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IELTS Writing Task 2 Essay On Advertisement

Essay On Advertisement

IELTS Writing Task 2 Essay On Advertisement

This essay is for IELTS is about the topic of advertising.

There are many types of questions you could be asked during your IELTS writing test. You’ll be able to see examples of them on the following pages. This one, however, is an agreement/disapproval essay.

The IELTS Writing Task 2 is the second section of the writing exam, in which you will be presented with an argument, point of view, issue, or idea and are required to compose an essay to respond. Your article must be written formally, at a minimum of 250 words, and you must aim to finish it in less than 40 minutes.
You will be given an issue and assessed on your ability to respond by providing and justifying your opinion, talking about the subject, presenting the details, describing problems finding solutions, and backing up your writing by citing arguments, reasons, and examples relevant your own experience or knowledge.

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Look at the opinions in the following question:

Some of the techniques used in advertisements are unprofessional and unacceptable in our current society.

How much are you in agreement with this opinion?



The task 2 assessment is more critical in determining than Task 1. Writing scripts are graded by certified and trained IELTS examiners who have relevant teaching qualifications and are employed as examiners by test centers, and are approved by the British Council or IDP: IELTS Australia.

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Write about the following subject:


Some of the techniques used in advertising are illegal and unacceptable in our current society.

To what degree are you in agreement with this opinion?

Include reasons behind your answer, including the relevant instances from your personal experience or expertise.

Write at the very least 250 words.


Advertisement Essay for IELTS Model Answer

The world we are living in today is dominated by advertisements. Advertising is on TV and the World Wide Web, streets, and even mobile phones. However, many strategies employed to sell products or services can be viewed as un-moral or indecent.

First of all, the fact that we cannot avoid advertising is an important reason for complaints. Everywhere you could be disruptive and annoying at times. Consider ads on mobile phones. With the latest technologies, mobile phone companies can now send messages advertising through SMS to users who have phones whenever they wish. While we are used to seeing ads in various situations, it is now apparent that there are very few situations that we can stay clear of them.

Another aspect of advertisement that I think is illegal is how it pushes people to purchase products they do not require or can’t pay for. Young people and children are particularly attracted by advertisements that show some of the most recent toys, clothes, or music, which could create significant pressure on parents to buy these items.

Furthermore, the promotion of alcohol and tobacco has been a long-running controversy, but cigarettes advertisements have only recently been prohibited in several countries. Alcohol advertisements likely promote excessive consumption and drinking. However, there are no restrictions on this kind of advertisement in the same manner as smoking cigarettes.


It’s accurate to say that advertising is a daily element in our daily lives. Thus, people are constantly being urged to purchase products or services that could be costly, ineffective, or even harmful. The bottom line is that many aspects of advertising appear morally wrong and not appropriate in our current society.

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