Cold
  817. BUSKING Playing music in public for money
  818. BUSTED Very Ugly Caught
  819. BUTCH Masculine
  820. BUTT DIAL Accidentally call from a phone in your pocket
  821. BUTT HURT Offended, upset
  822. BUTTER FACE Girl who is good looking except for her face
  823. BUTTERFACE A Woman With An Attractive Body But An Ugly Face
  824. BUTTERS Ugly
  825. BUTTERZ Ugly
  826. BUZZ Excitement Feeling when high
  827. BUZZ KILL Ruin a special moment
  828. BUZZ OFF Go away
  829. BUZZED Tipsy, slightly drunk
  830. BV Bad Vibe
  831. BVB Black Veil Brides (band)
  832. BVM Blessed Virgin Mary
  833. BWTH But What The Hell
  834. BWW Buffalo Wild Wings (restaurant)
  835. BYAM Between You And Me
  836. BYKI Before You Know It
  837. BYKT But You Know That
  838. BYO Bring Your Own
  839. BW Beautiful Woman Black and White
  840. BWC But Who Cares?
  841. BWDIK But What Do I Know?
  842. BWG Big Wide Grin
  843. BWL Bursting With Laughter
  844. BWM Bisexual White Male
  845. Bear With Me
  846. BWOI Friend, buddy
  847. BWT Misspelling of BTW
  848. BYOB BYO Beer
  849. BYOC BYO Computer
  850. BYOM BYO Music
  851. BYO Meat
  852. BYP Beg Your Pardon
  853. BYT Bright Young Thing
  854. Before Your Time
  855. BYTM Better You Than Me
  856. C See ,Computer language ,Speed of light
  857. C# Microsoft programming language
  858. C&C Command and Conquer (game)
  859. C&P Copy & Paste
  860. C’MON Come On
  861. C++ Programming language
  862. C/D Confirm/Deny
  863. C/O Class Of …
  864. C1 Affirmative, Roger that
  865. C2C Consumer to Consumer or Cam to Cam
  866. C2M Chuckling To Myself
  867. C4 Plastic explosive
  868. CAL Cyberathlete Amateur League (gaming)
  869. CAM Computer-Aided Manufacturing
  870. CAMB Come At Me Bro
  871. CAMEL Brand of cigarettes
  872. CAMO Camoflauge
  873. CAMPER Player who lies in wait for a target
  874. CAN DO It will be done
  875. CANDYMAN Drug Dealer
  876. CANON Original, official
  877. CANTO Cantonese
  878. CAP Shoot
  879. CAPISH Do you understand?
  880. CAPO Captain, Mafia boss
  881. CAPS Bullets Mushrooms
  882. CAPTCHA Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart
  883. CARD Amusing, eccentric person
  884. CARDY Cardigan
  885. CARE I don’t care
  886. CBB Can’t Be Bothered
  887. CBBC Children’s BBC
  888. CBC Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
  889. CBD Cute But Dumb
  890. CBGB Country BlueGrass Blues
  891. CBH Child Bearing Hips
  892. CARPE Vomit, throw up
  893. CARRIED Told off, DISSed
  894. CARTY Party in a car
  895. CAS Close Air Support
  896. Confidence, Appearance, Swagger ,Creativity, Action, Service
  897. CASJ Casual
  898. CAT Cool person or Computed Axial Tomography
  899. CATFISH Individual Who Creates a False Online Identity
  900. CAUSE Because
  901. CAVE Give up, give in
  902. CAZ Crazy in a nice way
  903. CBI Californian Bureau of Investigation or Confederation of British Industry
  904. CBLTH Can’t Breathe Laughing Too Hard
  905. CBR Captive Bead Ring (body piercing)
  906. CBS Can’t Be Stuffed
  907. CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  908. CC Credit Card or Carbon Copy or Crowd Control or Country Code
  909. CCC Coricidin Cough & Cold (Dextromethorophan or DXM)
  910. CCG Collectible Card Game
