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IELTS Vocabulary English Vocabulary Lesson 37 IELTS Exams Preparation

IELTS Vocabulary English Vocabulary Lesson 37 IELTS Exams Preparation

371-Slick (Adj)

 Definition: done in an impressively smooth and efficient way.

 Synonyms: smooth-running, polished, well organized, efficient, smooth

 Usage: Army has been entertaining crowds with a slick passing game.

372-Loath (Adj)

 Definition: reluctant; unwilling.

 Synonyms: disinclined, ill-disposed, not in the mood;

 against, opposed, resistant,

 Usage: the batsmen were reluctant to take risks.

373-Conflicting (Adj)

 Definition: ; contradictory,incompatible or at variance

 Usage: There were conflicting accounts of what occurred

374-Glaring (Adj)

 Definition: giving out or reflecting an intense or dazzling light.

 Synonyms: dazzling, blinding, blazing, strong, extremely bright

 Usage: The glaring sun.

375-Implication (Noun)

 Definition: the conclusion that can be drawn from something although it is not explicitly stated.

 Synonyms: inference, hint, intimation, Suggestion.

 Usage: The implication is that no one person at the school is responsible.

376-Strident (Adj)

 Definition: grating.,(of a sound) loud and harsh;

 Synonyms: rude, loud, rough

 Usage: His voice had become increasingly strident.

377-Palpable (Adj)

 Definition: (of a feeling or atmosphere) so intense as to seem almost tangible.

 Synonyms: noticeable, appreciable, Perceptible, visible, 

 Usage: A palpable sense of loss.

378-Exhort (Verb) gerund or present participle: exhorting

 Definition: strongly encourage, 

 Synonyms: urge, encourage, enjoin, adjure, call on, 

 Usage: She exhorted herself to be a good woman.

379-Intense (Adj)

 Definition: of extreme force, degree, or strength.

 Synonyms: great, acute, enormous, fierce, severe, extreme

 Usage: The job demands intense concentration.

380-Cap (Verb) past tense: capped; past participle: capped

 Definition: put a lid or cover on.

 Usage: He capped his pen.


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