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Unit 11, IELTS Speaking test model, part 3: Recording script
(CD 2, Track 3)

IELTS SPEAKING TEST PART 3 | In part 3, the Examiner will ask you some questions related to the part 2 topic. This candidate has just given a talk about a book that he enjoyed reading. Ielts speaking part 1 and Ielts speaking part 2 questions are given also.

You can get lot of ideas what kind of questions  an Ielts examiner may ask you in Ielts speaking part 1,Ielts speaking part 2 and Ielts speaking test part 3.

Ielts speaking test part 3

Examiner: We’ve been talking about a book you enjoyed and I’d like to discuss with you one or two more general questions related to this. Let’s consider first of all why people decide to write a book. What sort of reasons do you think people have for writing novels?

Candidate: Well, some people say that every one of us has a good book inside us, but I think there are many various reasons why people write. Perhaps they have a political message, but I think that the main thing is that you just feel that you have a story to tell, perhaps you can’t not write it.

Examiner: And some people have an ambition to write, don’t they?

Candidate: Exactly.

Examiner: What personal qualities do you think a writer needs to have?

Candidate: Well, I think the ability to be self-disciplined and to work alone, to be able to understand people, to get into the minds and hearts of other people.


Examiner: Do you think it’s something that many people could do?

Candidate: No, I don’t think so, otherwise we would all write that book.

Examiner: Could you ever write a novel?

Candidate: I’ve had a go, but it was a teenage experiment and it’s been long gathering dust.

Examiner: Yes. What about newspapers? Do you think newspapers are a good source of information?

Candidate: Providing you remain aware of the political inclinations of any particular newspaper, yes, I think it’s a good way of learning about the news, etc.

Examiner: Yes. What other information do we get from newspapers?

Candidate: Well, sport, facts and things like that, weather, and its good sort of editorial content, you know, gossip.

Examiner: Which type of newspaper do you think is best?

Candidate: I think certainly in England the broadsheet newspapers are better than the tabloid. I think you have to be aware again, that they may have their own agenda but I think a paper that’s not committed to any particular political cause.

Examiner: Right. You need a lot of time to read the newspaper, don’t you? How often do you read a newspaper?

Candidate: I try to read the paper every day. I don’t always read the paper during the week but the paper I love to buy is on a Sunday, because so much comes with it, a great culture section, you can read about the arts and catch up on all the things that have been going on during the week, the news review section, the sport section, money section. I really enjoy the editorial on a Sunday.

Examiner: Do you think newspapers should contain illustrations? A lot of papers have cartoons in them and photographs, is that helpful?

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Candidate: Yes, I think so. I think certainly they can be a sort of a powerful way to convey a story, to draw your attention to something, photographs possibly more than illustrations, although I do really enjoy cartoons.

Examiner: Right. Thank you very much, that’s the end of the Speaking test.


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