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In the Know: Pros and Cons of English Degree


English majors are some of the highest regarded classes of students in any college. Around the world, they are famous for their exploits in language and arts. They become the best journalists, editors, writers, and language teachers, among other professionals. 

While language majors enjoy such a prestigious position, they are facing numerous challenges while studying and upon graduation. Some of these challenges are normal for students in this era. Others are specific to English majors. 

Here are the pros and cons of taking an English degree in college


An easy route towards self-employment 

Every graduate desire to have a good job and a decent livelihood. An English degree offers numerous opportunities to apply your skills without depending on an employer. It will also translate into self-actualization through lucrative returns.

Good English language users can start blogs while still in college. By monetizing the blog through endorsements and traffic, you begin earning before graduation. 

A degree in English will also help you to be a prolific author. You can write scripts, fiction books, technical writing, and academic books. You can enroll in websites that write my dissertation UK and help students with essays. It is a job you can keep upon graduation. 

You become a pro-language user 

Everyone loves a good communicator. He uses the right words, tone, phrases, and punctuation. He holds the attention of his audience, eliciting the expected reaction in the end. Good English language users also write scripts that have never been seen. If you want to join the club, it is time to take an English degree in college. 

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Pro English language users have an advantage. You write the best essays in class. They capture the attention of your tutor and peers, raising your profile in class. You gain celebrity status, opening more opportunities to represent the student population. 

Upon graduation, your work will travel the entire world, attracting more opportunities your way. Whether you are a journalist or author, you will be at the top of the pile. It is your opportunity to conquer the world. 

Opens opportunities for the most prestigious jobs

The world is looking for the best English language speakers and writers to occupy prestigious positions. The editor you see on television, the writers you read on newspapers as well as magazines, and the most popular blogs are by top English language users. 

The best English language users can capture ideas perfectly. They represent company ideas and corporate messages in the best way possible. Because of their ability to communicate, they occupy lucrative offices. Their opinions are sort around the world. A good grade in English is, therefore, the door to the most prestigious jobs in the world. 

It is an easy route towards self-actualization

An English degree opens numerous opportunities to make a fortune from an early age. Whether you work as a freelancer or start a blog, you will make the easiest fortune. At the same time, you can apply for the most prestigious jobs in different sectors. The pay from these jobs will drive you towards self-actualization faster than your peers. 

Diverse work environment upon graduation 

Perfect English language users can work in any work environment. The government needs good editors and is ready to accommodate you. You may work as a journalist. If you desire to work in the humanitarian sphere, NGOs and CBOs are looking for excellent writers. You pursue your passion in any field with your English degree. 

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Involves a lot of reading 

English majors are ardent readers. You have to make the dictionary a companion. There are many other books on language use along the way. Prepare to spend sleepless nights studying for personal benefit and to attain good grades. 

Extensive studying is mainly for your benefit. It helps you to identify the best writing styles and words that fit particular situations. Without reading, your English becomes shallow and unpleasant. 

You will start correcting friends and family members

English language majors have an ear for proper language usage. The wrong word choice or misplaced tense will irk you. Conversations with people who cannot use language properly or articles by poor English writers result in headaches. You end up correcting the language used by your seniors, family, partner, and people in your circles. It takes a great deal of self-control to avoid correcting them. 

You will face competition from apps and technology 

English language majors work as writers and editors. However, technology is threatening to take over some of their work. Writers are using apps to draft their articles and edit. You must, therefore, provide a unique edge to remain competitive with your English skills. 

An English degree opens numerous employment opportunities. If you want to branch into self-employment, you have many more opportunities. Take the course and move closer towards self-actualization by working in some of the most prestigious positions.

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