  911. CCIE Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert
  912. CD-RW Compact Disk Rewritable
  913. CDC Cult of the Dead Cow
  914. Crudely Drawn Cock
  915. CDMA Code Division Multiple Access (voice/data transmission)
  916. CDN Canadian
  917. CDP Calm Down Please
  918. CDR Compact Disc Recordable
  919. CDROM Compact Disk Read Only Memory
  920. CE Casual Encounters
  921. CCL Couldn’t Care Less
  922. CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate
  923. CCR Creedence Clearwater Revival (band)
  924. CCTV Closed-Circuit Television
  925. CCW Counterclockwise
  926. Carrying a Concealed Weapon
  927. CD Compact Disc or Cross Dresser
  928. CEEB same as CBBCEEBS same as CBB
  929. CEEBZ same as CBB
  930. CELL Cellphone
  931. CELLY Cellphone or Prison cell mate
  932. CEO Chief Executive Officer
  933. CEPT Except
  934. CEREAL Serious
  935. CES Consumer Electronics Show
  936. CET Central European Time
  937. CEWL Cool
  938. CFC Chlorofluorocarbon
  939. CFL Canadian Football League
  940. CFN Ciao For Now
  941. CFO Chief Financial Officer
  942. CFV Call For Votes
  943. CG Computer Graphics
  944. CGA Color Graphics Adapter
  945. CGI Computer-Generated Imagery
  946. CHA Yes
  947. CHADROOL Stupid person
  948. CHAMP Uncool
  949. CHEAP SKATE Mean/stingy person
  950. CHEDDA Cash, money
  951. CHAMPION Good, great
  952. CHAO Goodbye (Spanish)
  953. CHAP Man
  954. CHAV Poorly educated, vulgar youth
  955. CHAW Chewing tobacco
  956. CHEA Yeah
  957. CHEDDAR Money
  958. CHEERIO Goodbye
  959. CHEERS Thanks or Goodbye
  960. CHEESE Drug, starter heroin or Money
  961. CHEM Chemistry
  962. CHEVY Chevrolet
  963. CHI Chicago or Life force, energy
  964. CHIB Stab
  965. CHICK Girl
  966. CHICKEN Kilogram of cocaine
  967. CHILAXING Chilling and relaxing
  968. CHILL Relax, hang out
  969. CHILL OUT same as CHILL
  970. CHILLAX Chill and relax
  971. CHINK Offensive term for an Asian or Chinese person
  972. CHINWAG Chat
  973. CHIO Sexy, good looking, girl
  974. CHIPOTLE Mexican-style restaurant
  975. CHIPPY Fish and chip shop
  976. CHIPS Money or Weak, corny
  977. CHIRP Insult
  978. CHIRPSE Flirt
  979. CHIZ Swiz, swindle
  980. CHIZZ Chill out, relax
  981. CHOW Bye or Food
  982. CHP California Highway Patrol
  983. CHOICE Nice, great
  984. CHOLO Mexican Gangster
  985. CHONG Good looking, attractive, cute
  986. CHOO You
  987. CHOOB High level player who acts like a noob
  988. CHOONG Good looking, buff
  989. CHOP IT UP Talk
  990. CHOPPER AK-47 assault rifle
  991. CHORTLE Chuckle and Snort
  992. CHOUT Chill Out
  993. CHRONIC High quality marijuana
  994. CHU You
  995. CHUG Drink or Offensive term for a Native American
  996. CHULA Cute, sexy
  997. CHUNDER Be sick, vomit
  998. CHUNG Good looking, buff
  999. CHUTIYA Mild Indian expletive
  1000. CHYA Yes, yeah

CHYEA Yes, yeah
CI Confidential Informant
CIA Central Intelligence Agency
CIAO Italian for Hi or Bye
CIB Complete In Box
CIC ‘Cause I Can
CIG Cigarette
CIGGIE Cigarette
CIGGY Cigarette
CIHY Can I Help You?
CIMH Chuckle In My Head
CINI Cinema
CINO Catholic/Christian In Name Only
CIO Check It Out
CIR Committed Information Rate (minimum bandwidth)
CITA Caught In The Act


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