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IELTS Vocabulary English Vocabulary Lesson 30 IELTS Exams Preparation

IELTS Vocabulary English Vocabulary Lesson 30 IELTS Exams Preparation

301-Flummoxed (Adj)

 Definition: bewildered or perplexed.

 Usage: He became flummoxed and speechless.

302-Patchy (Adj)

 Definition: isolated areas, existing or happening in small.

 Synonyms: varying, variable, variegated, uneven, bitty, spotted, mottled

 Usage: A stretch of patchy grass.

303-Fizzle(Verb) past tense: fizzled; past participle: fizzled

 Definition: make a soft hissing or sputtering sound.

 Synonyms: crackle, sputter, buzz, hiss, crack; crepitate

 Usage: The strobe lights fizzled and flickered.

304-Fierce (Adj)

 Definition: Showing a violent or ferocious aggressiveness.

 Synonyms: wild, feral, untamed, ferocious, savage, vicious; 

 Usage: Fierce fighting continued throughout the day.

305-Plunder (Verb)

 Definition: steal goods from, typically using force and in a time of war or civil disorder.

 Synonyms: rob, raid, ransack, pillage, loot

 Usage: They moved into the disaster area to plunder shops.

306-Harks (Verb)

 Definition: It is used to draw attention to someone who has said or done something considered foolish or silly.

 Usage: Hark at you, speaking all lah-de-dah!

307-Unilateralism (Noun)

Definition: reaching a decision, the process of acting, or espousing a principle unilaterally.

 Usage: The party’s commitment to unilateralism.

308-Levy (Verb)

 Definition: impose (a tax, fee, or fine).

 Synonyms: demand, raise, collect, gather; tax, impose, charge, exact, 

 Usage: A tax of seven percent was levied on all cargoes.

309-Punitive (Adj)

 Definition: extremely high tax or any charge

 Synonyms: austere, cruel, savage, stringent, harsh, severe, stiff

 Usage: She plans to announce punitive taxes on imports.

310-Bully (Verb)

 Definition: influence to intimidate, use superior strength

(someone), typically to force them to do something.

 Synonyms: tyrannize, torment, browbeat, intimidate, persecute, oppress.


 Usage: He was bullied into helping them.

IELTS Vocabulary English Vocabulary Lesson 29 IELTS Exams Preparation


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