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IELTS Vocabulary English Vocabulary Lesson 35 IELTS Exams Preparation

IELTS Vocabulary English Vocabulary Lesson 35 IELTS Exams Preparation

351-Grudging (Adj)

 Definition: Allowed only reluctantly or resentfully.

 Synonyms: disinclined, forced, half-hearted, reluctant, unwilling. 

 Usage: She offered a grudging apology.

352-Ally (Noun)

 Definition: A condition with another for a military or other purpose.

 Usage: They continued among the opponent ally.

353-Awful (Adj)

 Description: very bad or unpleasant.

 Synonyms: terrible, dreadful, ghastly, very unpleasant, disgusting, nasty.

 Usage: The place smelled awful.

354-Pundits (Noun)

 Definition: An person expert in a particular subject or field.

 Synonyms: adviser, member of a think tank, expert, authority. 

 Usage: A leading person predicts a further interest-rate cut this year.

355-Ruinous (Adj)

 Definition: disastrous or destructive.

 Synonyms: disastrous, devastating, catastrophic, calamitous

 Usage: The specter of a ruinous trade war loomed.

356-Retaliate (Verb)

 Definition: attack in return for a similar attack.

 Synonyms: hit back, react, fight back.

 Usage: The blow stung, and he retaliated immediately.

357-Cajole (Verb)

 Definition: persuade to do something by sustained coaxing or flattery.

 Synonyms: persuade, cajole

 Usage: They had been cajoled into escorting Nadia to a concert.

358-Bribed (Verb)

 Definition: Dishonestly persuade to act in one’s favor by a gift of money or another inducement.

 Synonyms: pay off, corrupt, buy off.

 Usage: He attempted to bribe opponents into losing.

359-Reckless (Adj)

 Definition: rash or impetuous, heedless of danger or the consequences of one’s actions.

 Synonyms: thoughtless, careless.

 Usage: They were angry with themselves, and that made him reckless.

360-Deter (Verb)

 Definition: discourage from doing something by instilling doubt or fear of the consequences.

 Synonyms: discourage, scare off, put off.

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 Usage: Only a health problem would deter them from seeking re-election.

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