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Ielts Vocabulary English Vocabulary Lesson 7 Ielts Exams Preparation


Ielts Vocabulary English Vocabulary Lesson 7 Ielts Exams Preparation

Excellently we are moving forward to learn English vocabulary as it is going to have an impact on all of IELTS speaking,listening,reading and writing modules.

71-Stab (Verb)
Definition: thrust a knife or other pointed weapon into (someone) so as to wound or kill.
Synonyms: knife, run through, skewer, spear
Usage: He stabbed her in the stomach.

72-Ailment (Noun)
Definition: an illness, typically a minor one.
Synonyms: illness, disease, disorder, sickness
Usage: The doctor diagnosed a common stomach ailment.

73-Overhaul (Verb)
Definition: take apart a piece of machinery in order to repair it if it is needed.
Synonyms: Mend, fix up, patch up,service, maintain, repair.
Usage: The steering box was recently overhauled.

74-Outpace (Verb)
Definition:Improve faster than,go, rise.
Usage: He outpaced all six defenders.

75-Hail (Verb) past tense: hailed; past participle: hailed
Definition: (of a large number of objects) fall or be hurled forcefully.
Synonyms: beat, shower, rain, fall, pour, drop; pelt, pepper, batter, bombard
Usage: Missiles and bombs hail down from the sky.

76-Distinction (Noun)
Definition:A contrast between similar things or people.
Synonyms: Dissimilarity, dissimilitude, divergence,difference, contrast.
Usage: There is a sharp distinction between IELTS Academic Exams And IELTS General Exams.

77-Amenity (Noun)
Definition: A useful feature or facility of a building or place.
Synonyms: Service, convenience, resource, utility,facility.
Usage: My house is situated in a amenity convenient location.

78-Fret (Verb)
Definition: be constantly or visibly anxious.
Synonyms: worry, be anxious, feel uneasy, be distressed
Usage: I am so much fretted for my English exams.

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79-Notion (Noun)
Definition: a conception of or belief about something.
Synonyms: idea, belief, concept, conception, conviction, opinion,
Usage: children have different notions about the roles of their parents

80-Absurd (Adj)
Definition: wildly unreasonable, illogical, or inappropriate.
Synonyms: preposterous, ridiculous, ludicrous, farcical, laughable
Usage: Do not use absurd language before your ielts instructor.

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