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IELTS Vocabulary English Vocabulary Lesson 1 IELTS Exams Preparation


IELTS Vocabulary English Vocabulary Lesson 1 IELTS Exams Preparation

You must remember these following and upcoming ielts Important ielts vocabulary words to enhance your all speaking skills,listening skills,writing skills and writing skills.

1-Deem (Verb)
Definition: regard or consider in a specified way.
Synonyms: consider, judge, adjudge, hold to be,regard as.
Usage: Many of us have been deemed unsuccessful.

2-Sprout (Verb)
Definition: grow (plant shoots or hair).
Synonyms: put forth,grow, develop; send forth.
Usage: Many girls sprout a few golden hairs.

3-Gobble up (Verb)
Definition: use a large amount of (something) very quickly.
Synonyms: spend so fast with little benefit,spend more get little
Usage: These old cars just gobble up money.

4-Lean (Verb)
Definition: Move into 70 angle position or slope type position.
Synonyms: tilt, be at an angle,slant, incline, bend.
Usage: A line of girls leaning to me.

Simple Tense Subject Predicate Noun Phrase Adjective Phrase Adverb Phrase

5-Heft (Verb)
Definition: Carry something heavy.
Synonyms: raise up, heave, hoist,lift, lift up, raise.
Usage: They carried crates and hefted boxes.

6-Barge (Verb)
Definition: move forcefully or roughly.
Synonyms: elbow, shoulder,push, shove, force.
Usage: They barged their way to prepare their ielts exams.

7-Reliant (Adj)
Definition: dependent on someone or something.
Synonyms: controlled by,relying, relative, depending.
Usage: Most ielts studnents reliant on ielts teacher.

8-Coalition (Noun)
Definition: especially of political parties forming a government,a temporary alliance for combined action,
Synonyms: affiliation,alliance, union, partnership.
Usage: The general ielts test is easy in the ielts exams tests of coalition exams center.

9-Dire (Adj)
Definition: extremely urgent or serious.
Synonyms: dreadful, frightful,awful, horrible,Terrible.
Usage: misuse of authority can have dire consequences in ielts exams center.

10-Audited (Verb)
Definition: Survey an official financial of any company.
Synonyms: Survey, look over, go over,inspect, examine.
Usage: All big and small companies must have their accounts audited.

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