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IELTS SPEAKING TEST PREPARATION VIDEO | IELTS speaking demo video link is given below for making Ielts students understand fully for how many parts Ielts speaking module consists and what type of question can be asked in Ielts speaking examination and how much time a Ielts student has to cover 3 parts of Ielts speaking.

Ielts speaking consists three parts and first part of ielts spekaing is about self introduction ,ielts speaking second part consists of topic cue card question and third part of ielts speaking covers a topic .
All recording are saved for future use as for any student may claim papers recheck etc. Ielts speaking exams can cover bands utpo 9 bands in ielts if
an examiner understands fully what you want to say.

Tips for Ielts speaking exams :

  1. Be clear
  2. Be attentive
  3. Be ready
  4. Be responsive
  5. Be active
  6. Be confident
  7. Be smart
  8. Be specific
  9. Wear good looking clothes with fresh face.
  10. Use uncommon words in your speaking.
  11. Never give loose answers.
  12. Never go negative in your answers if some opinion is asked from you.
  13. Feel friendly environment during Ielts speaking exams interveiw.
  14. If some question is not clear ,ask again instantly with politeness as you have short time to answer it.
  15. Avoid asking questions again and again.
  16. Be short in your answers like if you want to say “cropped handy people” ,you must say “disabled persons”
  17. If you cannot give answer of any question and if it is based on reality i.e. facts and figures as you are supposed to give answers right otherwise it will give bad impression of lie for Ielts speaking exams takers
  18. Last of all but you can call it first of all rule of getting 9 bands in Ielts speaking exams is to practice with friends,practice with colleagues,practice with teacher,practice speaking in your daily routine.
  19. The more you practice,the more bands you are getting.
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