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Ielts Vocabulary English Vocabulary Lesson 3 Ielts Exams Preparation


Ielts Vocabulary English Vocabulary Lesson 3 Ielts Exams Preparation

Ielts student ,this is our third lecture over Ielts Vocabulary English Vocabulary Lesson 3 Ielts Exams Preparation and there are going to be 40 lectures.We are going to cover big and most strong vocabulary .For best practices, you must learn all lectures and try your best to speak with each other.

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31-Lure (Verb)
Definition:Take attention of someone and offer him .
Synonyms:Attract, induce,tempt, entice.
Usage: False advertisement of 9 bands achievement lured many ielts students.

32-Pursuit (Noun)
Definition: the action of pursuing someone or something.
Synonyms: chasing, pursuing, stalking, tracking
Usage: The organization is devoted to the pursuit of profit.

33-Surge (Verb)
Definition: Go suddenly and powerfully forward or upward.
Synonyms: Rush, flow,gush.
Usage: English language surged into people’s minds.

34-Wrangle (Verb)
Definition: have a long, complicated dispute or argument.
Synonyms: Quarrel, debate,argue.
Usage: Students ,in ielts exams center,have wrangled over details of the sitting place.

35-Contingency (Noun)
Definition: a future event which cannot be predicted with clarity or certainty.
Synonyms:Happening, occurrence,eventuality, inciden.
Usage: If it fails,all our next plans may enter into contingency.

36-Avert (Verb)
Definition: turn away (one’s eyes or thoughts).
Synonyms: turn aside, turn away, turn to one side
Usage: She averted her eyes while we made stilted conversation.

37-Schism (Noun)
Definition: Two parties strongly oppose to each other on sections or beliefs.
Synonyms:Split, separation,division.
Usage: The widening schism between church leaders and politicians.

38-Substantially (Adveb)
Definition: to a great or significant extent.
Synonyms: considerably, significantly, greatly, a great deal
Usage: The cost of oil imports has fallen substantially.

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39-Laggards (Noun)
Definition:A man who progresses slow.
Synonyms: Lingerer, dawdler, sluggard, slug, snail,straggler, loiterer.
Usage: Ielts students who spend less time in their studies ,are laggards.

40-Wither (Verb)
Definition: fall into decay or decline.
Synonyms: Dwindle, lessen, fade,diminish.
Usage: Students ,who do not attempt well in ielts exams ,wither away.

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