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IELTS Vocabulary English Vocabulary Lesson 9 Ielts Exams Preparation


Ielts Vocabulary English Vocabulary Lesson 9 Ielts Exams Preparation

I hope so that you are caring very well about your Ielts English vocabulary in last given lectures and coming also.Passionately speaking,you are far from your destination to achieve your goals in ielts bands or to get your required bands in ielts exams.

91-Soothe (Verb)
Definition: Gently calm (a person or their feelings).
Synonyms: calm, calm down, quiet, pacify
Usage: A shot of brandy might soothe his nerves.

92-Boon (Noun)
Definition: Beneficial or helpful thing.
Synonyms: Bonus, good thing, benefit,blessing, godsend.
Usage: Your ielts tips are boon to every new student of ielts.


93-Acquire (Verb)
Definition: buy or obtain for oneself.
Synonyms: Come to have, get,receive, gain,obtain, come by.
Usage: She acquired a collection of all ielts books.

94-Intentions (Noun)
Definition: a thing intended; an aim or plan.
Synonyms: aim, purpose, objective, goal
Usage: She was full of good intentions.

95-Presumably (Adverb)
Definition: used to convey that what is asserted is very likely though not known for certain.
Synonyms: I assume, I expect, I believe, I presume, I take it, I suppose
Usage: It was not yet ten o’clock, so presumably the boys were still at the pub.

96-Punt (Verb)
Definition: travel or convey in a punt.
Usage: In summer you can enjoy punting along the river.

97-Consensus (Noun) Definition: a general agreement
Synonyms: agreement, harmony, concord
Usage: There is a growing consensus that the current regime has failed.

98-Veto (Verb)
Definition: Exercise a veto against a decision.
Synonyms: Dismiss, block,reject.
Usage: The president carried out his threat to veto the bill.

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99-Unveil (Verb)
Definition: show or announce publicly for the first time.
Synonyms: disclose, make known, reveal
Usage: The club has unveiled plans for a new 1600- seat stand.

100-Sluggish (Adj)
Definition: Inactive or slow-moving.
Synonyms:Depressed, inactive, quite, slow.
Usage: Some ielts students are very sluggish in their ielts studies exams.


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